“Not today Vanessa.”

“Oh, but Mrs Julian…”

“No, I don’t need any buts today Vanessa.” Mrs Julian interrupted.

I felt rage building up inside me but I didn’t express it on my face. It was time to go and all the children had just come back from the toilets changed into their P.E. gear. ‘I wish I could be normal like all the other children in my class’, I thought to myself. I was always omitted in every activity that the other kids were involved in.

Before I knew it everyone had left without a sound. I wheeled over to the window. I could see the trail of mud the swimming bus had left behind because of the wheels. Everything was silent but I could hear someone weeping. I followed the sound and saw a child that was much younger than me. I was pondering about why such a small child would be in my class.

I wheeled over to the little boy and asked him

“What are you doing in a Year 6 class?”

“ I got sent up here because I… I… I am not allowed to go to swimming since I broke my leg.”

“ How did you manage to do that?” I questioned.

“ It happened because of a very serious car accident.” I felt extremely sorry for the boy and the state that he was in. I told him to stop crying and cheer up because both of us were disabled so we understood what we had to deal with.

“ We are disabled but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do other things that the other children in the class can’t do.” I told the child. So from then on I carried on doing what I did best which was not caring about what other people said about my disability behind my back and giving advice to the disabled people who had a hard time expressing their feelings to others.

Written By: Surabhi Sutharjenan            Teacher: Nick Gibbs

Year Level: 6                                                 Age: 10