Wilson, MaryDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Welcome back to term 3.  I hope you all had some time to relax with your children over the break.  We have a number of new students start this week.  We would like to welcome the new members of our family.  We hope you feel warmly welcomed and find our school a safe and friendly place.  We also welcome back Emma Pottinger from her travels to start a new Yr 0 class in Rm 4 and some new staff members – Darrin Heaven (Property Manager), Catherine Boysen, Mel Turner and Molly Ong all working as Learning Assistants.

Our inquiry this term school wide is all around technology and visual art focus looking at “Connections through Communication”.  Each whanau has taken their own twist on this inquiry depending in student interest.  I am sure they will unpack this in their whanau newsletters.   We also have our school wide production coming up late in term 3 (Tues 26 – Thurs 28 September) so look out for advertising material for this exciting event.

Term 3 is only a 10 week term and there is a lot of learning to be packed in to this.  I hope you are getting regular learning updates on your child’s seesaw account.  Please take the time to give them feedback.  It means so much to them to know you have noticed and they have impressed you.  Remember you are the most important adult in your child’s life and a true learning partnership is two- way.

The prize giving assembly for our Rock-athon was at the end of term 2 where over 250 prizes were handed out.  A HUGE thank you must go to Vanessa Walter and the team for the enthusiasm and all the hard work they put into our athon this year.  It is very much appreciated.  The staff and children loved all the activities.  We also very much enjoyed the regular visits and entertainment from Roc and Ro our visiting ‘rockers’ who kept the fun and excitement alive. Thanks to all of you who supported us with sponsorship.  Our Information Centre extension is getting closer.  We raised just over $16,000.00

Parent Corner:  How to get a child thinking more……

thinkingWhen a child forgets things, drops things, loses his clothes, goes to his room to get his schoolbag and ends up reading a book – you know you may be dealing with a dreamer!

The sort of child I am describing can be easily distracted, obstinately forgetful, unintentionally annoying and in trouble a lot of the time. I would like to suggest one way to help you with a child like this. As parents we tend to take on some very important roles. We can end up taking on more work thinking, and more responsibility than is helpful to our child and this is especially true if your child is a bit of a dreamer. A good question to ask yourself is – ‘Am I working harder than they are?’.

Try some of these when your child forgets something like his watch for school (which he needs because he is the bell monitor!). Ask him what he thinks would be a good plan to manage the problem. It might sound something like this – “This is a bit of a problem. You will need to take a few minutes and come up with some ideas on how to solve this.”

  • Try very hard not to jump into problem-solving mode before he does (parents are very good at this). ‘Sit on your hands’ and wait.
  • Inspire your child with the confidence that you believe they have the ability to work the problem out. “I know you are clever, James, so I have confidence that you can come up with a solution to this.”
  • Stay on your child’s side. This looks and sounds like, “I know you will find it hard to face the teacher. It will be tough and you can make it.”
  • For a child who forgets the task you have just asked of them, try using another form of communication. Use one word, not a sentence. So if your child drops their towel on the floor all the time, just say, “Towel” and keep it sweet. Another way to communicate with a dreamer is to write down the instruction and clip it up somewhere they will see it. These children can get used to tuning out to parents’ voices and this gets into their consciousness via another pathway.
  • Keep your cool. Children do better when they are not fighting with your heat as well as their wrongdoing.


Thanks again for taking the time to be part of our learning journey.  We hope you have a wonderful break time with your children and find some time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Mary Wilson




Congratulations Jessica


Recently, Jessica Wang (Rm 21) with her hip hop crew members won the New Zealand title for the Young Guns division in the Battlegrounds New Zealand Hip Hop competition in Hamilton. And they are qualified to the World Supremacy Battlegrounds finals in Sydney in October. This is their second national title after they won the intermediate section at the Projects competition in New Zealand one week ago.

Click here to read about their team in Times newspaper.


Tony Ma – Room 14  –  Pedal Power – Congratulations Tony

bikeTerm 2 was filled with exciting achievements outside the classroom including a full day of ‘Pedal Power’.  This was run by Counties Manukau Sport and was a full day of instruction on bike safety, learning the basics of riding a bike and skills to keep our children safe on the road.  They ran a Re-Cycle bike project where they receive unused bikes, service them and donate them to deserving kids who don’t have a bike at home.  Tony Ma from Room 14 was a lucky recipient of one of these bikes.  Tony and his family were so pleased and excited to get a bike and he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face.  Thanks to Georgina from Counties Manukau Sport – you do such a great service to our deserving kids.


ESOL and Learning Support Celebrations


On Tuesday of Week 9 last term, the children from ESOL and Learning Support gathered to celebrate their learning.  Families were invited to two celebration assemblies that morning where children shared a variety of items and work.  Mrs Major’s groups read some fantastic poems, and children from ESOL shared writing and drawing they had been doing about past, present and future.  Mr Thompson’s maths students shared a video about their learning and the Quick 60 students sung a song about stinky skunks and showed us how to make yummy pancakes.  Ms Foots writing groups shared some amazing pieces they esol2had been working on and her reading groups shared a story.  The Talk to Learn students also showed us some photos of their fun afternoons with Mrs Young.  After watching the fantastic performances, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles enjoyed some yummy food with the children and teachers.  What a great way to end the term in ESOL and Learning Support!








Netball News

Both the Baverstock A and B teams have had a great start to their season this term. Both teams have been playing other schools around the Pakuranga/Howick area with great results. Our Netball A Team have had solid wins for each game they have played winning 9-0 against Pigeon Mountain A, 10-1 against Owairoa A, 11-2 against Star of the Sea A. Our B team has been building their skills and had their first win of the season against Pigeon Mountain B winning 4-1. We are looking forward to continuing developing our skills in the competition next term.











Soccer Update

On Tuesday the 26th Baverstock hosted Owairoa as part of the inter-school soccer tournament. The team was coached by Mr Gibbs and the game was refereed by Mr Thompson. It was a great day for football and both teams played well with lots of clever passing and shots on goal. We were particularly impressed with the commitment and ability of the girls from Owairoa. However, Baverstock proved too strong and came out 4-1 winners.

A great result which means we remain unbeaten. The next challenge will be an away game against Pigeon Mountain School in August.


Hockey Fun Day

On Tuesday 27 June 2017 the chosen Yr 5 & 6’s went to the hockey Fun day!!! The day was freezing cold and was filled with cheers, sticks bashing against each other and teachers shouting actions and things to do.  Well done to the Yr 6’s for winning three of their games and the Yr 5’s for winning 1 game even though it is their first game against other school’s.

Thank you to Mrs Baird and Miss Skipper, without them this would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who competed. This year’s fun day was awesome and everyone did a great job.

hockey 1

hockey2hockey 3









Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.46.01 PMIf you would like your child to take part in the Term 3 Inflatable Soccer Programme and have lost the form that was sent home please click on the attachment below to get a copy and find out the detail.

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