TERM 3  24 July to 29 September 2017


TECHNOLOGY “Connections through Communication”

Nau mai, haere mai

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A warm welcome back to all of our students and families, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful, safe holiday together.

The Upper E team have been busy planning another exciting term of learning with our integrated topic of ‘Market Day’. This topic has a Technology focus and is a great opportunity for our students to learn Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.54.01 PMabout the Nature of Technology as well as the characteristics of technological outcomes through market day products.

We extend a warm welcome to our Korean visitors, who will be with us in Weeks 2 and 3. We hope you enjoy your time at Baverstock Oaks School.

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Week 2: 31 July to 4 August

  • Cook Island Language Week
  • Koanga Festival notices (online)
  • Korean Students Visit – 2 Weeks
  • Fri 4 Aug: Cyber Safety Visit / Senior Dance Rehearsal

Week 3: 7 to 11 August

  • Mon 7 Aug: Koanga Festival Notice due
  • Wed 9 to Thur 10 Aug: HPPA Dance Festival
  • Fri 11 Aug: Korean Visitors Farewell Assembly

Week 4: 14 to 18 August

  • Thur 17 Aug: School Disco
  • Fri 18 Aug: Upper E Assembly

Week 5: 21 to 25 August

  • Mon 21 Aug: Tall Oaks Speech Finals
  • Tue 22 Aug: Sausage Sizzle
  • Wed 23 Aug: Maori & Pasifika Evening @ 5.30pm

Week 6: 28 August  to 1 September

  • The Veggie Boys – Garden Project
  • Tue 29 Aug:  Cross Country
  • Thur 31 Aug: Blokes at the Oaks
  • Sat 2 Sep: KOANGA FESTIVAL @ 1pm / Tournament of Minds

Week 7: 4 to 8 September

  • Tongan Language Week
  • Fri 8 Sep: EPro8 Year 5 & 6

Week 8: 11 to 15 September

  • Maori Language Week
  • BOS Hangi & The Veggie Boys Soup Stall
  • Fri 15 Sep: Upper E Market Day, Kapa Haka Performance – MLW Assembly

Week 9: 18 to 22 September

  • Tread Lightly Caravan Week
  • Mon 18 to Tue 19 Sep: SCHOOL PHOTOS
  • Thur 21 Sep: Production Dress Rehearsal

Week 10: 25 to 29 September

  • Tread Lightly Caravan Week
  • Mon 25 Sep: ALL DAY Production Rehearsal
  • Tue 26 to Thur 28 Sep: PRODUCTION @ 6.30pm
  • Fri 29 Sep: End of Term 3


Market Day – Technology

We are very excited to introduce our topic for the term: Market Day. As our key focus is Technology, students will also partake in effectively integrated learning experiences across other curriculum areas. Our BOS Inquiry process will continue to nurture innovative and curious thinkers to develop market products, following a technological process. Each child will also be encouraged to develop self managing routines to guide their learning steps.  This will  ensure their overall product is ready by Week 8 where they will present and put their entrepreneurial skills to the test. We look forward to continuing  effective partnerships with our whanau, where we hope to see shared skills and involvement throughout their child’s learning journey.

’The BOS Chicks Inquiry Learning Cycle‘

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Speech Competition

The Tall Oaks speech competition is not compulsory, however we offer the option of completing a book review as an alternative. If your child would like to take part in the speech competition they will need to have their speech prepared by Week 4. There will be class speeches and a Whanau presentation to choose our finalists for the Tall Oaks Speech Presentation, Week 5 Monday 21 August. In Year 6 we expect the students to be able to complete their speech without adult assistance.

Cross Country Training

Cross country training will take place every Tuesday and Thursday straight after BNN. It is important that your child is organised and ready with their full PE gear, sport shoes, and a water bottle. We expect every child to participate in these training sessions. If your child is unable to participate due to medical reasons please send a note or email to the classroom teacher. We encourage all students to participate to the best of their ability, and to strive for their own ‘personal best’ during training.

Language Weeks

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We are very fortunate to have a culturally enriched Term ahead with the following language weeks:

Week 2: Cook Island Language Week

Week 7: Tongan Language Week

Week 8: Maori Language Week

Our community strives to develop strong partnerships with whanau and we encourage our families to become involved in sharing their traditions, culture, talents and many more. If you are available and would like to become involved in our Language Week programmes, please contact Anne Collins via email [email protected]. We would be very grateful to have you on board! Fa’afetai tele lava!

Student Teacher

Welcome back to our student teacher, Charlotte Takimoana who will be with us for the next four weeks and working alongside Mrs Mackie in Room 23.

Litter Free Lunches

Our school is a Silver Enviro School and we are very proud of our efforts to maintain this status. Please help your child to bring a ‘Litter free lunch’ by not including any packaging or wrappers in their lunch box ie plastic wrap, muesli bar wrappers, chippie packets. Any reusable containers are ideal for school lunch boxes. Our goal this term is to achieve top results every week by ensuring that our whanau can beat all of the other whanau in the number of ‘Litter free lunches’ each day. We thank you for your help towards achieving our goal.

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Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly named. This makes it easier to return should it be misplaced throughout the day. With the cooler weather, we encourage students to wear their polar fleece and closed shoes. Beanies/hats and gloves may be worn during break times or before school if necessary, but must be one of the school colours (red, white or black). Jewellery, makeup and nail polish is not permitted to be worn at school. If your child has a piece of jewellery that has significant meaning, a written letter must be given to Mrs Crowley explaining the reasons why it must be worn.

Bell Times / Punctuality

A number of our Year 6 students are arriving at school well before the school opening time of 8.20 am. If you need to send your child to school earlier than this, please contact the school morning care programme and organise appropriate supervision.

The school day starts at 8.55 am – if your child arrives later than 8.45 am, they have difficulty organising themselves for their day.

An ideal arrival time at school is between 8.20 am and 8.45 am.

Student Led Conferences

Many thanks to those of you who attended our Student Led Conferences last term. As the name indicates, these conferences were led by your child and allowed them to share their learning journey with you. We were very proud of the way the students were able to articulate their learning and their next steps. If you feel that you need to speak to the teacher and did not get the opportunity at the Student Led Conferences, a reminder our teachers are always available to meet with you. Please do not hesitate to email to arrange an appointment.

MrNick Gibbs, Room 21: n[email protected]

Ms Anne Collins, Room 22: [email protected]

Mrs Kirsten Mackie, Room 23: [email protected]

Mrs Janine Baker, Room 24: [email protected]

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‘We believe in developing relationships, fostering curiosity, and challenging students in order to create independent learners.’