A big welcome back to school to all our students and their families and a special welcome to our new students. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We are really looking forward to re-connecting with your children and assisting them to learn and grow. A special welcome to Armin Kaur in Room 3, Norik Mehmetukaj in Room 2, Vincent Liang in Room 9 and Angela Hsu in Rm 7 who started at Baverstock last term. Also, a welcome to Jade Wyeth who is teaching in Room 7  for the rest of the year. 

IMG_6388My Name is Jade Wyeth and I am the new teacher in Room 7, taking over from Keryn Baird.
I graduated from The University of Auckland in 2015 with a Bachelor of Education (primary), whilst at the same time, having my first child. 
I have been working in Early Childhood Education for the past 2 years but decided to make the leap and return to my passion this year!
I am very excited to be teaching and learning alongside your children and yourselves and can’t wait to see what 2017 and the rest of my time at Baverstock Oaks School brings. 
I look forward to meeting you all!

Some Important Notices for Term 4:

P.E. Gear:

Year 3 students are expected to bring their school P.E. uniform to school every day. Children must get changed at school, not at home. Children must change back into school uniform at the end of the day. Children can also bring sports shoes and extra socks.   P.E. uniforms are not compulsory for the Year 2’s.

Named Clothing:

Please ensure every part of your child’s uniform is named so that it can be returned to your child if it goes missing.

Lost Property:

This is displayed every Friday 9-2:30, outside the school library


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.16.49 PMIf your child is absent from school for any reason, please ring the office, or use our School App  or website. Please send a note with your child when they return to school explaining the reason for their absence.

Leave during the term:

While this is discouraged, if you are taking your child out of school during the term, a request to the Principal, Mrs Wilson, is required in writing at least four weeks before your departure.

Before and After School:

Children can be dropped off at school any time after 8:30 and will need to be picked up from the school grounds no later than 3.15pm.

Digital Citizenship/Devices

If you are wanting your child to use a device at school, please ensure the Digital Citizenship Agreement and BYOD sheets that have been sent home are completed and signed. We view these devices as learning tools like many others we use in the classroom.  We will be continuing to encourage the children to share their learning with you using Seesaw.  

Inquiry Focus:

14bec885e0dc1e9dd2b915839a1a86bd--garden-clipart-free-clipart-imagesIn Lower B/C this term, we are focusing on “in the Garden”. We will be learning about plants and bugs and the role they play in our environment. If you are an expert or have any resources that can support us, please let us know.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.48.21 PM  ECO Iwi – Upper B is inquiring about Endangered animals.  We want to conserve and protect the animals for the future and are going to find out how we can make a difference.


Litter Free Lunches     

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.28.35 AMBaverstock Oaks School is an enviro school and we encourage all staff and students to bring litter-free lunches. A litter-free lunch can be achieved by using reusable containers, bags, and bottles.

Looking for experts:

If you have a range of skills and would be willing to spend some time with our students, teaching them or sharing your skills, please get in contact with one of our teachers! We would love to have you assist us.

Home Learning:

Your child will be bringing home:

  • A reader
  • Spelling or bubble words
  • Poem books
  • Basic facts


Lower B/C will go to the Auckland Museum on the 2nd of November to look at bugs and trees. Please make sure your activity fees are up to date or your child will not be able to attend.

Upper B: Wednesday 1 November will attend a visit by ZooVentures, students will learn about the diverse animal kingdom and interact with animals.


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 7.49.42 AMAs we are coming into term 4 and summer, we ask that all students bring a named hat to school daily. Without these, they will not be able to play outside!


We will be focusing on Athletics skills this term. Our practises will be Tuesday afternoons starting week 3 at 1:30. Please ensure your child brings a change of clothes or shoes for this. Our athletics day will be held Tuesday 28 November Week 7.

Important Dates to Remember:

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.17.53 AM

Teacher’s Email Addresses:

Lower B/C:

Room 1:  Mrs Srivastava   [email protected]

Room 2: Miss Wooding (Whanau Leader)  [email protected]

Room 3: Miss Shabbot   [email protected]

Room 9: Miss van Neikerk  [email protected]

Room 10: Miss Raman  [email protected]

Upper B:

Room 5: Mrs Thomson  [email protected]

Room 6: Mrs Dreyer (Whanau Leader)   [email protected]school.nz

Room 7: Miss Wyeth   [email protected]

Room 8: Ms Vili   [email protected]