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Dear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

horseTerm 1 is certainly moving along with great haste and many well planned learning experiences have been offered to your children. These include Year 5 camp in week 2, Sonshine Ranch experience for our Year 4 students in week 2 & 3 and Year 6 camp next week.  All take a large amount of planning and camp2preparation by our teachers and are worth every minute when you experience the learning with the children. More about Sonshine Ranch later in this newsletter.

I was pleased to get out and see our Year 5 children on many of their challenges at Chosen Valley camp and am looking forward to spending some time on Kawau Island with our Year 6 children.


FAB-300x196It was great to see parents last evening at our first FAB meeting of 2018.  Good to see a few new faces, but we would love/need to see more. All families buy into a learning partnership when enrolling their child and this is one way you can exercise that partnership.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.    If you forgot or just couldn’t make it but want to help out and give a little time to our school please contact our FAB to let them know how you can help –   [email protected]

Congratulations to Kylie Lipscombe who has been elected to Chairperson and Melanie Russ as Deputy.  It is great to see new faces in these positions.  It helps to build sustainability.  Why not come along and join us at our next meeting.  Dates for the year are:

On Wednesdays  –   14 March, 4 April, 9 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 Aug, 29 August, 19 September, 17 October, 14 Nov.

If everyone just did a little, it all helps.  There will be a more comprehensive newsletter shortly of what help we need.  Thank you in anticipation of giving a little time back to support your child’s school.

Parent Corner – 10 ways to survive school drop-offs and pick-up

1. Leave Early

drop off 1“Hey! Tell that to my kids!” Sitting in the car, beeping your horn, shouting threats – the perfect start to every day. When they finally do get in to the car, do not threaten or bluster – just state what will happen. “You obviously need a bit more time to get ready. Tomorrow, if you are late in the car, you will be going to bed 15 minutes earlier and getting up 15 minutes earlier”. No lectures – just use your calm this-is-the-problem-and-this-is the-solution voice. If you actually follow through, you probably will not have to do it more than once.


2. Don’t be that parent

Imagine you are waiting in the long queue to drop off your child and you have to wait while the car-load in front of you repacks their bags, finds their coats, and fusses over some money. Two minutes. Three minutes. Five minutes. What are they doing? – Don’t be that parent. Also, bring snacks for after school.


3. Tell serial stories

This is better if you walk but even in a short drive to school, tell a short story that ends in cliff-hanging-to-be-continued-next-time-dramatic-chapter ending to add some fun to school drop-offs and pick-ups.


4. Catch up later

You are dropping off your child and ooh! There’s the teacher you wanted to chat to. And there’s your child’s friend’s parent that you need to see about a sleepover. And there’s the PTA committee member waving to you to stop and talk about the gala. Nope. Nope. Nope. Stop, drop and roll on out of there.


5.  There are worse things than being late

drop off 2“I don’t feel well.” “The big kids pick on me.”  Yes, it would have been much more convenient if they mentioned these things an hour ago. Do you (Option A) push them out the door with a cheery, “I’m sure you will be fine,” or (Option B) pull out of the queue and drive off somewhere for a chat? You need to use your wisdom and your knowledge of your child, but do not let your choice be made for you by your schedule of important things you have to rush off to. If Option B really is needed, it really is needed.


Year 4 Visit to Sonshine Ranch

This year the Year 4’s were lucky enough to visit Sonshine Ranch. We got to do horse riding, zip lining and a rope swing. All of the activities were really exciting and everyone had a blast. We were all a bit nervous to get on a horse but once we were on it was a lot of fun. The Zip line was really high across a valley and we got to zoom through the trees, high up in the air. Some of us were even lucky enough to have 2 turns. The rope swing was the scariest and some of us needed a little push to get over the edge. We are now all excited and ready for Year 5 camp next year.


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Robber Cat has broken into Room 26!


Room 26 have been reading the poem ‘Robber Cat’ by Joy Cowley and then had a visitor from the sneaky cat!  When the children got to school they found brightly coloured footprints and a sprinkling of chocolate on the floor.  Here are some of the pieces of writing that we wrote.

IMG_20180222_100227Look at the mess!  Robber Cat ate the chocolate and seeds.  By AJ Asiata
I caught the cat in a cage.  I saw the footprints.  By Marcus Chetty
Robber Cat stole some chocolate and some seeds!  She left footprints.  By Ashley Harris
 Look at the mess!  Robber Cat stole the chocolate.  She left paw prints on the floor.


Year 5 & 6 Swimming Sports

On Friday 23rd February, Year 5 & 6 students competed in the Swimming Sports at Lloyd Elsmore Pools. Students competed in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and fun events. Everybody swum exceptionally well and the teachers were proud of the sportsmanship shown on the sidelines. Congratulations to those students who placed in their heats and to Upton who won the house relay. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those parents who took the time to come and help us time the races. Confirmation of those students who will be attending our interschool swimming sports will be announced over the coming weeks.












Special Request from our Library

unnamedLast year we had  a large increase in the number of damaged and lost library books  / readers.  In an effort to reduce damage and losses,  
we are now insisting that all students use their book bag that is on the required stationery list.  If students do not have a book bag with
them then unfortunately they will be unable to issue a library book.
Please ensure that your child’s book bag is named as well  – thank you for your assistance with this.

Any parent out there who has  30 mins or so to spare after dropping the kids off in the morning ?

We would love your help in our resource room to put away the reading books that get sent home.
We have a large volume that go through the resource room every week and it would be great if there was a parent who could assist us with this.  If you are interested please see the office.
Thank you
We are looking for a Property Assistant…….. If you know someone who might be interested –  show them this…….


Baverstock Oaks School is a large modern school.  We require a caretaker/property assistant as part of a property team.  We are looking for an energetic and fit person with a sense of humour, who can turn their hand to a range of tasks maintaining grounds, buildings and fulfilling daily operational needs (Wednesday – Friday 8.00 – 4.00pm). The position requires a ‘can do’ attitude, with a strong work ethic and ability to work positively in a child centred environment.  This person would need to be self-motivated and able to work unsupervised.  They would also be able to work occasionally outside the above hours.

To register your interest in the position, outline recent work experience, relevant skills and three referees contact details in writing or email to:

The Principal

Baverstock Oaks School

21 Baverstock Rd



Email:  [email protected]

Applications close 7 March 2018

Position starts by negotiation

Happy 5th Birthday Edukids Baverstock!

ek1Last Friday we were invited to help celebrate the 5th Birthday of our neighbours, Edukids Baverstock. There was a great turn out of parents, past and present. The children from the Acorns, Budding Branches and Tall Oaks from the centre all did a fabulous job in their performances. The bouncy castle was a huge success as was the sausage sizzle. Thank you Edukids Baverstock for the invitation and we wish you all a “HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY”.











Baverstock Oaks has been very excited to have members of the Auckland Aces assist us with trialling our students in order to make selections for our inter-school cricket team.
Congratulations to Aarian Sharma, Roman Taputuatoa, Japnjot Singh, Manish Kumar, Joshua Amoah, Shaheer Memon, Araliyah Heremaia-Thompson, Alex Reed, Ayaan Lambat  and Bhavik Govind for being selected.
Their first set of games are on Wednesday the 21st of February, or should the weather be inclement, Wednesday the 28th of February.  The will play all day in a set of 4 matches at the Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club at Lloyd Elsmore Park.  Further competitive games will be held within school grounds over different lunch times.
In the photos you can see Daniel from the Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club training our players in a fast throw and catch drill.

IMG_1619 IMG_1612









Important Dates:

You will see on our calendar I have put all the 2018 term start and finish dates.  In fact, our 2019 dates are on our website already if you want to be super organised.  Please ensure they are in your diaries and avoid taking children out of school within term time.

The leave requests I get at times take the children out of school for considerable time and make it very difficult for children to work with their teachers and achieve the levels that are expected.  As a parent, please know, that primary school is where attendance patterns are formed for life.  This also goes for time keeping – arriving around 8.30am each day rather than rushing in at 8.55 or worse. This is simply not setting your child up for success.  Please support your child with their learning.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1 Tuesday 30 January  –  Friday 13 April 2018
Term 2 Monday 30 April – Friday 6 July 2018
Term 3 Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September 2018
Term 4 Monday 15 October – Friday 14 December 2018




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