Welcome to Term 2!

Welcome back!   Hopefully you’ve had a relaxing and fun filled break.  We’ve got lots of exciting activities and learning planned this term, with a focus on learning how things grow.

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Student Led Conferences

Please mark Tuesday 3rd July in your diaries for Student Led Conferences.  Children are encouraged to led conversations with their parents and caregivers to explain and celebrate their learning journey.  This is also an opportunity for updates on your child’s progress and an opportunity for you to see their work. We look forward to seeing you then!


Please ensure your child has the correct PE gear and we encourage children to bring this to school on Monday each week and take it home on Friday so it can be washed over the weekend.

Please name all items of clothing, including shoes and PE gear.  This makes your children’s clothing easier to locate if it goes missing.  If your child loses an ariticle of clothing, it is their responsibility to locate it.  We have lost property in our awhina area, outside Room 29 and items recovered outside of Upper F may be found by Lower B Teacher’s Office.  Naming your child’s uniform makes it a lot easier to find if it goes missing.

Children may wear black leather shoes.  Girls need to have white ankle socks and boys need to have our Baverstock Oaks School socks that are black with red stripes at the top.  

Jewellry is not permitted to be worn.  If you would like to request for an exception, due to religious or culture reasons, please send a request to an Associate Principal explaining its significance.  Plain gold or silver studs only to be worn. All accessories, such as hair ties, need to be school colours (red, black or white). If you child’s hair touches their shoulders then it needs to be tied up.  Children are not able to wear nail polish.


Important Dates in Term Two

Tues 8 May Upper F visit Fo Guang Shan Temple

Wed 9 May Babes at Baverstock

Tues 5 Jun Teachers Only Day

Thurs 14 Jun Bubblegum Dance Crew performing

Tues 19 Jun Sausage Sizzle and Mufti Day

Fri 29 Jun School Reports go home

Tues 3   Jul Student Led Conferences 1.00-8.00pm

Fri    6  Jul Last Day of Term Two


Litter-free Lunches

download-1We encourage the children to bring litter-free lunches to school.  Please support your child by creating lunches that have no rubbish and consider re-useable containers or bags.  We have seen a huge improvement with the litter-free lunches in our whanau and thank you for your support to keep lunch boxes litter-free.


Parking and Road Safety

downloadIf you are dropping your child off at school or picking them up after school please ensure you follow the school safety guidelines. The drop off zone is for dropping children off, you can not park there for any length of time. There is NO drop off or pick up zone at the back of the school area in Erica Road. Please always use the footpath and do not walk across the carpark even if your child is not with you. When the school crossing is out all parents MUST use the crossing even if your child is not with you. Please ensure you leave the school grounds by 3:10pm as the side gates will be locked from that time.

We have been working with our local constable to ensure children are using their seat belts and using them correctly.  Please talk to your children so that they know that their seat belt needs to be fastened before vehicles are moving and that their bags should not be on when they fasten their seat belts.  

Lateness and Absence

downloadThe school bell rings at 8.50am and by this time the children should have arrived in the awhina space, unpacked their bag and be ready in the classroom for the start of the school day. If not, your child is classed as late. They will be asked to go to the office to get a “late pass’  and sign in. Doors to the classrooms open at 8.20am. If you need to drop your child off earlier, then you will need to make arrangements with Creative Kids on 021 663 226


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Seesaw We are looking forward to continue sharing our learning on Seesaw during Term 2.

Our Seesaw Tips:

  1. Be constructive! Learning a new skill is hard and we need your help.
  2. Specific comments are best. Think about how you can add to the learning conversation.
  3. In a group or ‘everyone’ post, please remember that your comment is shared with everyone tagged – students and parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class.

Homework Expectations

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Please understand that we value your child’s outside school learning and their family time however we do have the following homework expectations:

  1. Practise spelling words each week night
  2. Reading for at least 20 minutes each night
  3. Regular practise on Mathletics


Contact Us:

Room 29 Rose Bain:    [email protected]

Room 30 Munroop Clair:  [email protected]

Room 31 Kendall Evans:   [email protected]

Room 32 Nikki Mackay (Whanau Leader):    [email protected]