unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

It is hard to believe we are into Week 7 of Term 2.  This is a busy time for teachers as they write reports and Whanau Leaders and Associate Principals go through the checking process. I am looking forward to reading every report and commenting on your child’s progress.

This year you will find a few changes to our progress reports:

  • Our current Government has removed National Standards. While we wait for more Ministry of Education direction on reporting to parents we have made some changes.  We now report on how well your child is progressing towards their expected Curriculum Level.  When you receive your child’s report on Friday 29 June, please make sure you read the letter that accompanies it as it outlines what Curriculum Level your child should be working at.
  • These progress reports are written to your child as we feel this will ensure the language is easy to understand and removes teacher jargon from our comments.
  • Your child also has their voice represented in these reports where they share the learning they have had, what they have enjoyed and their next steps. This has been a revealing addition, giving staff useful feedback on how your child feels they are progressing.

As our core values states “We value feedback and feedforward.” We would welcome any feedback on our new reports.

Make sure you book in a time for Student Led Conferences on Tuesday 3 July as your children love to see you interested in their learning and they look forward to sharing their learning with you.

The Friday before last I gave all our students a challenge to have a technology free day over the long Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Thank you to the parents who supported this.  Many of our students told us the great things they did as a family, when no devices were used.  Technology is a wonderful resource and tool for learning but it is also healthy to have a break from this from time to time.  How about booking in technology free days or even half days, as a family?

This term has been a busy one as students learn all about communities.  There have been many trips organised that help our students understand that communities come in different forms.   Our teachers also learned more about our Educational Community on our Staff Only Day.  This was an exceptional day of learning for us all and many connections were made between teachers from other schools in our area.  The Flatbush 7 Staff Only Day created much interest in the media.  If you didn’t see the Botany & Ormiston Times click this link.


Festival of Culture


Over Queen’s birthday weekend I was priviledged to go to the Buddhist Temple prizegiving to celebrate the end of the Festival of Cultural sharing.  Congratulations to the following students who received prizes for their writing or colouring.


Zoe Priest, Ekamdeep Sangha, Annabelle Chen, Riya Desai (All received merit awards)


Dashleen Kaur (1st place), Lisa Chong (3rd place), Mariah Nisbett, Christiaan Langi, Natasha Mutete and Levi Fifita-Lamb (Merit awards)

Baverstock Oaks won the writing competition and received the cup for this.  This is the 4th time the writing cup has been won by our school and shows the true alignment our 6 Core Values have with the 3G and 4G teachings of the Temple.    I was very proud of the behaviour of our students and their humility in accepting their prizes.

Thanks to all the parents who support our school so much.  We truly have a collaborative community who work with the school to provide the best opportunities we can for your children.

Butter Making in ESOL

First of all we had to pour some cream into an empty bottle. We dropped some marbles into the bottle with the cream. Then we all had a turn to shake the cream around the group. The cream was a cream colour to begin with and was runny, a liquid.

At first, we had made whipped cream which stayed inside the bottle when we tipped it up. We decided that we like whipped cream in donuts and in cakes.

When the cream had turned into a solid inside the bottle, we discovered a white, runny liquid! This liquid is called “buttermilk”. We poured the buttermilk out of the bottle and drunk some. It tasted just like milk.

The butter was left behind in the bottom of the bottle. It had turned into a solid and had also change colour. Now it was yellow!

Then we spread the soft butter onto the crackers with a knife.

Lastly we were able to eat the crackers.


Wā Pākiki  Week 6

Wā Pākiki is becoming a favourite time for so many of our students as they explore their own curiosities along with their teacher!  It is fantastic to walk around the school during block 2 on Fridays.  Here are some images of what was going on in Upper and Lower F and Lower E last Friday – Coding a Garden Robot, Construction, Cooking, Monster Art and Music.


STUDENT LED CONFERENCES  Tuesday 3 July 2017  1.00pm – 8.00pm

SLCStudent Led Conferences are coming up shortly but please be aware:

IMPORTANT:  Students will be released at 12.30pm.Please ensure you collect them then, let them walk home to be supervised or arrange childcare for the afternoon.  We are unable to provide instruction at school as ALL STAFF are involved with the Student Led Conferences.

There will be more information about this coming to you via email shortly with the links etc for you to do your bookings direct   –  keep an eye on your emails to get in quick and make sure you get the time you want.


REMINDER Monday 18 June Teacher’s Paid Union Meeting

Please remind your children what is happening to them on this afternoon  –  you will have submitted an email form to the teacher about what your child(ren) are doing.

On Monday 18 June some of our teachers will be attending a NZEI Te Riu Roa paid union meeting regarding the Kua Tae Te Wā – It’s Time campaign. The campaign aims to free teachers to teach and principals to lead, by getting the additional support and staff that schools need. The meetings will allow our teachers to discuss how the Ministry of Education has responded to changes that the union is seeking.

Some of our teaching staff are members of NZEI and legally entitled to attend this meeting. These teachers will be leaving school on Monday 18 June at 1.15pm to attend their paid union meeting which starts at 2pm.

Lost Property

download-2With winter fully settled in, jumpers are becoming a permament fixture in the lost property. We have seen an influx of jumpers with the vast majority not named. Many of these are brand new. Please ensure that your child’s jumper is named so that it can be returned to them.

Fun Run Update


Next week is our school fun run!

The fun run will kick off from 9.15am at Baverstock Oaks school field. We look forward to seeing all students get involved  –  Just remember the times below are a guide  –  we will endeavour to keep to these times as much as possible.

  • 9:15 – Year 5
  • 9:30 – Year 4
  • 9: 45 – Year 2
  • 10:00 – Year 3
  • 11:00 – Year 6
  • 11:15 – Lower Block E
  • 11.30 – Lower Block F

We’d love to see you down there on the day cheering the kids on… Everyone’s invited!


·         19th June – fun run, mufti day and sausage sizzle (don’t forget to order online by Thursday this week). 

·         27th June – last day for online and cash donations (all cash and sponsorship book back pages to be 

                          returned to school by this date)

·         27th June – 4th July – timeframe to order prizes online

REMINDER – you are only eligible to order prizes if you have created an online profile and raised at least $10 in donations.

Happy FUNdraising and have FUN running !!


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.32.57 PM

Reporting an Absence:

download-5All absence is to be notified by parent or guardian promptly – please contact the school as early as possible and leave a message on any of the following methods:
– go to our website –   www.baverstock.school.nz/report-an-absence/ 
– The Baverstock Oaks School App (free to download on your Apple or Android Device) or
 – The absentee Line 24/7 on 09 278-6741




Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.27.48 AM



On a sunny Thursday in Week 6 Botany Downs Primary arrived here at Bavertock Oaks School  for a game of soccer.

It was a hard fought match and we had to be strong in defence.  Our boys started the second half with greater confidence creating a number of chances on goal. Sadly were unable to convert these opportunities into points on the board.

Eventually Botany Downs closed out the match 2 – 0. However the game was played in a great spirit, we all learnt lot and enjoyed ourselves.

Special mention must be made of Aryan Asre and Carter Newman who were incredible in defence.


P1000517On Monday the 11th of June our Baverstock Oaks School Rugby Team played Wakaaranga on our school field.
The game was a very close match up of two strong teams.  Both teams wanted to force the ball up through the middle and the tackling from both sides was very strong.
Baverstock Oaks School were leading at half time 14 – 10 due to two converted tries.  One from Abe Mika and one from Isireli Niubalavu.  The second P1000501half started really badly with 2 quick tries from Wakaaranga.  Only in the last 5 minutes of the game did our boys fight back with two very late tries, one from Aayran Sharma and one in the last second of the game from Abe Mika.
The final score was Baverstock Oaks 28, Wakaaranga 24.
Congratulations to our team on a hard fought win!



Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.54.09 AM