Welcome Back to Term 3!

Welcome back to all of our families.  A special welcome to all our new families who have joined us this term. We hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks of the term. We look forward to an exciting term filled with fun and learning.


Our Theme this year is ‘I Wonder …’

We have made a great start so far with encouraging and responding to your children’s natural curiosity. So far this year, your children have led the way and taken us on some incredible learning journeys. We have made some amazing discoveries together. We look forward to more discoveries this term.

Please continue to encourage your children’s learning by asking open-ended questions relating to what they are curious about, always asking how, what, when and why!

Term 3 – New Zealand

For this topic we are exploring the importance of the Māori culture and how it influences children in todays society.

During the term we will be looking at:

  • Māori Myths and legends and the beliefs of the Maori people of how certain things came to be here in New Zealand
  • Understand how Maori communities and the sense of family is important here in New Zealand.
  • What makes us, as Kiwis, unique in the world
  • What makes New Zealand different from other countries
  • What items have been specifically made in New Zealand and for what purpose.

The children shared with us what they would like to know about and we recorded it on a slide below.

The ideas the children came up with are displayed here.

Please continue to encourage your children’s learning by sharing your experiences of New Zealand as well as Myths and legends of your own culture. This will allow children to make connections with who they are, where they are from and what makes them special.

As you can see by the image above, we really listen to feedback from the children to direct our teaching and learning. By providing the children with topics that interest them we keep them engaged and motivated to learn.


Just a reminder that we start our day at 8.50am. Please have your children at school before this time, ready to start their day.  It is really important that your child comes to school on time everyday.  Before school the children are able to meet and play with their friends and also set their day up for learning.  If you are late, it is important that your child goes to the office and signs in.

seesaw Learning Partnership and Seesaw

We enjoy sharing your child’s day of learning with you through Seesaw. Please ensure you have signed up for this.  It is a great place to find out what we have been up to at school and what learning is happening.

The children love to share their work on Seesaw. It would be really good if parents/caregivers could give positive feedback to their child on their post. This way when we check it at school your child is able to see your response and we can read it to them. This gives them a confidence boost and shows them that their parents have seen their work and are really proud of them.

litter freeLitter Free Lunches

Please try and pack your lunch with reusable zip lock bags and containers rather than tin foil, Glad wrap and other items that we throw into the landfill.  There is an ongoing challenge between the classes across the school to have the lowest amount of litter in our lunch boxes and this year we are aiming to be top!


With the cooler weather, the children will be wearing their school jumpers.  Please ensure these are well labelled with their name. Please make sure that your child is wearing the correct uniform including socks and shoes.  Follow this link for more information about our school uniform – https://www.baverstock.school.nz/uniform/

We encourage children to remove their jumpers when inside as the classrooms have adequate heating. This also ensures that they are warm when they go out to play because they can add their sweater on.

Play Based Learning

Lower E/F is continuing to use different learning areas to learn, play and interact in.  This is an area where the acorn teachers have a strong passion. We believe that children learn through play, while developing social skills such as sharing, problem solving and building resilience. This also helps foster creativity and imaginary play which are important for the children.  We have used some of the activity fee that is paid by you to buy new resources for these areas. These areas were developed based on the children`s interests and the children`s inquiry results of what makes us happy. The acorn teachers believe it is very important to have play based learning  and have researched into this by undertaking professional learning by watching presentations by Nathan Wallis. Nathan Wallis is a child psychologist as well as a professional educator who`s evidence firmly supports free play. Please take the time to watch some of his videos so you can understand the theory behind  our teaching structure.

We would also appreciate your support in making sure no resources from school come home with the children. If by accident this happens, can they please return to school with no consequences. This will help prevent having to spend more money on replacing items in school.

Making a Firestation from blocks during free play

Making a Fire station from blocks during free play

Term 3 Dates

Here are some dates to take note of for the term, more information will be sent home during the term.

  • Tuesday 7th August – Mufti Day ( Gold Coin Donation)

  • Thursday 16th August – School Disco. Notices will be sent home regarding this.

  • Tuesday 21st August – Pasifika Fono/ Maori Hui evening . Starts 5.30pm in the staffroom.

  • Thursday 30th August – Blokes @ the Oaks

  • Monday 3rd September – New parents afternoon tea at 2.30pm in the staffroom. TBC
  • Friday 14th September – Grandparents day. Please note you are welcome to come into school for this but events will be confirmed at a later date.
  • Friday 21st September. Room 25 &26 are hosting the whole school assembly.

We welcome to our team this term Mrs Lisa Nolan and Mrs Michelle Arendse.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 6.22.04 PM

Room 12 – Lisa Nolan

Hi,  I’m Lisa Nolan.  I have been teaching in the East Auckland area for many years now and have spent the majority of those years in large schools.

I have taught across all levels, teaching children from Year 0 to 6 but the majority of my teaching has been in the junior school.  I have a daughter who is in Year 6, attending Cockle Bay School.  I have previously taught at Baverstock Oaks (between 2009 and 2015).  I am back again until the end of the year.

I grew up in rural Matamata where my parents were share milkers and then lived in the South Waikato before my family made the move north to Auckland.

My parents are both from Holland and I try really hard to chat to them in Dutch when I can but am very rusty.  

I enjoy spending time with my family and have a keen interest in gardening, interiors and photography.  My sister is a professional photographer and often has articles and covers in many New Zealand magazines. 

I look forward to learning about the children’s holidays and the things that excite them in learning.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 7.37.48 PM

Room 28- Michelle Arendse

My name is Michelle Arendse and I relocated from South Africa 5 years ago with my husband Scott and daughter Zoe who is now 6 years old. I have another little girl named Lila who will be turning 2 years old soon. We lived in Tauranga for 4 years where I did relief teaching. As a family we enjoy being outdoors, going to the beach, bike rides, visiting different parks and seeing animals. I look forward to the rest of the year in the Acorns  .


If you need to contact any of the acorn teachers please see their email addresses below. We will be happy to respond to any queries you may have about your child`s learning.

Lower E/F Teachers

Room 12 – Lisa Nolan – [email protected]

Room 17 – Lynette Radue – [email protected]

Room 18 – Pauline Boggs – [email protected]

Room 19 – Yvette Yu – [email protected]

Room 20 – Renee De Bruin – [email protected]

Room 25 – Helen Dibley – [email protected]

Room 26 – Catherine Hornsby – [email protected]

Room 27 and Lower E/F whanau leader -Clare Downer – [email protected]

Room 28 – Michelle Arendese – [email protected]

Part Time Teacher – Ali Robberts – [email protected],

Part Time Teacher – Sharon Woodward – [email protected],

learning Assistant – Trudy Carson, Mel Turner, Connie Young, Rachel Fox, Sharon Law, Diane Timu, Annette Cairns