unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Welcome back to Term 3.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and spent quality time with your children.  In week 10 of last term we welcomed Mrs Sarah Baleicakau as our new Associate Principal and her skills as an AP are already shining through, we all look forward to getting to know you better Sarah. I would  like to welcome Mrs Lisa Nolan who is returning back to Baverstock Oaks and is the new teacher in Room 12 taking a Year 1 class.  Welcome Lisa it is wonderful to have you back.   Also, a big welcome to Rachel Bramwell who is a new Learning Assistant working in Room 15.  Welcome to our Baverstock Oaks family.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter I was caring for my terminally ill mother at the end of last term.  My mum, Lorna, sadly passed away on the 4th July.  Despite her tremendous bravery and strength over this time she no longer had the power to fight the cancer.  I was lucky to be by her side when she passed and am forever thankful for the weeks I had to spend with her.

I was overwhelmed with the love and support shown to me and my family by my Baverstock Oaks family.  I had meals, beautiful flowers and kind messages from both staff and parents.  This certainly helped, as my large extended family gathered around, to support me and my 2 children.  We gave Lorna a wonderful send off on the 10 July.  When a 93-year-old has over 100 people at her funeral it tells us the impact she had on so many.   I have wonderful memories of her and the will continue to live with the strong values she instilled in me.  As my mum always used to say; “I love life and I love people.”  She always looked positively on life, she respected everyone for who they were & never judged.  If we can all live our lives like this what a wonderful life it would be.

Term 3 is an exciting time for learning.  This is the term where the goals students have identified and shared with you during our recent Student Led Conferences are really addressed.  When home, school and the child are aware of these goals and constantly support, success occurs.  A reminder if you ever have any questions about your child’s progress our staff are happy to talk to you at any time.  Contacting them via email is the best way to discuss your child’s progress or is a good way to set up a meeting time.   All our staff email addresses can be found on this page on our website https://www.baverstock.school.nz/our-staff/

I look forward to reconnecting with you all this term.

Genée Crowley


2018 Enrolments

Starting-SchoolIf you have a child who is turning five or know someone who is turning five and wanting to attend our school please contact the office to complete an enrolment form.  This will help us with our planning for the rest of the year to ensure we can employ the best possible staff to teach our students.



We are thrilled with the support that the recent fun run fundraiser received, and very excited about being able to get our three key projects underway by the very generous donations that students received.

Our school raised a massive $23,000.  The all-weather shelters and the new enviro garden area will be built this year and the team track suits will be purchased shortly.  Please thank all of our generous supporters, as fulfilling these goals would not have been possible without them!


At the assembly on Friday 27th July, the 10 students who raised the most funds will be recognised and will receive their prizes.FAB

Following assembly, all other students who ordered prizes will receive them in their classroom.

If you have any questions relating to the prizes please email [email protected]

Thank you,

The FAB team


ESOL visit to Ambury Farm

This term, the ESOL and Quick 60 whanau visited Ambury Farm as part of our “Farm to Fork” topic which we have been working on. We went to the Farm over 2 days.

We were shown how the farmer shears the sheep using electric shears. It is important that the sheep’s bottom is kept clean to avoid flies laying eggs which turn into maggots. The maggots can make the sheep sick.

After this, we went for a walk to feed the animals. The sheep, pigs, calves, goats and chickens all enjoy the children feeding and stroking them.


Room 20 & Room 27 trip to Botany Town Centre

Room 20 and 27 went to Botany Town Centre for a trip on the last Wednesday last term.   We caught the bus to Pak n Save. We each had $1 to spend and get to buy a piece of fruit. As we walked around, we met some of the staff and gave them cards and biscuits we had decorated for them to say ‘have a great day!’ We played “I Spy” and looked at all the different things you could buy. Then we went to the library. We got to go into the staff only area and learn how they looked after the books and then got to explore the library and read. We came back to school and had burgers and a movie because we really wanted to visit McDonald’s and the movies too. We made fruit salad with our fruit from Pak n Save. Thank you to all of the parents that helped us on the day.

Family Photo Fundraiser

FAB are running a family photo fundraiser.  Professional photographers Smiley Kids, will be at Baverstock Oaks School on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 August between 10am to 4pm to offer family and individual photo shoots.  This is your chance to book a 15 minute professional photo session for just $20 which includes a personalised photo calendar.  Be in quick to secure your photography session by booking online through Kindo.  A range of photo options is available and includes an offer of 10% discount and free delivery.  Refer to the Smiley Kids flyer for further details.



Hockey Report

On Thursday 28th June the Baverstock Oaks School hockey team traveled to Lloyd Elsmore to play hockey against other schools. Year 5’s played in the morning and walked away with all wins. The year 6’s played during the afternoon and they won 1 game. Luckily the weather was sunny and bright, it was a perfect day. Everyone played with great sportsmanship and had a fantastic day with Miss Skipper and Miss Buchanan.

By Leah