A big welcome back to school to all our students and their families.  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to hearing about your child’s adventures. We are really looking forward to re-connecting with your children and assisting them to learn and grow.

Some Important Notices for Term 3:


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students Renish Nand (Room 8) and Joanna Tan (Room 22) to Upper 8E. Both Renish and Joanna joined us in Term 2 and have quickly become part of the Baverstock Oaks Family. If you have not meet Renish or Joanna please take the time to introduce yourself and say hello.

Inquiry Focus:

Block 8E’s Term 3 Inquiry Focus is ‘Maori Myths and Legends’.  Students will be making connections as to how myths and legends link to present day New Zealand.  Our learning will culminate in an art exhibition and auction in Week 9.

Te Tuhi: Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.25.53 AM

During Week 5 and 7 we will be visiting Te Tuhi Art Gallery as an extension of our inquiry focus. During our visit we will be attending the ‘I Am NZ’ workshop. This exciting Te Tuhi programme  will think about the place we live in, Aotearoa New Zealand, and what makes the country unique. We will create drawings of things that build an identity of the place we live in. These drawings will help create an artwork showing all the unique things that celebrate the identity of NZ.

Swimming Lessons:

We are extremely fortunate that our Whanau has been offered the opportunity for free swimming lessons at Otara pools during Term 3.  The swimming lessons for our students will begin on Monday 30th July and will be every Monday/Tuesday concluding on Tuesday 18th September.Swimming Photo 1

Swimming Lesson Time  Room
Monday –  10.30am Room 23
Monday – 11.00am Room 24
Monday- 1.00pm Room 21
Tuesday – 10.30am Room 8
Tuesday – 11.00am Room 22

Children will leave school half an hour prior to their lessons.  We require all students to participate in swimming as part of their learning for Term 3.  If your child is unable to swim on a particular day they will need to bring a note explaining why they can not participate. Thank you for your support with this.

Children will need to bring:

  • togs/swimsuit
  • towel
  • PE gear
  • Plastic bag/swimming bag
  • Goggles are optional as they are provided by the leisure centre

Important Dates to Remember:

Week 2: Wednesday 1st August – Visit to Mission Heights

             Thursday 2nd August – Cross Country

Week 3: Monday 6th August – Room 8 and 22 Mission Height Production Matinee

Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th August – HPPA Dance Festival

Week 4: Tuesday 14th August – Inter-school Cross Country

             Thursday 16th August – School Disco/Mathex

Week 5: Tuesday 21st August – Maori Pasifika Hui/Fono

             Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd August – Interschool Gymnastics

             Thursday 23rd August – Te Tuhi Art Gallery

Week 6: Tuesday 28th August – Mud Run/Mufti Day & sausage sizzle

             Wednesday 29 August – Tall Oaks Speech Finals

             Thursday 30th August – Blokes at the Oaks

             Friday 31st August – Koanga Festival

Week 7: Wednesday 5th September – Murray Gadd Parent Evening

             Thursday 6th September – Te Tuhi Art Gallery

Week 8: Tuesday 11th September – HPPA Speech Finals

             Friday 14th September – Grandparents Day

Week 9: Wednesday 19th September – Upper 8E Art Exhibition and Silent Auction

             Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September – Epro8

Week 10: Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th September – Year 6 – Wero White Water Rafting

             Friday 28th September – Student of the Term Assembly