A huge welcome back to everyone this term. We have an exciting term of learning ahead of us.


Ayaan Kutty Room 5

From Papatoetoe North Primary School

Likes: Soccer, Art and Rugby, Playing playstation with his cousin and going to Nickies restaurant

Dislikes: Long distance running and people distracting him while he is watching TV

We are excited to welcome two new students to our whanau.



Hannah Hoani Room 4

From Sylvia Park School

Likes: Playing games at the arcade, hanging out with her friends and doing mathematics

Dislikes: snakes and getting injections  

Our topic:

Our topic this term centers on New Zealand and Maori myths, legends and atua. Each class will have their own inquiry focus.


Some of our wonderful work from the last two terms.

room 6

Room 6: Here is our Koru art which you can find displayed in the office.


Room 5: Here is our umbrella art. Students learned about colours that contrast well with blue dye.




Important Dates

Week 4 (Thurs)- Disco

Week 5 (Tues) – Hui/Fono Evening 5.30pm

Week 5 (Fri) – B Block School Assembly

Week 5 (Fri) – Whanau Speech Finals

Week 6 (Thurs) – Blokes at the Oaks

Week 7 – Tongan Language Week

Week 8 – Maori Language Week

Week 8 (Fri) – Grandparents Day

Week 9 – Hindi Language Week

Week 10 – Chinese Language Week

Art Exhibition 

  • Date / Time: Thursday 20th September 9:00- 11:00
  • Where: Own classes and awhina space  


This term swimming will run from 31st of July until 18th of September. Children will leave school half an hour prior to their lesson time.  We require all students to participate in swimming as part of their learning for Term 3.  If your child is unable to swim on a particular day they will need to bring a note explaining why they can not participate. Thank you for your support with this.

Tuesday  Class
9.30 am 6
10.00 am 5
10.30 am 8
11.00 am 22
12.00 pm 3
12.30 pm 4
1.00 pm 7

Children will need to bring:

  • togs/swimsuit
  • towel
  • P.E gear
  • Plastic bag/swimming bag

Children are expected to arrive at school in their school uniform, not their P.E gear, even if they are swimming in the morning.