Welcome back to Term 3, we hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students, Ishaan, Nono, Hue, Hamsika, Savanah and Logan.  We are looking forward to the term ahead and supporting your children with their learning.  We have a lot of amazing opportunities for your children this term. 

Some Important Notices for Term 3:

Inquiry Focus:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.19.14 PMFor term 3 we are learning about New Zealand. We are starting the term off looking at the first Māori settlers, how they came to New Zealand, Te Reo Māori, Maori art, myths and legends.

The Arts:
We are focussing on visual arts this term using different mediums.  At the end of the term we will be having an art exhibition. Look out for a date for this later on in the term.

Looking for experts:

If you have expertise in visual art, we would love it if you could come into school and share your knowledge with our students. Please see your child’s teacher if you are interested.

Named Clothing/Shoes:

Every part of your child’s uniform should be named so that it can be returned to your child if it goes missing, especially your child’s polar fleece. Please also name your child’s socks and shoes, as these can be known to go missing. Please make sure long shirts or thermals are not visable under uniforms.

P.E. Gear:

Year 3 students are expected to bring their school P.E. uniform to school every day. Children must get changed at school, not at home. Children must change back into school uniform at the end of the day before going home. Children can bring sports shoes and extra socks for P.E.  The P.E. uniform is not compulsory for the Year 2’s.

Litter Free Lunches

Baverstock Oaks School is an Enviro school and we encourage all staff and students to bring litter-free lunches. A litter-free lunch can be achieved by using reusable containers, bags, and bottles.

Home Learning:

Each week your child will be bringing home:

  • A reader
  • Spelling or bubble words
  • Poem books
  • Basic facts

Please make sure these are returned to school each week.


Important Dates to Remember:

Week 3: Tuesday 7 August- Mufti Day, gold coin donation

Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 August- HPPA Dance Festival for the Junior Dance Group at Elim Christian College

Week 4:  Monday 15th August – Upper C to the Auckland Museum

Wednesday 15 August  – NZEI Strike

Thursday 16 August  – School Disco, 5:30pm

Week 5: Tuesday 21 August  – Pasifika fono  and Māori hui in the staffroom at 5:30pm

Week 5: Thursday 23 August – Inter-school gymnastic competition

Week 6: Tuesday 28 August – student Mud Run, as well as mufti day and sausage sizzle

Thursday 30 August – Blokes at the Oaks

Week 7:  Tongan Language Week

Week 8: Maori Language Week

Week 8: Friday 14 September – Grandparents Day

Week 9: Tuesday 18 September – Budding Branches Cross Country at 11:15 am

Wednesday 19 September – ESOL/Learning Support Assembly at 11:00 am

Week 10: Chinese Language Week
Week 10:

Teacher’s Email Addresses: 

Lower B/C:

Room 1:  Ms Tanya Bonniface   [email protected]

Room 2: Miss Siobhan van Niekerk       [email protected]

Room 9: Mrs Johanna O’Brien (Whanau Leader)  [email protected] 

Room 10: Ms Jasmine Vili    [email protected]  

Room 11: Miss Sally Shabbot    [email protected]

Upper C

Room 13: Miss Emma Pottinger    [email protected]

Room 14: Miss Jade Wyeth    [email protected]

Room 15: Mrs Kellie Srivastava (Whanau Leader)   [email protected]

Room 16: Miss Ashley Stratton    [email protected]