Newsletter 14/2018 Week 5 Term 3 22 August 2018

unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

I would like to thank all the parents who supported us during our Teachers’ Strike Day on Wednesday 15th.  Baverstock Oaks had a great representation as we marched up Queen Street.  As one of the placards quite rightly said “We are not walking out on our students we are walking out for our students.”  We look forward to successful negotiations occurring between the NZEI and Government.

Students who are late being picked up

imagesFrom this week there is going to be a change for those students who are picked up late from school.  We are very sorry to have to do this but teachers and office staff working time is often being disrupted by having to look after students after school.   There have been days where children are still here at 4:30pm and our office staff have had to stay on to look after them.  This is just not fair, as not only is their work interrupted, their day is supposed to finish at 4:00pm and they are here babysitting children.

Our After-School care programme Creative Kids run an hour-long option from 3-4pm but it is disappointing that not many people take up this option.

The other issue we have is the children who are not collected by 3:15pm are left to sit on the steps as teachers cannot supervise them due to meeting commitments.  Often these children are running around in this area which is disruptive to our office staff.

From this week, any child not collected by 3:15pm will be taken to an area outside the library and parents will need to park and come in to the school to collect them.  I am sorry if this is inconvenient but the time after school is a busy time for staff and we cannot be babysitting your children.

I look forward to parents living our core value of a ‘Sense of Family and Learning Partnerships’ and collecting their children by 3:15pm.


imagesMany thanks to all the parents who supported our school by encouraging their children to be part of our annual disco.  A huge thank you to our FAB for all their hard work for this popular event and to our teachers who lead this school wide: Tanya Bonniface, Emma Pottinger Sally Shabbot and Laramarie Dreyer.  It was great to see so many students and teachers in bright fluro and having a great time dancing.

Parenting Corner

downloadAs you may know Baverstock Oaks is implementing mindfulness for our Y4-6 students.  In this busy world we are finding more and more students with high anxiety.  Mindfulness is all about teaching our children strategies they can use when they feel themselves becoming anxious or angry.

Nigel Latta visited our school last year and videoed our children practising mindfulness.  This is part of “The Curious Mind” series which will be screening on TV One on the 26 August 8:30pm.   Look out for our students as they talk about what mindfulness means to them and how they use it in their lives.

I know Upper F will be doing mindfulness lessons later this term and there will be an opportunity for parents to opt into some mindfulness sessions too online at a discounted rate.  Details about this will follow soon.  The Parenting place have some good ideas for parents to help them reduce anxiety click on the link below.

How to be the boss of your brain when you’re angry

Have a wonderful week.  Spend time with your children talking with them about the learning they are doing at school.

Genée Crowley



An Evening with Murray Gadd  –  Learn how to help your children with their writing

download-1We are excited to invite you to a parent evening with Murray Gadd on Wednesday 5 September at 6:30pm.  Murray works nationally and internationally on literacy issues and recently completed his PhD on What is Critical in the Effective Teaching of Writing.  He led the team that developed the national writing exemplars and has also written books used by teachers such as Effective Literacy Practice.  We are lucky to have had Murray working closely with our staff over the last two years.  Now we have to opportunity for you to hear his tips on how you can help your children with their writing.  The session will be held at Baverstock Oaks School and we can offer babysitting if required.  Please complete the form to let us know if you are able to attend and if you will be bringing your children.

A Session for Parents on Children’s Writing.

Learning to write is rocket science for many children.  For many, it’s much harder than learning to read.  This hour-long session (followed by questions and answers) will enable parents to learn about and explore:

  • What our children need to achieve as developing writers.
  • What we do at school to help children become good writers.
  • What parents can do at home to support their children in writing.


Bilingual Support

bilingualEvery Friday morning before school, Roshni Shahri will be available in the front office for any Mandarin speaking parents or students that have queries or require additional support.
每个星期五早上上学前,Roshni Shahri(李峥)将在学校前台办公室里为说普通话的家长和学生提供中文服务。如果您有疑问或需要额外支持,欢迎过来询问。

Congratulations Annabelle Chen

Annabelle Chen representing Baverstock Oaks in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition held this morning at the North Shore Gymnastics Club.  She came 1st = in her level.  She looks amazing sporting our new school tracksuit.




On Thursday 16th of August, 15 of Baverstock’s best mathematicians competed at Mission Heights Junior College. Our four teams of year 5 and 6s showed great problem solving, sportsmanship and teamwork. Though we didn’t come away with a placing this year, we’re incredibly proud of the hard work that the children put in all term. Thank you to Mr Gibbs for all his hard work training the Mathex team this year.

Room 13’s Spaghetti

On Tuesday 7th August Room 13 played with spaghetti. It was ice cold because it had been in the fridge for 24 hours. In the morning at about 11:15am Miss Pottinger handed out some newspaper. We put it all over the tables and then…….we got to play with it! It felt like a gooey pile of playdough falling to the ground. It sounded like a bungy cord swinging here and there. It looked like a chunk of sloppy unravelled brain from a zombie with one eye!! It smelt like moulding clay being thrown around.

By Kiran Rajagopal

We played with spaghetti. It was freezing like ice. Then we touched it. It was very sticky. After that Miss Pottinger put food colouring in the spaghetti and then it turned colourful.

By Jackie Jia

HPPA Dance Festival

Our junior dance team were part of the HPPA dance festival and they did an amazing job. They have been working hard all year for their performance. This year there was a musicals theme and we danced to ‘Under the Sea’ from ‘The Little Mermaid’. The girls enjoyed dressing up in their amazing costumes and the atmosphere backstage was great. It was such an exciting opportunity for the girls to be backstage doing their hair and make up and getting ready to perform in front of a big audience. The girls looked amazing and their dance was fabulous. We are really proud of every one of the girls.


The Senior Dance group had a great 2 nights at the HPPA Dance Festival.  Our song Nicest Kids in Town from the musical Hairspray was so much fun to dance to.  We loved dressing up and having or hair and make up done.  A big thank you Mrs Dixon for the skirts, Mrs Turner and Mrs Carson for our cool hair and our teachers Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Dibley and Mrs Burke.

snr dance


Love seeing our children using our Library at Lunchtime!!!!


APPA Music Festival 3 Day Instrument Course

We would appreciate you letting your school families know about the course via your school newsletter to ensure that students don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

This is for accomplished instrument players in years 4 – 8 who wish to develop their musicianship skills in orchestral and band performance, and perform at the Auckland Town Hall as part of the wider APPA festival in November.

The students need parental commitment so they can attend the 3 Day Course at the venues below, in the last week of term 3; plus there will also be a few Saturday or Sunday rehearsals, lots of practice at home and one rehearsal in the Town Hall which they also need to get their child to. The venue for the practices is below:

Rehearsals at Auckland Normal Intermediate
Rehearsals at Parnell School
To be advised


Registrations close on Friday, 31 August 2018




SECOND HAND UNIFORM SHOP OPEN    8.30am – 9am Tuesday 4 September

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.38.00 PM

IFF - Save the date



















Sewing Club News

Term 2 was filled with some wonderful sewing from the Wa Pakiki groups.  The children made floral layered pillows wrapped in a bow using hand sewing and also made a skirt with the sewing machines.  They are learning wonderful skills such as cutting from a pattern, threading a needle, hand sewing neat stitches for decoration and using a sewing machine.  At the end of the term the children’s work will be on display in the office, so come and take a look.


This term the ESOL children are learning about Kiwiana – articles and different food which are well known in NZ. We have enjoyed tasting many different types of food which are famous in NZ. We have played with a buzzy bee, and tasted pavlova, kiwifruit and jaffas. There is a lot more to learn as we travel around the country with our make believe passports.  Please remember to ask your child about Kiwiana!



Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 8.59.35 AM


TV Opportunity for Two of Our House Captains!
A report by Xavier Jones
On Thursday 16th of August Alyssa Vaha’Akolo-Ngaika and Xavier Jones went to Rainbows End to film an episode of ‘Inspiring Athletes’ for televesion. When they arrived at Rainbows End they were greeted by World Junior Elite BMX Champion, Maynard Peel and Paralympic Swimmer, Tupou Neiufi.  Xavier filmed with Maynard Peel, Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce on the Corkscrew Coaster.  Next Alyssa filmed with Tupou Neiufi on the Bumper Boats.  When we were finished filming we took a picture with the sporting stars and went back to school. We look forward to seeing them on TV!



Upper C’s Trip to the Museum

On Monday 13th August Upper C went to Auckland Museum. We had such an amazing day looking around the Maori and Pacifika part of the musuem. We had a two hour lesson learning about two Pasifika myths and legends.


Interschool Cross Country

Last Thursday, our fastest cross country runners traveled to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete with other schools in the area.  Our runners were quick off the mark, had good pace and most of us loved the amount of mud that was on the track.  Well done to all our competitors for giving this event their best!


downloadScreen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.04.31 AM



It’s time to celebrate dads – and how better than to get them something a little different, and not socks!

Place an order with ezlunch for delivery 27th August – 31st August and be in the draw to WIN ONE OF TWO $50 Gift Vouchers to gift to Dad on Fathers’ Day.  The winners will be notified by email and/or phone onFriday 31st August.  Good luck!



If you have any queries, reply to this email or call the Helpdesk 8am-4pm school days, on 0800 EZLUNCH (or 09-475 5287) or email [email protected].


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