A huge welcome back to everyone this term. We have an exciting term of learning ahead of us.

Some reminders


We have Athletics Day coming up soon and we want to be fit and ready for action! For this to happen, it is essential that students have their P.E gear and B.O.S sun hats for safety. We’re aware that there are some students who need extra protection and we encourage families to bring extra sunscreen. We trust that this is supported at home so all our students are safe during practises.

Students will be practising once a week with the whole whanau as well as their own class practises. Activities include high jump, sprints, softball throws and long jump.

We are very excited to see our students’ skills and talents.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

-Alan Lakein


As we welcome the beginning of Term 4 the children need to remember to wear hats while out playing. Baverstock Oaks requires all students to wear hats during Terms 4 and 1 to protect our children from the harsh summer sun. These can be bought from the school office or from John Russell Menswear in Howick. We also recommend a good sunscreen with a high SPF be applied at home to further protect our children.

Litterless lunches

A huge thank you to all of the families that ensure that their children bring litterless lunches to school each day. Remember the purpose of litterless lunches is to think about the impact litter has on our environment. It would be awesome if you made your own snacks or bought snacks in bulk and used reusable containers instead of plastic wrap. Remember we need to be the change we want to see in our world.

Some of our wonderful work from last term:




Important Dates

Week 2 Friday – B Block Athletics Training
Week 3 Monday – Rms 3, 6 and Y4’s Rm 7 Waste Wise Trip
Tuesday – B Block Athletics Training
Friday – Rms 4, 5 and Y5’s Rm 7 Waste Wise Trip
Week 4 Wednesday – School Athletics Day
Week 7 Friday – B Block Assembly