Welcome Back to Term 4!

Welcome back to our last term of 2018.  It has been an awesome year and we have some exciting things coming up to finish our school year.  We are lucky to welcome some new families to our whanau this term and we hope that you have had a good start to your term.


Our Theme this year is ‘I Wonder …’

This year has been all about our wonderings.  We began our year by talking about our school, then went wider with our community, last term learnt lots of things about New Zealand and we are finishing the year with our planet and then beyond.   We encourage our children to ask lots of questions that drives our learning so sometimes we don’t know where they are going to take it but we always have fun finding out more.  Please continue to encourage your children’s learning by asking open-ended questions relating to what they are curious about, always asking how, what, when and why!

Term 4 – Our Planet and Beyond

For this topic we are exploring our own planet and then go beyond into space.  This term different classes are taking different pathways with their learning as we are following the interests of our children but we will keep you up to date with our Seesaw posts and you can find out more by asking your child questions about their learning at home.


This term we will be focusing on our athletics skills with the children.  This will be starting on Friday 2nd November and will run every week from 11.10am to 12.20pm.  We would love you to come and be part of the fun if you are able.  Come and watch the children have fun and cheer them on in their games and fun.


Just a reminder that we start our day at 8.50am. Please have your children at school before this time, ready to start their day.  It is really important that your child comes to school on time everyday.  Before school the children are able to meet and play with their friends and also set their day up for learning.  If you are late, it is important that your child goes to the office and signs in.

seesaw Learning Partnership and Seesaw

We enjoy sharing your child’s day of learning with you through Seesaw. Please ensure you have signed up for this.  It is a great place to find out what we have been up to at school and what learning is happening.

The children love to share their work on Seesaw. It would be really good if parents/caregivers could give positive feedback to their child on their post. This way when we check it at school your child is able to see your response and we can read it to them. This gives them a confidence boost and shows them that their parents have seen their work and are really proud of them.

litter freeLitter Free Lunches

Well done to E Block who won the Litter Free Lunches Shield for Term 3.  Can they keep the shield?  Please try and pack your lunch with reusable containers rather than tin foil, Glad wrap and other items that we throw into the landfill.


With the warmer weather, the children will now need to be wearing hats when they are outside.  Please ensure these are well labelled with their name.  Please make sure jumpers are well labelled too as the days warm up.  Follow this link for more information about our school uniform – https://www.baverstock.school.nz/uniform/


Term 4 Dates

Here are some dates to take note of for the term, more information will be sent home during the term.

  • Tuesday 27th November – Rooms 17, 19, 20 going to Stardome
  • Wednesday 28th November – Rooms 18, 25, 26 going to Stardome
  • Tuesday 4th December – Rooms 27, 28, 12 going to Stardome
  • Wednesday 5th December – Acorn Christmas Performance at 9.15am

  • Wednesday 12th December – Prize giving at 9am

If you need to contact any of the acorn teachers please see their email addresses below. We will be happy to respond to any queries you may have about your child’s learning.

Lower E/F Teachers

Room 12 – Lisa Nolan – [email protected]

Room 17 – Lynette Radue – [email protected]

Room 18 – Pauline Boggs – [email protected]

Room 19 – Yvette Yu – [email protected]

Room 20 – Renee De Bruin – [email protected]

Room 25 – Helen Dibley – [email protected]

Room 26 – Catherine Hornsby – [email protected]

Room 27 and Lower E/F whanau leader -Clare Downer – [email protected]

Room 28 – Michelle Arendese – [email protected]

Part Time Teacher – Ali Robberts – [email protected],

Part Time Teacher – Sharon Woodward – [email protected],

learning Assistant – Trudy Carson, Mel Turner, Connie Young, Rachel Fox, Sharon Law, Diane Timu, Annette Cairns