unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Many thanks to you all for supporting our strike day on Monday.  It is disappointing the media has focused on mainly the teachers pay negotiations.  Research shows that the thing that upsets teachers the most is when they can’t teach.  This is becoming more and more difficult when we have high learning needs in our classrooms with no support.  This is one of the things we are negotiating.  We want to provide a quality education for all the students we teach and have the support we require.  Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly more difficult to employ quality staff.  One Principal I spoke to the other day from a low decile school said he adverstised a teaching position in the middle of the year and received zero applications.   In order to attract quality staff we need to make teaching a viable career for our young people.


For those of you wondering why we have the gates closed during the day can I please assure you it is not to prevent parents and visitors from coming in.  We have a number of high needs children who require these gates closed for their own safety.  We always welcome parents and visitors into our school, please just remember to sign in at the office so in the unlikely event of an emergency we can ensure everyone is accounted for.  Thank you for your anticipated support in this area.


We have some exciting trips planned for some whanau over the remainder of the year.

A reminder we charge activity fees for those activities you choose your child to be involved in such as trips outside the classroom and performances that visit our school.  We can not make these activity fees compulsory so please understand if you choose not to pay these you are choosing for your child to not attend.


A reminder during Terms 1 and 4 Baverstock Oaks hats are compulsory and must be worn outside.  If your child does not have a hat they will be inside during break times.   This year we have introduced a third option for our hats.  John Russell Schoolwear and our office now sell a Baverstock Oaks visor.


This year we have been completing extensive research on how the times of our blocks impact on children’s learning.  We have spoken to many schools and they have all spoken postively about the impact the changes have had in terms of student learning.  Our rationale behind changing the times are:

  • We have had the traditional structure for a long time.  Is this the best structure to enhance learning?
  • Morning is often the optimum time for learning, so let’s make this a longer learning time.
  • The proposal below gives us more opportunities to train teams – Morning Tea and Lunchtime 2  x 30 minutes blocks. This allows more times for the school hall can be utilised.
  • Children who don’t eat because they want to get out and play at lunchtime will play first and hopefully come in hungrier and eat more.
  • If there have been any issues at lunchtime restorative chats can occur during lunch eating and not impact so much on learning time.
  • Children are tired by the end of the day so the last block is shorter especially in the hot summer months.
  • As there are some special needs in terms of eating time for some children the time for eating will be flexible to cater for individual requirements.
  • As with any change this will be a trial over Term 1 and we will seek feedback from students, teachers and parents as well as analysing if it has a positive impact on student learning.
  • The timing allows three nutritional breaks so that eating can be spread across the day. The children will still have water in the classroom to drink at any time.
Bell Structure 2019
Block 1 – 8:55am-11amIncludes 10 mins Feed and Read at a time suitable to teachers, could include milk as well as a brain food break.     2 hrs 5 mins
Morning Tea – 11am-11:30am30 mins
Morning Tea supervised eating time11:30-11:40 10 mins
Block 2 – 11:40-1:10pm1 hr 30 mins
Lunch Play1:10pm-1:40pm – 30 mins
Lunch Eating 1:40pm-1:50pm – 10 mins
Block 31:50-3pm  1hr 10 mins

Many of the schools we have spoken to who have the same structure say the benefits have been huge and they would never go back to the old bell structure.  We look forward to trialing this and seeing how it benefits our children.  If you have any queries please feel free to contact me. [email protected]


I am delighted to announce 3 new staffing postitons for 2019.  With Allison Hamilton leaving next year to take up the Principal’s position at Ruapotaka School we have pleasure in announcing the appointment of our new Associate Principal Laramarie Dreyer.  Laramarie has taught at Baverstock Oaks for the last 10 years and is a dedicated and hard working teacher and thoroughly deserves this promotion.  With our large Year 1 whanau we have also appointed a new Whanau Leader in this area to support Clare Downer.  Congratulations to Renée de Bruin who has secured this position.  Renée has taught at our school for the past 6 years and also thoroughly deserves this promotion.  We have also appointed Natalia Tuineau who has been working at Glen Taylor School for the past three years.  Natalia was a student teacher at our school and has always hoped to join the Baverstock Oaks family.  It is reassuring to know in this current staffing crisis we are fully staffed for 2019.


At Baverstock Oaks School student well-being is important to us.  If a child is feeling safe and happy, they will learn.  We also value feedback so would be very grateful if you could fill in the following survey.  This should take no longer than 10 minutes.  Your feedback will ensure we reflect on how well we provide a safe and supportive environment that looks after the well-being of your child/children.  Many thanks for your anticipated support and thank you to the 67 parents who have already completed this.


Enjoy the last few weeks of term and I look forward to catching up with you over the next few weeks.

IFF internal A5 flyer for newsletter and families



The Indian dance group performed at Best Start Baverstock Oaks (the early learning centre which is attached to our school) for Diwali, on Tuesday 6 November.  After our performance, the children from the centre performed for us. It was a lovely opportunity for our girls to showcase their dancing and colourful dresses. Some of our students have younger siblings who attend the centre. Mrs Keenan and Mrs McKeown were very proud of them!



Baverstock cheer team went beyond our expectations and absolutely nailed their performance.  We are so proud of this team they had 90% non cheerleaders who are in the team for the first time.
We hit a Zero deduction routine.  Which means we hit every stunt and move in our routine.  Not an easy feat.


Picture1On Friday there was a very special celebration for schools who are a part of Travelwise. Some students from Baverstock Oaks Primary attended and had fun playing games and participating in many fun activities. The Travelwise team at Baverstock have worked hard all year, organising fun events to raise awareness around road safety for our tamariki, communities and whanau. A special thanks to Mrs Macdonald and Ms Bonniface for running an amazing team of travelwise students. Due to all the hard work this year Baverstock Oaks Primary School won a Gold award. Well done to everyone involved that made this possible.

Thank you
BOS Travelwise Team 2018






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