Dear Parents

Welcome back to 2019.  I hope you had a restful time over the break and managed to spend quality time with the people you love.  My children and I spent Christmas in Taupo with extended family and then headed to the Coromandel where we spent a lovely time with friends. It was a wonderful time to soak up the sun, spend some time at the beach, on the water and of course on the golf course.

A big welcome to all our 55 new students and their families who are joining our Baverstock Oaks family, we look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you more as the year progresses.  Thank you for choosing to live in our community and attend Baverstock Oaks School.  To ensure we provide all our children with the best possible education we will not be taking any out of zone enrolments.  Each week we get numerous queries from families wanting to enrol their children from out of zone.  The more children we take the larger our class sizes will be and the quality of education we can provide will be compromised.

2019 looks to be an exciting year ahead.  This week our staff have spent two and a half days at our annual retreat (whānau hui).  This is a time to build our school culture and create a united team.  A happy and united staff will mean we will provide the best possible education for your children.  I know the teachers have many exciting things planned to ensure your children are truly engaged in their learning.

On our first day of retreat we were all involved in day of mindfulness training by a facilitator from the Mindfulness Education Group. All our staff are now fully trained in the Pause, Breathe Smile programme and can now teach this to their class.    Results show that participation in Pause, Breathe, Smile:

  • Improves focus and attention for better learning outcomes
    • Increases calm and student wellbeing
    • Enhances self-awareness and pro-social behaviour
    • Reduces test anxiety and boosts resilience
    • Decreases teacher stress and burnout

This year we will have a focus on wellbeing, one of our Six Core Values.  Thank you to those parents who participated in our recent survey.  Towards the end of 2018 we surveyed our staff, Year 4-6 students and our parents to give us some feedback on how well we look after the wellbeing of all.  We look forward to analysing the data we received to ensure we take on the feedback and make any changes required.

As parents you can help us with this.  Ask your children to share the learning they have in mindfulness.  There are many strategies in the programme that help all ages.   If you want to know more about mindfulness and how it supports our children look on the Mindfulness Education Group website


You will see many photos of Baverstock Oaks Students who have already taken part in the Pause, Breath, Smile programme.

“If there’s one thing I could do it would be to introduce mindfulness into every school in the country.” Psychologist Nigel Latta


Please put these dates in your diary.

Please make sure you keep up to date with our community calendar that can be found on our website https://www.baverstock.school.nz/calendar/ and on our School App.  This will save you having to phone the office to find out times and dates.

Thursday 21 February Meet the Families evening 6:00pm.

This is a time to come in and meet your child’s classroom teacher and learn connect with yours and develop a collaborative learning partnership.

Friday 22 February Tall Oaks Swimming

Unfortunately new schools are not built with swimming pools.  This does not stop us ensuring our children have the opportunity to trial out for the Inter-school swimming team.  On this day our Year 5 and 6’s travel to Lloyd Elsmore to participate in our swimming sports.  If your child is a non-swimmer we have fun activities, in the pool ,for them to participate in.

Tuesday 26 February 5:30pm – Year 5 and 6 Camp Parent Helpers meetings 5:30pm

A meeting for all the parents who have been selected to help at our upcoming Year 5 and Year 6 camp.

Wednesday 27 February 7pm – Friends at Baverstock (FAB) meeting

All parents are welcome to this meeting.  The FAB are a wonderful group of parents who support our school in a number of ways.  If you have a spare couple of hours come along and meet our Senior Leadership Team and this group of parents who support our school in so many ways.  If meetings aren’t your thing or you are not available on this evening please contact the FAB [email protected] to see how you can help support our school.   Your children will love to see you involved, it shows you are interested in their school and what they do.


Year 6 Camp 4- 8 March at Camp Bentzon

Year 5 Camp 6-8 March at Chosen Valley

Each year our Year 6’s head off to Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island for a week of fun and our Year 5’s head off to Chosen Valley at Ararimu for 3 days of fun.  They build strong relationships with their peers and teachers and learn many new skills to ensure they are an independent and resilient individuals.


Wednesday 13 March – School Picnic 6pm

This is a time for your whole family to come and mix and mingle with the Baverstock Oaks community.  Bring a picnic and for our new parents it is a wonderful way to meet other families.  This year for the first time all our staff will be there with their families and we will have lots of PE equipment out for the children to play with.


Friday 12 April

Last day of term.


This year we are having full school assemblies every second Friday starting Week 2 Friday 15 February.  The alternate weeks will allow time for Team (Acorns, Budding Branches and Tall Oaks) assemblies to occur in awhina spaces.

The time of our Full School Assemblies has changed also.  Assemblies will now be at 9am on Friday mornings.  The reason for the change of time is it is much cooler first thing in the morning and we are hoping many parents will stay after dropping their children off to school for our assembly in which 2 buddy classes will celebrate their learning and Principal Awards will be handed out.   Watch out for alerts on our School App to know when your child’s class is running the assembly.



Our rationale behind changing the times are:

  • We have had the traditional structure for a long time.  Is this the best structure to enhance learning?
  • Morning is often the optimum time for learning, so let’s make this a longer learning time.
  • The proposal below gives us more opportunities to train teams – Morning Tea and Lunchtime 2  x 30 minutes blocks. This allows more times for the school hall to be utilised.
  • Children who don’t eat because they want to get out and play at lunchtime will play first and hopefully come in hungrier and eat more.
  • If there have been any issues at lunchtime, restorative chats can occur during lunch eating and not impact on learning time.
  • Children are tired by the end of the day so the last block is shorter especially in the hot summer months.
  • As there are some special needs in terms of eating time, for some children, the time for eating will be flexible to cater for individual requirements.
  • As with any change this will be a trial over Term 1 and we will seek feedback from students, teachers and parents as well as analysing if it has a positive impact on student learning.
  • The timing allows three nutritional breaks so that eating can be spread across the day. The children will still be allowed to have their water bottle in the classroom to drink at any time.

Many of the schools we have spoken to who have the same structure say the benefits have been huge and they would never go back to the old bell structure.  We look forward to trialing this and seeing how it benefits our children.  If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.   I suggest you pack food for the 3 breaks remembering to use containers so we reduce the waste being placed into our environment.



As you know the weather has been superb and as we are now in one of the hottest months it is important we care for our wellbeing when outside.  We do not provide sunblock at Baverstock Oaks School as there are many children with allergies to the sunblock.

Please ensure your child has sunblock applied before coming to school and also place some sunblock in their bags.  Our teachers will be reminding students to apply sunblock before going outside.  This is an important skill our children must know how to do.  The Baverstock Oaks School cap or hat must be worn when outside.  If children do not have their hat they will miss out on playing outside.  Many young children can forget their Baverstock Oaks hat so we recommend this is kept at school and a personal hat is worn to and from school.


A reminder if you have any worries, concerns or questions please make sure you contact your child’s classroom teacher first.  The best way to do this is to arrange a time to meet through email.  All our staff email addresses are on our website.


Just click on the email icon beside your child’s teacher.

I look forward to catching up with you over the next few weeks.

Genée Crowley



Enviro NEWS

Welcome back.  As many of you may be aware most soft plastic bins have been removed from the supermarkets.  This is because we have been doing such a great job identifying soft plastic in our rubbish and trying to recycle it so it doesn’t end up in the landfill.  The problem now is that the government doesn’t know what to do with it, China has stopped accepting it and it is now being stored until a solution has been made as to how to recycle it.  The good news is plastic bags are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  To minimize plastic in our landfill we need to continue to be aware of the plastic we are buying as consumers, think twice before we add that extra bag to our shopping baskets and continue to get rid of this problem.  When packing your child’s lunchbox please remember we are a ‘Litter Free’ school and use the compartments in the lunch box.  Glad wrap is litter.  Tin foil and yoghurt pottles are ok as long as you clean them and recycle them in your recycle bin at home.

This year we have been lucky to have Tom Rawson from Ray White Real Estate sponsor our school to provide each new enrolled child with a free lunch box to encourage Litter Free Lunches.  Sistema have provided the lunch boxes which we are very grateful for.  We will also be continuing with the Litter Free Block Challenge starting week 1.  Each block records their litter free lunches and the winner each term gets awarded the Shield.

Bunnings Warehouse Botany have also come on board and will be helping out with our vegetable gardens this year providing products, plants, their knowledge and time to get our gardens producing edible produce.  I look forward to sharing our progress with you and teaching our children where food comes from – the ground up.

Cheryl Macdonald

Enviro Leader



Our Year 5’s will be attending Chosen Valley Camp from Wednesday 6th March to Friday 8th March.  A friendly reminder that you need to pay $200 to the office for this – thank you to all those families who have already paid.
Also, all our parent helpers attending Year 5 camp will need to attend a meeting on Tuesday 26th February at 5.30pm.  Please meet in Room 27 in Lower F Block.


First day of School


Happy Lunar New Year