Dear Parents

It is hard to believe we are nearly 3 weeks into the school year.  Over the year we have a total of 40 weeks to provide quality education for your children if they attend regularly.  This leaves us 37 weeks so we look forward to your children attending school regularly.

I know there is a buzz of excitement with our Year 5 and 6 students as their annual camps approach.  There are many purposes behind encouraging our children to attend camp.  For some parents we often wonder if our children are ready for camp.  Will

they cope? Will they be safe?  Will they be homesick?  How will they cope without their family to look after them?  These questions are very valid.  Baverstock Oaks School  is very lucky to have dedicated staff who leave their own families to attend these camps.  Many of the staff who attend are parents and I can assure you they will look after your children.

Some of your children may be apprehensive about attending camp.  If you share your anxiety with them this often increases their anxiety.

The Parenting Place have some great tips on how to build resilience in our children, a skill that will help them in life.  Have a read of this very useful article.

In this article they refer to a wonderful poem written by Sandra Russell and Dr John Edwards

This is a poem we have shared with our staff and is one well worth reading as a parent.


Sandra Russell and John Edwards

If I am always the one to think of where to go next.
If where we go is always the decision of the curriculum or my curiosity and not theirs
If motivation is mine.
If I always decide on the topic to be studied, the title of the story, the problem to be worked on
If I am always the one who has reviewed their work and decided what they need.

How will they ever know how to begin?

If I am the one who is always monitoring progress.
If I set the pace of all working discussions.
If I always look ahead, foresee problems and endeavour to eliminate them.
If I never allow them to feel and use the energy from confusion and frustration.
If myself and others are allowed to break into their concentration.

How will they learn to continue their own work?

If all the marking and editing is done by me.
If the selection of which work is to be published or evaluated is made by me.
If what is valued and valuable is always decided by external sources or by me.
If there is no forum to discuss what delights them in their task, what is working, what is not working, what they plan to do about it.
If they have not learned a language of self-assessment.

How will they find ownership, direction and delight in what they do?

If I speak of individuals but present learning as if they are all the same.
If I am never seen to reflect and reflection time is never provided.
If we never develop a vocabulary to speak about our thinking
If I signify that there are always right and wrong answers.
If I never openly respect their thoughts.
If I never let them persevere with the difficult and complex.
If I discourage playfulness.
If there is no time to explore.

How will they get to know themselves as a thinker? 

If they never get to help anyone else.
If we force them to always work and play with children of the same age.
If I do not teach them the skills of working co-operatively.
If collaboration can be seen as cheating.
If all classroom activities are based in competitiveness.
If everything is seen to be for marks.

How will they learn to work with others?

For if they
have had all of their creative thoughts explained away.
are unaware what catches their interest and how then to have confidence in that interest.
have never followed something they are passionate about to a satisfying conclusion.
have not clarified the way they sabotage their own learning.
are afraid to seek help and do not know who or how to ask.
are paralysed by the need to know everything before writing or acting.
have never got bogged down.
have never failed.
have always played it safe.

How will they ever know who they are?

 (Russell and Edwards: 1996)

FAB Friends at Baverstock

You may be aware of our wonderful group of parents who work so tirelessly for our school.  This year we would love more parents to be involved.  I know we all lead busy lives but maybe you could help out at one event over the year e.g. our annual disco.  If you are a parent who could offer assistance for at least one event how about emailing FAB and finding out what is available.  As the proverb says “Many hands make light work.” [email protected]

If you would like to attend the FAB meetings to meet other parents and the Senior Leaders pop these dates in your diary we would love to see you there.

Meeting dates – Meet in the staffroom at 7:00pm
Wednesday 27 February
Wednesday 3 April
Wednesday 22 May
Wednesday 26 June
Wednesday 14 August
Wednesday 25 September
Wednesday 6 November
Wednesday 4 December

Teacher Negotiations

You may remember that teachers and principals took strike action twice last year to send a message to the Government that more needed to be done to fix the teacher shortage and make teaching a more sustainable and attractive profession.

After conversations with government in January, our union, NZEI Te Riu Roa, has agreed to return to formal negotiations with the Ministry.  The Government has continued to state that there is no more money to settle the agreements but we are continuing to campaign for a quality public education for every child.  We believe that winning more time to teach, a significant pay jolt to attract and keep people in teaching, and better resourcing for children with additional learning needs is as important as ever.

Any progress in negotiations will be reported to teachers and principals at paid union meetings around the country in the week of March 18-22nd.  These meetings will be held during school time and we will advise you nearer the time about how this will impact on our school community.  Baverstock Oaks will do everything they can to keep our school open during these union meetings.

Public polling has showed continued strong support for what we are trying to achieve for our students and the future of the teaching profession.  Parents in particular see the struggles we already face in hiring teachers and finding relievers when teachers are sick.

We greatly appreciate your continued support as we continue our campaign to ensure every child gets the best possible teaching and learning.

Art Tuition after school

We have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to provide some Art classes after school on a Monday and Tuesday.  These classes will be held at Baverstock Oaks School.  Below is a profile of the teacher who will be offering these classes.

Annie Ip – Drawing Class Tutor

Annie has been teaching Art Classes in Our Lady Star of the Sea School for the past 5 years. She has two children aged 10 & 12. She is passionate and enthusiastic in creating and nurturing art. She loves to work with children and help them create as well. Her love of art started at a very young age and she is constantly drawing, painting, sewing and crafting a lot in her spare time. Seeing the creativity and improvement a young child makes in a piece of artwork gives her huge success.

Class Description

This class will be focusing on drawing, by using different techniques and media with craft ideas, to create a unique piece of artwork each lesson. It is an hour long and is suitable for all ages. Previous student artwork is available at https://www.facebook.com/acjstudio for reference.

Classes will cost $10.50 per hour and enrolment will be for the year or term by term.   Classes will start on Monday 4 March in Room 25 If you are interested please contact Emma Pottinger [email protected]  There are limited spaces so please let Emma know as soon as possible to secure your child’s space.  Once your child is confirmed in the class, the tutor will email you with further information including their bank accounts to pay fees into.

5 year olds enrolling this year

Do you have a child who is starting school this year or in 2020?  To ensure we have quality teachers for your child, it is important we know how many children will be starting school in 2019 and 2020.  Please come in to our school office and pick up an enrolment pack from Vanessa or Leanne.  By doing this we can be well prepared and you can take part in our very successful ready for school programme.

Meet The Families Evening

I look forward to meeting many of you at our Meet the Families evening this Thursday 21 February.

Below is the planned timetable for this evening.  Our ESOL and Learning Support teachers will also be available during this evening if you would like to find out more about the programmes they will be running.

6.00pm     Year 1-3 children and parents in classrooms

6.30pm     A brief message from our Senior Leadership Whanau

7.00pm     In Year 4-6 classrooms

School Picnic

A reminder we are holding our annual school picnic on Wednesday 13 March from 5:30pm.  This is a great way to meet other families, welcome new families, meet teachers and their family and allow your children to have time to play with friends.  This year our FAB will be putting on a sausage sizzle and selling ice blocks and drinks.  I look forward to catching up with many of you on this evening.

Thank you to all the parents who have made connections with their child’s teacher already it is so beneficial to build these connections early.

Genee Crowley


To all interested parents and caregivers

We’d love to support our budding basketballers through a new school programme supported by Mission Heights Junior College for our Year 5 & 6 students.

We know we have many students who would like to play basketball and we have managed to source some student coaches from MHJC who will train our interested Year 5 & 6 students from 3.15 – 4.15pm on a Wednesday, beginning Week 4, the 27th of February.

We require a basketball ‘manager’ to be available to supervise the students for safety and to ensure students are collected by parents at the conclusion of training sessions.

Even more exciting is that the best of our players will form a team to be included in the Yr 7 & 8 ‘C’ Grade ABSL basketball games that start at the MHJC school gym on Wednesdays from Term 2.  This would be a fantastic opportunity for our basketball students to have something to train towards.  Games are held at MHJC between 4pm and 8pm over this term.  Our students may be beginners, but they would experience success in terms of skill development, game knowledge and of course having fun!

Should you be able to assist our school and our keen basketballers, please make contact with Andrew Flanagan through the school office or by email  [email protected]

Aerial Dance Studio

My name is Julia, I own a small Aerial Dance Studio in Flat Bush.

We have Kids Classes starting from ages 8 which are great for not only health and fitness but we put huge emphasis on creativity and FUN!

Students learn basic aerial skills on Aerial Silks and Aerial Lyra, along with flexibility and conditioning. Younger ages mainly focus on the fun aspect of aerial, and older ages begin to learn skills that will help them to advance their aerial skill set.

We would like to offer students that are interested, to come and try their first class for FREE! If they enjoy it and would like to continue we have Term Enrolments that coincide with the School terms.

Kids Classes are Tuesday’s 4.30-5.30 pm, Ages 8-14

 If you would more information please visit our Website – www.cirqueitaerialarts.nz

Valentines Day Art

Room 8 loved making these ‘Heart Art” for Valentine’s Day. They used lots of bright colours to help their hearts stand out!”

Walking School Bus