ESOL = Excellent Speakers Of Language and Learning Support 


Would like to welcome all families new and old back for 2019!

We are looking forward to meeting all our families and working closely together. 

Meet the team 

Ms. Kay Foot – Teacher of Reading and Writing at Learning Support

Time at BOS: 9 years

If I wasn’t a teacher I would be a: Clothes Designer

Bad habit: Buying too many pairs of shoes



Mrs. Michelle Marjor – Teacher of Reading and Life Skills at Learning Support

Time at BOS: 7.5 years

If I could have a super power what would it be: When I was a little girl I loved to watch a tv programme called: I Dream of Genie. To clean any mess, all she needed to do is wiggle her nose. Gee, how I would love to be able to do that too, it would save me so much time!

Bad habit: Not sitting still – I am always on the go


Mr. Damian Thompson – Teacher in Maths Learning Support, Gifted and Talented and Curriculum Release

Time at BOS: 10 years

If I wasn’t a teacher I would be a: Professional footballer for Liverpool FC

Least favourite food: Kumara, pumpkin, courgettes, onions, celery……most vegetables really!



Mrs. Caroline McKeown – Teacher of ESOL

Time at BOS: 3 years

If I could have a super power what would it be: My superpower would be to have a photographic memory. This would help me to remember all the names of the children in my groups immediately. It would also mean that I would not have to take notes down.

Pets: We have a beautiful Burmese cat, called Joey. He thinks he is a dog and follows me around the house and loves to sit on my computer. He is nearly 12 years old now but still behaves like a kitten.


Mrs. Angie Finnigan – Teacher of ESOL

Time at BOS: Off and on for the past 12 years.  Full time from 2007 to 2009.

Favourite childhood story: Where the Wild Things Are – by Maurice Sendak

If I could have a super power what would it be: Finding all of the “lost” items that my husband can’t find!



 Mrs. Kate Brown – English Learning Assistant – Quick 60

Time at BOS: 13 years

Bad habit: Trying to do too many things at once.

Pets: Lots! Horses, dogs, cats, sheep, cows and chickens.




 Ms. Sonya Ryan –  English Learning Assistant – Quick 60

Time at BOS: 5 years

If I wasn’t teaching what I’d be a: Travel Writer – I love traveling and making recommendations to people about the great experiences I have had along the way.

Least favourite food: Celery , I can detect the disgusting taste of this vegetable in any dish!!!



 Mrs. Connie Young – English Language Assistant – Talk to Learn and Alphabet group

Time at BOS: Almost 5 years

My favourite childhood story: The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde

If I could have a super power what would it be: Behaviour control – I have three teens!!!




Miss Carla Wang – Bilingual programme 

Time at BOS: 2 years

Favourite place to visit: China my home country.






Mrs. Tracey Stevens – English Language Assistant – Quick 60

Time at BOS: Started this year, so brand new although our family have been part of Baverstock for many years

Least favourite food: Melons and celery

 Pets: Trixie – our 10-month-old kitten (sometimes known as Lady Lick-a-lot!)


Mrs. Laramarie Dreyer – Associate Principal

Time at BOS: 12 years

Bad habit: Eating to many lollies!

Pets: I love cats and have two at home. 




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We welcome parents into our classes and would love you to teach us something about your culture or home country. Please email if you would like to visit a class or discuss your child’s progress.