Dear Parents

A big thank you to the parents who attended our Meet the Families evening.  Attending such events sends a very important message to your child.  It tells them you are interested in what they do at school and in meeting their teacher.  It also, most importantly, shows that you care.

I know with work commitments it is not always easy to attend these evenings.  If this is the case I hope you have connected with your child’s teacher and discussed with them how you can both work together to support your child’s learning.

In our busy lives the one thing you can do to reinforce that you want to spend time with your children is to dedicate 20 minutes each day to read to or with your child.  Research shows children who are exposed to 20 minutes reading each day perform better at school.

Here is a great article that looks at the importance of reading with your child and suggests some great reads.  If, like I had, you have children who are reluctant readers don’t let that stop you. Read to them.  If you are in school Helen de Leeuw, our wonderful librarian resource manager, always has some great ideas on how best to get them interested and will recommend books for you.   Go and pick her brains.

It was wonderful to meet many of our new families at our ready for school morning on Monday.  All the parents I spoke to were wanting their children to be happy, kind, resilient and independent.  This is in complete alignment with our core values.

On Tuesday we had 2 teams represent Baverstock Oaks School at the annual Howick and Pakuranga Principal’s Association interschool softball tournament.  I would like to thank Johanna O’Brien and parents Bevin and Nicole Adamson for all their hard work in preparing both of these teams. I received some amazing feedback from the coach on how well these students represented our school:

“As the ‘coach’ of the Baverstock 1 team, to say that I am proud of all the 10 players I had is an absolute understatement. As proud as I am of the 4 wins – I am prouder of the way they all played the games. They pulled together as a team and supported each other on the side lines and on the field like true champions. We had an incident at one of the practices where we had to pull both teams together and give them a talk about playing together as a team, supporting our team mates through good and bad, and offering encouragement to team mates who make a mistake rather than ridicule. I am happy to say that they all took note of this and the support given to players when they made a mistake on the field was absolutely tremendous and made me incredibly proud of them all. I have to remind myself that this level of sportsmanship was shown by 8 to 10 year olds – they could teach some adult teams about sportsmanship. We spoke to them before the games about how they are representing the school and the way in which they all act reflects on the school as a whole.

I am extremely proud to say that all the kids that played in Baverstock teams represented the school to the highest level and that anyone who had any interaction with Baverstock players today could only be left impressed with their manners and sportsmanship. Maybe due to the job I do – I have extremely high standards when it comes to professionalism and sportsmanship and I do not “suffer fools lightly”. It is no understatement to say that I was extremely proud to be associated with this group of young players and honoured to stand amongst them. Each of these players is a true leader in their own right and you should be rightly proud of all who played and represented your school. Oh yeah – and as a school you were 8 wins from 8 games (I am confident no other school that attended had that record – especially if they played Baverstock!) so they also have the skills as well……..”

Well done to these two teams this was an outstanding achievement but the way they conducted themselves makes us the most proud as you were wonderful ambassadors of our school.

This sportsmanship was also present at the recent Tall Oaks swimming sports.  The encouragement shown by others was outstanding. A big thank you to Jo Brown and Rose Bain for all the work they did in organising this event.   I know there are many schools out there who don’t have pools and choose not to have swimming sports in their calendar but at Baverstock Oaks we want to provide as many opportunities as we can to ensure our children are looking after the well-being of the whole person.  

Safety Online

You may be aware of some recent media coverage about an online game called the ‘Momo Challenge’.  As you are aware online activity for children is a moving feast and is a constant challenge for parents to navigate.  The Momo Challenge is the latest online game aimed at young children. It is a game where users are sent violent images via other applications, eg, youtube,  and then given a series of tasks to complete.  It is all presented in cartoon form which is appealing to young children initially but the cartoons are very frightening images.

Please have an awareness of what your children are looking at and interacting with online.  If you have concerns you can contact Netsafe as it is their core business to investigate online concerns for parents and schools.

This article may be of interest to you all as well.

Board of Trustees Election

Every three years state and state-integrated school communities elect their parent and staff trustees to help govern their schools. Right now boards around the country are preparing to hold their 2019 triennial school board of trustee elections.  Are you interested in a Governance role at Baverstock Oaks School? If so this link will give you a little more information around this important role.  

Our newest school in the Flatbush 7 group Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School are holding an information evening for all parents/community members who might be interested in being involved as a Board Trustee – NZSTA (Patrick Ikitule) will come and speak and explain trusteeship.  

This meeting is being held on Tuesday 30 April at 6:30pm at Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School.  

School Picnic

I look forward to catching up with many of you at the School Picnic on Wednesday 13 March.  This will be a great evening where you can socialise with other families and your children can get to play with their friends as well as an opportunity to meet our families.  


Genee Crowley

Room 19 and 20

Room 19 and 20 have a new addition in their outside learning space – two swan plants! They have been asking lots of questions about caterpillars and butterflies – such as ‘Are butterflies boys or girls?’’ and ‘Why do caterpillars have so many legs?’. On Friday they had a visit from a Monarch Butterfly who has now laid some eggs. They also spotted a chrysalis and a very hungry caterpillar living on the plant. They have been busy putting their writing skills to work and making signs to keep our swan plant safe. We can’t wait to see our new butterfly emerge soon!

Walking School Bus (BOS Travelwise)

On Tuesday 26 February, Wander the walking school bus visited our school. The children enjoyed giving Wander high fives and hearing more about the walking school bus. Please ask your child about it and if you are interested in joining this programme, we will be happy to give you more information.

Softball Tournament

On Tuesday 26 February we took two teams to the HPPA Softball Tournament held at Meadowlands Reserve. We had a fantastic day; learning lots of new skills, working together as a team and displaying excellent sportsmanship.

Our results for the day are as follows:

Baverstock Team 1 was: Kane, Holli, Ayaan, Vili, Amru, Roman, Nicholas, Mania, Boston, Caleb.

Baverstock 1 v St Marks Saints:  Win (9 – 3)
Baverstock 1 v  Elm Park : Win (13 – 3)
Baverstock 1 v Pigeon Mountain: Win (9 – 3)
Baverstock 1 v Riverhills: Win (11 – 9)

Baverstock Team 2 was: Lucas, Abe, Zubair, Nevaeh, Ryder, Te Hau, Nataliya, Salote, Connor

Baverstock 2 v St Marks Diamonds: Win (11-9)
Baverstock 2 v Bucklands Beach: Win (10-2)
Baverstock 2 v Sancta Maria: Win (12-6)
Baverstock 2 v Anchorage Park: Win (9-5)

Thank you to Bevin Adamson and Mrs O’Brien for coaching and umpiring the teams. Thank you also to the families who came out to support on the day.

Year 6 Water Safety

This year the Year 6s had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the water safety at Papatoetoe Centennial pool to prepare for camp.  We had fun by doing four activities about water safety and keeping ourselves safe in the ocean.  The first activity was learning to swim with a life jacket on.  We learnt how to do a huddle which is a way to keep warm and not lose each other.  The second activity was learning how to jump off of a raft and get back on the raft.  The third activity was the kayaking where we learned how to use a kayak and the parts of the boats such as a bow which Is the front of the kayak and the stern which is the back of the kayak.  The last activity was snorkeling.  We learned how to breathe under water with a snorkel and blow out the water if it gets in the snorkel pipe.  This was a very fun trip and we are grateful to the Papatoetoe Centennial pool instructors for having us and teaching us how to keep safe.  By James and Ronak Room 23.

Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday 26th February, 11 keen cricketers went off to Lloyd Elsmore for the day. Here, they proudly represented Baverstock Oaks School in three games against three different schools. Our first opponents were Bucklands Beach Primary, this was a tough game resulting in a very close loss, but, the boys stayed positive and motivated. Baverstock Oaks had an exhilarating win in their second game against Ormiston Primary with an incredible 37 – 58 score. Our last game was a very challenging one against the experienced Botany Downs Primary. The boys from Baverstock Oaks displayed an exceptional amount of sportsmanship and effort. They are looking forward to their next tournament day on March the 12th.  A big ‘thank you’ to Miss Claire for organising the team.

 Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop is located in Upper C and is managed by FAB (Friends at Baverstock) volunteer parents.
The shop is open the first Tuesday of every month from 8.30-9.00am or more on demand (look out for FB posts and app announcements).
We would appreciate any uniform donations that are in a tidy condition.  Any uniforms your child has grown out of that another family could benefit from are greatly received.
Does your child need a jumper for those cooler months coming up? We are well stocked in all sizes and for only $10 they are great value.
If you have any questions about the uniform shop or would like to volunteer to help at school events such as the disco please email [email protected] and drop any donations into the office.