Welcome Back to Term 2!

Welcome back to all of our families.  A special welcome to all our new families who have joined us this term. We hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks of the term. We look forward to an exciting term filled with fun and learning.

Driving learning through children’s questions and interests

This year we are driving our learning through the interests of the children within our classes. To do this, we spend time getting to know each child by building relationships, observing and engaging with them during play; and setting up provocations for them to develop their curiosity.

So far this year we have used a wide range of stories from fairytales to non-fiction books. Through these stories we are listening to children’s questions and following their questions into our next focus.

Year 1 graduates

Well done to those children who graduated to their new  classrooms at the start of Term 2. Mrs Radue and Mrs Boggs were really proud of your learning over the past 10 weeks. We know you will continue to have lots of fun in Year 1.


Just a reminder that we start our day at 8.50am. Please have your children at school before this time, ready to start their day.  It is really important that your child comes to school on time everyday.  Before school the children are able to meet and play with their friends and also set their day up for learning.  If you are late, it is important that your child goes to the office and signs in.

seesaw Learning Partnership and Seesaw

We enjoy sharing your child’s day of learning with you through Seesaw. Please ensure you have signed up for this.  It is a great place to find out what we have been up to at school and what learning is happening.

Home Learning

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.40.34 AMWe have very busy days at school with lots of learning happening and we know that at the end of the day our Year 1 children can be very tired.  We want learning toScreen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.41.19 AM be a positive and fun experience for you and your children.  Home learning in Year 1 is:

  • Reading book on Monday – Thursday, please write a comment in our reading log book and remember to return your book everyday to be able to get the next one
  • My Word Book – Bubble words to read and Essential Word Lists to spell
  • Counting and playing with numbers around home and when you are out and about
  • Talking about our learning at school and looking at Seesaw together

litter free

 Litter Free Lunches

Please try and pack your lunch with reusable zip lock bags and containers rather than tin foil, Glad wrap and other items that we throw into the landfill.  There is an ongoing challenge between the classes across the school to have the lowest amount of litter in our lunch boxes and this year we are aiming to be top!


With the cooler weather, the children will be wearing their school jumpers.  Please ensure these are well labelled with their name. Please make sure that your child is wearing the correct uniform including socks and shoes.  Follow this link for more information about our school uniform – https://www.baverstock.school.nz/uniform/

Collecting resources

Year 1 are continuing to use different learning areas to learn, play and interact in.  We are always looking for new resources for our areas and really appreciate any donations of resources that you are not using any more.  If you have any of the following at home that you are no longer using or need, we would really appreciate them for our learning areas –

  • Cereal boxes, tissue boxes or any other junk modelling items
  • Odd buttons and ribbons
  • Fabric
  • Toys
  • Lego or building items
  • Craft items
  • Dress ups

Term 2 Dates

Here are some dates to take note of for the term, more information will be sent home during the term.

28th May – Junkey Monkey workshops (at school)

3rd June – Queen’s birthday (school closed)

4th June – Staff only day (school closed)

24th June – Book week starts

25th June – Sausage Sizzle and Mufti Day

28th June – Mid year reports sent home with children

2 July – Book character dress up day

Term 3 school holidays

Start: Monday 8th July

Finish: Friday 19th July

Term 3 starts: Monday 22nd July


Year 1 Teachers

Lower B

Room 2 -Miss Rush Naidoo – [email protected]

Room 3 – Miss Ashley Stratton – [email protected]

Room 4 – Mrs Lisa Nolan – [email protected]

Room 25 (Term 3) – Miss Clare Downer (Whanau Leader Lower B) – [email protected]

Lower E

Room 17 – Mrs Lynette Radue – [email protected]

Room 18 – Mrs Pauline Boggs/ Miss Catherine Hornsby (While Mrs Boggs is on leave) – [email protected]

Room 19 – Mrs Yvette Yu – [email protected]

Room 20 – Mrs Renee de Bruin (Whanau Leader Lower E) – [email protected]