Dear Parents

Kia ora

It’s hard to believe we are into week 3 already of the term.  Classes have settled quickly and we have welcomed over 20 new students and their families to our Baverstock Oaks family.

Many thanks to those families who provide feedback to our school.  We are constantly looking for ways to deliver quality programmes and create exciting learning opportunities in a safe environment.  It is really important if you are unhappy with anything please let us know.  We also love to receive feedback if we are doing things well as this reinforces our systems and structures.

Babes at Baverstock

Many thanks to Laramarie Dreyer and her team of teachers who organised Babes at Baverstock last week.  What an enjoyable morning was had by all involved.  Thank you so much to all the parents who turned up to be with their daughters on this day, I know it means so much to your girls.  Thanks must also go to Kylie Lipscombe and her team on the FAB who for the first time organised the Mother’s Day gift table.  This was a huge success and it was a delight to see the excitement in the children’s faces as they chose gifts for their mums.



Staff Only Day

A reminder that on Tuesday June 4 all the schools in the Flatbush 7 group (Baverstock Oaks School, Mission Heights Primary, Mission Heights Junior College, Ormiston Primary, Ormiston Junior College, Ormiston Senior College and Te Uho o te Nikau) are holding a Staff Only Day.  This means Baverstock Oaks will be closed for students.  During this Staff Only Day all teachers and support staff from the 7 schools will take part in Professional Learning together.   This follows on from our very successful Staff Only Day in 2018.

Home Learning


A reminder re our home learning philosophy at Baverstock oaks.  As our NZ Curriculum states:

“Our vision is for young people:

  • who will be creative, energetic, and enterprising
  • who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic, and environmental future for our country
  • who will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Māori and Pākehā recognise each other as full Treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring
  • who, in their school years, will continue to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives
  • who will be confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners.”

Our home learning philosophy support this.  Have a look at this link for ideas as to what you can be doing with your child at home.

I have heard this Junior Cookbook is a great thing for families to have.  There are lots of authentic learning involved in cooking; reading recipes, measurement and temperature and of course the collaboration and time spent with one another as you create delicious recipes.


Safety online

Do you really know what your children are up to online?  Recently we learnt of a new App that many of our students are using, Tik Tok.  It is disappointing that our students are using this as it has a recommended Age restriction of 12+.  What systems do you have in place to monitor your child’s online activity. This article provides you with some common sense things to implement at home to ensure your children are safe online.


Thank you to those parents of students in Year 3-6 who have given permission for their children to go to swimming lessons.  We are extremely fortunate that the Field of Dreams charitable trust provide our students with this wonderful opportunity.  Living in our beautiful country surrounded by water it is essential our children know how to be safe in and around water.  When my children were young they both went to swimming lessons not to be champion swimmers but so I could know with confidence that in and around water they could be safe.   Our New Zealand curriculum states we must teach children to; “Identify and discuss obvious hazards in the local environment and adopt simple safety procedures.”  The statement below comes from Ministry of Education guidelines to schools.

“Why provide opportunities for aquatic education?

Water is a dominant feature of the New Zealand landscape, and many New Zealanders spend much of their recreational time in, on, or by water. 

Children of all ages have a natural fascination with water. To observe pre-schoolers engaged in water play is to become convinced of their sheer joy as they experiment with its properties. During the school years, this same level of enjoyment should permeate their experiences as they learn to move their bodies with efficiency and safety in a pleasurable environment. 

Water Safety New Zealand statistics show that 58 percent of drownings occur when there is no intention of entering the water. Swimming and survival skills are therefore an important part of our Health and Physical Education curriculum. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of drowning in the developed world. Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in New Zealand.”

It has been an absolute delight to watch those children who have had no experience in water realise they can get into the water and learn these new skills.  Their sense of accomplishment and increased confidence is an absolute joy to witness.

It has been an absolute delight to watch those children who have had no experience in water realise they can get into the water and learn these new skills.  Their sense of accomplishment and increased confidence is an absolute joy to witness.

For any parents who have not given their children permission to attend these swimming lessons I encourage you to visit Otara pools during your child’s class lesson and witness how the wonderful instructors encourage, support and teach the children.  Making an informed decision is always the best action to take.

Strike Action Wednesday May 29

As you have probably heard all teachers, both primary and secondary will be striking on Wednesday May 29th.  This means that school will be closed on that day.  It is a difficult time for teachers where morale is low and negotiations with the government have been unsuccessful.  I heard the other day that of the new teachers who train to be a teacher 36% have left the profession after 5 years.  This tells us that more needs to be done to improve the working conditions for all teachers to increase retention.  If this does not happen we will continue to have the teacher shortage we currently have.  Our negotiations are not just about more pay but more support in meeting the needs of all children.  I know days such as this are difficult for families where both parents work.  We thank you for your anticipated support.

Children with Anxiety

We are finding at school more and more children displaying high anxiety levels.  We have introduced mindfulness at Baverstock Oaks to provide our children with strategies to deal with anxiety.

If you have a child who is displaying high anxiety you may be interested in the event below.  Baverstock Oaks has teamed up with Kidslink where we have 2 speakers who will provide parents and teachers with strategies to help them deal with anxious children.  Please mark this event in your diary as it promises to be a very popular event to attend.  The invitation to this evening has gone out to all schools in the area so please RSVP to secure a place.

Genee Crowley

Board of Trustee Elections (click on the picture to find out more)

Year 1 Graduation for Cohort 1 Students

Term 2 started in Year 1 with our Graduation for our Cohort 1 students. We celebrated their first 10 weeks at school and congratulated them as they moved to their new Year 1 classes. All of our Year 1 students were excited to welcome new students into their classes. We also welcomed our new children to Baverstock Oaks as they start their time in our reception classes in Room 17 and 18. Thank you to all of our parents who came along to celebrate with us.

Babes at Baverstock

On Wednesday the 8th of May we held Babes at Baverstock. All of the girls were able to participate in a range of fun activities such as nail painting, card making, biscuit decorating and storytime.  We finished the morning off with a scrumptious shared morning tea.  It was great to see so many parents attend and join in.  A big thank you to all those that helped, and thanks to all the “Babes” for participating with such enthusiasm.  It was a great morning had by all!

School House Captains

The school House Captains now have their fabulous t-shirts in bright colours representing each house.  A huge thank you goes to the team at John Russell Schoolwear in Howick for providing the t-shirts so that our House Captains can be easily identified as they carry out their tasks around the school.  They are certainly wearing them with pride.

Soccer Field Day

On Tuesday 7th May Mrs Else and Miss Brown took a Year 5 and Year 6 team to Meadowlands Reserve to participate at the East Auckland Soccer Field Day. There were 36 teams in total. They year 5 team played 4 games and the year 6 team played 5 games. Each team showed incredible sportsmanship and played to the best of their ability. The year 5’s won 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1. The year 6’s won 4 and lost 1. Overall it was a very successful day and the players took away some valuable skills. A big thanks to Miss Brown for all her help with the Year 6 team and to Mr Adamson who came along to support Baverstock.

The Enviro Garden

Last term the Enviro Monitors were helped by Bunnings Botany to plant out the school vegetable garden.  Bunnings provided seedlings, soil and lots of knowledge to help get our gardens going. They planted broccoli, wild rocket, beetroot, bok choy, capsicums and more.  They enviro monitors tended the garden daily watering the plants and pulling out the nasty weeds. When the vegetables were ready we sent out a notice to the teachers who then placed an order with the children.  They picked, packed and delivered the produce to their classrooms to the delight of staff.  Our long term plan is to have a stall for the community to enjoy these amazing vegetables too.

NZ Sign Language Week

The  6-12 May was the official NZ Sign Language Week.  To celebrate, our Baverstock Oaks Sign Language Club were busy on BNN most days teaching our school the way to sign numbers, family members, count and objects found in our classroom.  The staff and the Sign Language Club were also lucky enough to have some lessons by a deaf tutor who taught us how to say hello, our name and have little conversations in sign language, which was loads of fun!  Perhaps you can ask your child to share some of the signs they have learnt over the week. After all, it is NZ’s third official language!

Mrs Major and Mrs Brown – Sign Language Club Teachers.

Pink Shirt Day – Friday 17 May

Bullying Free NZ Week has been celebrated at Baverstock Oaks School throughout this week

Each day on BNN and in our whanau we have chosen a topic to prompt discussion and assist our students to recognise and respond to genuine cases of bullying, when they occur.

From Monday to Thursday we covered:

‘What is Bullying’
Being Bullied Makes You Feel’
‘If You See Bullying…’
‘I Am Being Bullied’

Bullying Free NZ Week 2019 ends with Pink Shirt Day on Friday 17 May.  On this day, we will encourage all our students to come to school wearing anything pink. This is not a school mufti day but is a Pink Shirt Day.  Should the students not have a pink shirt, it may be a scarf or other pink item, but children are otherwise to come in school uniform.

We look forward to a great day as we stand together with our students against all forms of bullying!

Resources for discussing bullying at home can be found on the Bullying Free NZ website, here   https://www.bullyingfree.nz/parents-and-whanau/

Should your child report an incident of bullying at Baverstock Oaks School and failed to mention it during school time, please encourage them with your support to use the email address: [email protected].  Their message will be directed to a senior leader in the school to investigate as quickly as possible.

“A Journey Through Story Land”

Baverstock Oaks will be presenting their school production on Wednesday 25th September and Thursday 26th September at 6pm in the school hall.  Each whanau has chosen a Roald Dahl story and picked a scene to act from that story.  To accompany this whanaus will also sing a song and create a dance related to their scene or chosen story. This will all be linked together with a script interweaving Roald Dahl’s life with the chosen stories by each whanau.

This year each student in the school will be involved with the production to some capacity whether it be during the scene, the song, the dance, or be part of the backstage or front of house crew. Keep an eye out for more information in the school newsletter and as more notices come home in the weeks to come!!! Why not have a chat to your child about what Roald Dahl story their whanau have chosen??

Circle the 25th and 26th of September in your diaries now as you will not want to miss “A Journey Through Story Land”!!

Baverstock Oaks School Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop is open the first Tuesday of every month from 8.30-9.00am, Upper C.
DONATIONS – please feel free to donate uniforms that children have grown out of so that FAB can continue to raise funds for Baverstock Oaks School.  All donations to be dropped off at the school office please.

Grief and Loss Support Services – Children

Time to enrol for Seasons for Growth, a peer support programme for children and young people experiencing loss and grief, perhaps through a bereavement, separation or other major change.  It will run for 6 weeks every Wednesday  afternoon from 4:00pm to 5:30pm, starting 15th May 2019  at the community rooms, Howick.  For enquiries please contact Lesley 0220697384 or ph: 5330222 or email [email protected]allsaintshowick.org.nz