A very warm welcome to the students joining our groups this term or changing to a new ESOL or Learning Support teacher.  We have some exciting learning opportunities planned for you.

ESOL/Learning Support Open Day

As part of our ESOL and Learning Support family – we welcome all families into our classrooms to see what amazing learning takes place.  We are holding an Open Day on Thursday 6th June where we would like to invite you to come and have a first hand look at what your children do when they are with us.  You should have received a personal invite that we have given your child with information regarding what time and what classroom to come to.  Children love to share their learning with you and having you come in to their learning space gives them the opportunity to proudly show off what they have been doing.

What are we learning this term?

We look forward to working with your children for another term of exciting learning opportunities!

This term in ESOL, Mrs McKeown and Mrs Finnigan will be guiding their groups through some exploratory learning about Whales, Dolphins and Sharks as well as the role we play in Marine Conservation. We will be exploring the special features of select animals and comparing and contrasting what is same and different about these magnificent creatures.

In Quick 60 we are reading non fiction texts this term about Ostriches, Shapes, Games I Invented – (plan, equipment, rules), Skunks, Storms, Riding for the Disabled (learning about what it means to be disabled)

In Talk To Learn we will be learning about Fish, Bubbles, Insects and Families.

Life Skills students will be going to the supermarket to learn about what they need to do to buy sensibly and more reasonably and how to keep their food safe. They will learn about best before dates, how to read the tags to compare the costs of products and look at some healthy eating options.

Mythbusting ESOL

Some people are under the impression that if they speak English at home, this will help their child pick up the English language easier.  However, research has shown that when a home language is fostered and consistently kept up in the natural home environment, then there is a better chance of success learning English as students have a solid language that they can connect to their new learning of the English language.  So please, keep up with your home language at home… you are doing a great service in nurturing your culture within your child with it and thus giving them the tools to give their English language a boost.

Tips from the Team!

What can you do to help your child? Here are some top tips from our ESOL and Learning Support Team

  • Read to or with your child every night – whether your child is reading to you or you are reading with or to your child – it is all rich literacy experiences that are happening
  • Ask your child questions about what they are reading and to retell what they have read
  • Make sure your child has AT LEAST 10 hours of sleep each night – a well rested child is a child that is ready to learn!
  • Give your child the opportunity to read their reader and /or bubble words to you – give them the opportunity to engage with these resources on a regular basis so they become familiar with their letter sounds and high frequency words
  • Take the time to talk to your kids about their day
  • In our busy days, sometimes it is easy to forget to spend some one on one time with your child. Focussing on them and only them for at least ten minutes each day, will really strengthen your relationship with your child. It is an opportunity to find out more about their interests and concerns and it will help understanding when times get difficult. So challenge yourself to find this special time in the day to make a positive difference between you and your child.
  • We thrive on commendation and encouragement.  Parents especially need to encourage their children. When parents commend their children sincerely and show them affection, they help their children to flourish.