Dear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School.

Last Friday Rooms 1 and 29 ran our school wide assembly.  They had a very clear message for our children regarding the wearing of seatbelts and created a wonderful movie to share with our children.

Well done Hollie and Natalyia I can see you are budding young actors.  Please support us in delivering this important message.  As a mum I know how precious our children are and it upsets me to see parents driving past with their seatbelts on and yet children are standing up behind the front seat and obviously not buckled in.  It takes such a short time to do this and is essential to keep your child safe.


I know there are many of you who have brought smart watches for your children.  At school these are classified as a device therefore before bringing these to school you must have signed a BYOD agreement.  Many of these smart watches have a school mode setting which we expect to be on while they are at school.  This prevents them using their watch for phoning and texting.  I know many of you have purchased these watches so you can keep in regular contact with your child.  Please remember while they are at school from 9-3pm this is learning time.  If you need to get a message to your child this needs to be done through the school office, this is a very important process that we expect all parents to follow.  Thank you for your anticipated support with this


As you know this has been introduced schoolwide this year.  What we are doing here at Baverstock Oaks in terms of mindfulness is being noticed by other schools.  We have had visitors from Meadowbank Primary and Pt View.  Last week the principal from Pt View came and interviewed our students regarding what mindfulness means to them.  This is in preparation for a conference he is presenting at later this year on Well-Being.  He was very impressed with how articulated our students and teachers were in sharing the impact mindfulness is having on them.  Thank you to Nikki Mackay and Renée de Bruin for their support with this.  Make sure you ask your children what they are learning at school for mindfulness.

HPPA Dance Festival

On Monday evening I was extremely proud of our Junior and Senior dance groups who performed at the HPPA dance festival at Somerville.  They were amazing and showed skill and obvious enjoyment.  A big thank you to Johanna O’Brien, Traci Burke and Helen Dibley for training the senior dance team and Renée de Bruin, Michelle Arendse and Clare Downer for training the junior dance group.

I look forward to catching up with many of you over the next few weeks.  Make sure you keep the 25 or 26th September free as our children are working hard on our upcoming production “A Journey Through Wonderland”.


Genee Crowley

Year 6 White Water Rafting Trip

On Thursday 25th July, the Year 6’s had the opportunity to experience white water rafting. We arrived at Vector Wero whitewater park and were flabbergasted by not only the appearance, but also because they had amazing adventures planned for us.  We watched a movie about a Maori legend and learned safety, teamwork, and when to use our initiatives in case of a situation. We worked together in our groups and rafted across fun rapids.  Then, we had a chance to actually go in the rapids by ourselves, flowing down like actual egregious intimidating yet outstanding water rapids.  This day was wonderful for us all and added smiles on all our faces, teachers took loads of photos reminding us about a day with the water.  White water rafting was a great memorable experience making the day end expeditiously.   And according to everyone’s faces when it was time to leave, it was true we all had fun and enjoyed it.  Us year 6’s were all grateful for this day and were filled with sorrow when it was time to leave.  Though, asking for more would be too much.  Having a “one time” experience already filled our hearts with enough joy to take with us to a new path ahead of us.  White water rafting taught us many things, and most of all, it gave us memories we could all look at in the future.  By: Chanel 

Room 19 celebrate 100th day at School

Room 19 celebrated our 100th day at school with lots of fun. We read lots of number books and counted in 10s to make 100.  We made paper chains with 100 stamps, and counted 100 Froot Loops and made a necklace. We even counted 100 Hershey’s Kisses chocolate and ate them all!

Maori & Pasifika Fono 2019


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“A Journey Through Story Land”

Baverstock Oaks will be presenting their school production on Wednesday 25th September and Thursday 26th September at 6pm in the school hall. Each whanau has chosen a Roald Dahl story and picked a scene to act from that story. To accompany this whanaus will also sing a song and create a dance related to their scene or chosen story. This will all be linked together with a script interweaving Roald Dahl’s life with the chosen stories by each whanau. 

This year each student in the school will be involved with the production to some capacity whether it be during the scene, the song, the dance, or be part of the backstage or front of house crew. Keep an eye out for more information in the school newsletter and as more notices come home!! There will also be an intermission during the show with the opportunity to purchase food items to support our wonderful school.

Tickets will soon be available to purchase for this fabulous show!

Baverstock Oaks School Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop is open the first Tuesday of every month from 8.30-9.00am, Upper C.  DONATIONS – please feel free to donate uniforms that children have grown out of so that FAB can continue to raise funds for Baverstock Oaks School.  All donations to be dropped off at the school office please.

Lunchtime Soccer Programme

Please use this link to sign up your child https://enrolmy.com/m-sports or alternatively email [email protected]

FutureFerns Netball at Baverstock Oaks School


 APPA Music Festival 3 Day Instrument Course

All information can be found on the APPA Website click here

“Raising Resilient Families – in life, relationships and their online world”

Elim Christian College is hosting this community event on the hot topic of resilience and anyone is warmly invited to attend https://www.facebook.com/events/483144085806203/

Technology Learning Course

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