Welcome to Term 4!  Term 3 came and went with such excitement and its hard to believe we are now looking at the end of year barrelling quickly towards us

Student Led Conferences

It was amazing seeing so many parents attend our student led conferences in Term 3.  Your children loved sharing with you what they learn in our groups and seeing how proud you are of them really put some smiles on their faces.  Being engaged in your children’s education is priceless and shows how much you value them.


Where is our learning taking us this term?

In Term 3 ESOL delved deep into the world of Marine Conservation… we looked at the complex world of food webs and will continue to explore our role in the conservation of our marine life and environment and have planned a celebratory trip to Omana Regional Park where we will do an independent beach clean up as well as use this opportunity to explore the amazing things this beautiful regional park has on offer!  Last term saw us all challenge ourselves to engage in making more conscious choices around how much plastic we use… how did you go with that? 

This term, we celebrated our Marine Conservation learning with a trip to Omana Regional Park with Quick 60 and Life Skills students – this was such a fun day, and a first for so many!  Talk to your children about their experiences of that day.


Let’s Celebrate!

Our celebration assembly for the year was amazing and it was heart warming seeing so many parents attend to help us celebrate in your child’s learning journey.  We are so very proud of our learners and enjoyed giving them the opportunity to put their amazing efforts on display.

Tips from the Team!

What can you do to help your child? Here are some top tips from our ESOL and Learning Support Team

  • Practise reading and writing your Bubble Words every day – a white board is great for this or if you have a whiteboard marker, write on the window… this makes it fun!
  • Talk to your kids every day about what they and you have done that day, many kids don’t know what their parents do for work or for joy
  • Take the time to check Seesaw to keep yourself updated on what we are doing in Quick 60, ESOL and Learning Support – we often share important information here as well as use this as a tool to share with you what your child is doing

As this holiday season approaches, please use this wonderful time to make beautiful memories with your children – we look forward to hearing all about them next year!

Important Dates

Parent Helpers Morning Tea – Monday, December 2nd, 11am-11:20am

Prizegiving – Tuesday, December 17th

Last Day of School – Thursday, December 19th **please note that school finishes at 12:30 on this day

School Holidays – December 20th 2019 to February 2nd 2020

First Day Back at School – Monday, February 3rd 2020


Contact Details

Caroline McKeown – [email protected] (ESOL)

Angie Finnigan – [email protected] (ESOL)

Kay Foot – [email protected] (Learning Support)

Michelle Major – [email protected] (Learning Support)

Kate Brown – kbrown @baverstock.school.nz (Quick 60)

Sonya Ryan – [email protected] (Quick 60)

Tracey Stevens – [email protected] (Quick 60)

Connie Young – [email protected] (Talk to Learn/Alphabet)

Carla Wang – [email protected] (Bilingual)