unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa Lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha, Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

It is hard to believe we are in Week 3 already.  During the year we only have 40 school weeks so it is important your child attends school whenever they are well enough to attend. 

Staffing Update

It is with much sadness that I have received two resignations at the start of this year.  Darrin Heaven who has been our Property Manager for the last 3 years is looking at other opportunities.  I would like to thank Darrin for all his expertise and the major projects he has implemented at Baverstock Oaks i.e Our Drop Off Zone shelters, cupboards for our School Uniforms and for all his superb electrical knowledge.  We wish Darrin all the very best in his new adventures. It is my pleasure to welcome Louwrens van Schalkwyk who replaces Darrin.

Mrs Miringa Silipa, one of our Year 5 teachers, is also leaving as her family are relocating up to Whangarei to be closer to extended whānau.  Thank you Miringa for all you have contributed to Baverstock Oaks School. You started up our Junior Pasifika group which I know children and families really appreciated.  We wish you all the best in your new school. We are delighted to welcome to our Baverstock Oaks family Lara Van Vuuren who joins us from South Africa. Her husband and two children are moving to New Zealand.  She comes with 13 years of teaching experience and glowing references.  

Supporting our staff

Teaching is a very rewarding yet challenging profession.  We are very fortunate at Baverstock Oaks School to have such a high calibre staff.  There are many ways you as parents can support them to do their job effectively:

Before School:

From 8:20-8:55am is a very important time for teachers to make social connections with their students.  They obviously will greet parents in the morning but unfortunately, there is not the time to meet and discuss your child and their progress.  Please make sure you email your child’s teacher to set up a time to meet either prior to 8:20 or after 3:00 pm. We are always available to meet when appointments are made and we can dedicate our undivided attention to what you would like to discuss.   To email, your child’s teacher go to this page on our website and click on the email icon beside their name.   

End of the Day

The last part of the day leading up to 3:00 pm is an important time for teachers to recap on the learning of the day and teaching goes as close up to 3 pm as possible.  We are beginning to have many parents coming into awhina spaces from 2:30pm and this is very distracting for your child and means learning is impacted.  We will provide many open times throughout the year for you to come and see what is happening in classrooms so please ensure you attend these times and allow our teachers to teach right up until 3pm each day.  If you do arrive early please wait outside Awhina spaces until the end of day music plays.


As your children are now at school this is the time where independence and responsibility should be taught.  They are big school children and need to be carrying their own bag, unpacking and packing their own bag and lunchbox, dressing themselves and are able to walk by themselves.  It is very hard for teachers to develop independence when we have parents who do things for children that they are capable of doing for themselves. Teach responsibility and independence. Don’t over-protect them from small failures. It trains them the skills needed to overcome greater life’s challenges.  Don’t pack your child’s backpack, don’t carry their backpack, don’t bring to school their forgotten lunch box and don’t peel a banana for a 5-year-old child and please don’t carry your child unless they have been injured. Teach your child the skills rather than do it for them.

A reminder there is a wonderful evening planned on Tuesday 17 March and held at Ormiston Junior College all about parenting tips for building awesome whānau.  This evening will be very entertaining and is run by a well-loved entertainer Pio Terei. During this evening he shares his heart, stories, and practical parenting ideas. He has presented to diverse audiences – from executives and prison inmates, to school children and league players, and in a range of contexts all over the country – from marae and schools, to clubs and the armed forces.

Pio is a passionate Positive Parenting advocate and spokesperson and has presented Parenting shows around the country for many years. Through songs, videos and stories, Pio shares practical parenting ideas about family life in a way that really ‘clicks’. These shows are designed with Māori in mind but have a wide appeal across all audiences.

Building Awesome Whānau Bio

This show focuses on having a foundation of Aroha and positive solutions, offering alternative tools that help address hard behaviour. Pio’s hope is for parents to leave inspired in their commitment to be reliable and love their kids no matter what. In this series of 90-minute shows, well-loved entertainer Pio Terei shares his heart, stories, and practical parenting ideas.


At Baverstock Oaks School we take bullying very seriously but we need to be alerted if it is happening.  If we are to create a safe supportive environment so optimum learning occurs we all need to take responsibility for this.    Please don’t contact us at the end of the term and say your child has been bullied and it has been happening all term. Encourage your child to inform their teacher immediately.  This can be done through the bully email [email protected] or in person.  Each conversation will be treated confidentially.  If your child is too scared to tell someone then you as the parent must inform your child’s teacher so the matter can be investigated thoroughly.  As a parent, I have learned many times that there are two sides to every story so allow our staff to investigate thoroughly each person’s perspective and get back to you. 

We are a Restorative Practices school and this means all the people involved in the issue are responsible for restoring the relationship and forming an action plan going forward.    Often the term bullying is used when it is a one-off event.  Please have a read of this so we are all clear what bullying actually is.  You can also see our school policy on Bullying on School Docs where all our policies and procedures are held https://www.baverstock.school.nz/parent-info/

Funding Allowance from Government your Feedback needed

Thank you to the few parents who gave us some feedback on how you would like the $400,000 grant from the Ministry of Education spent.  The Board of Trustees is looking at options that will impact the most on students and their learning.  

Staff Only Days

The conclusion of the recent employment agreement negotiations established an additional eight teacher-only days for any one principal or teacher, who is covered under the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement, Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement and Area School Principals’ Collective Agreement.   

These days are focused to provide teachers and principals time to:

  • Refresh and deepen their knowledge and practice around the local curriculum (within the context of the removal of national standards);
  • Strengthen their understanding of the use of assessment tools for learning and teaching;
  • Respond to the recommendations of the education work programme in the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement (CPA) Report; (Note: the CPA Report is available here)
  • Familiarise themselves with the curriculum work changes that will become available over the term of the collective agreements. 

Our scheduled Staff Only Days for 2020 are:

Monday 11 May
Tuesday 2 June
Tuesday 27 October
Please note these dates in your diary as the school will be closed for instruction.

Little Heart Day

Last Friday it was wonderful to see so many of our children wear red and bring a gold coin donation to raise money for all those children born with heart problems.   We raised $661.30.  Well done this teaches our children the art of giving and supports a very worthwhile cause.

School Donations

I would like to thank those families who have paid their school donations.  These are not compulsory but those who do this allow us to offer so much more for our children so thank you.  

Meet the Families Evening

Thank you to all the parents who attended our meet the families evening last week.  This delivers a clear message to your child that you are interested in them and what happens when they are at school.  

Year 5 Camp

I wish all our Year 5’s a wonderful time at camp and look forward to visiting them tomorrow to see all the fun things they are doing.   Many thanks to all the Year 5 teachers for the time they have spent preparing for this popular event and a big thank you to the dedicated group of parents who have accompanied them.   

School Family Picnic

I look forward to meeting many of you at our School Picnic next week Wednesday 26 February at 5.00 pm.



Parent Teacher Interviews

Please make sure you have booked in our upcoming Parent-Teacher interviews on the 25 March.  Bookings can be made on our website shortly and a notice will be sent home to advise you of the details, this is not yet open.


Ngā mihi nuhi
Genee Crowley


Scholastic Book Club

Thanks to all those who support the Scholastic Book Club when it comes around.  Just an important reminder can you please check that the order form has your child’s name and room number on it and place this along with your cash in an envelope with your name on the outside.  We have received a number that we cannot identify so we have no idea who the order is for.  The close off date for the current issue is this Friday.  Many thanks for your support with this.




Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second uniform shop is open the first Tuesday of the month from 8.30am – 9.00am.  If you have any unwanted uniforms that you would like to donate (except for socks and hats) please drop these off to the school office.

Welcome back to Angela Grieve from Harcourts

This year we are lucky enough to continue to have a sponsor to provide free lunchboxes to each new child starting at Baverstock Oaks. We welcome back Angela Grieve from ‘Harcourts’.  Angela is passionate about helping families in our area to sell their home and/or find a new home for your family.  With every house she sells, Angela makes a $500 donation to the SPCA which is a wonderful cause. Well done Angela, and we look forward to working with you. 





Road works on Erica Road

Please be aware that chip seal work on Erica Rd will be starting the week starting 17 February 2020 with contingency in the week after.

Fencibles Soccer

Kings School – Academic Scholarships for Year 7, 2021