unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha,
Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

Thank you

Thank you to all those parents who support our school so well.  We had a great turn out at our last FAB meeting and we have also received some great positive feedback from different parents supporting staff who are having difficult times.  As a staff we really do try to do the best we can for your children and appreciate the positive support our parents give us so thank you.  


Our school role continues to grow despite not taking any out of zone enrolments.  We are aware there are new homes being built in our zone which will mean a further increase in our role.  We are constantly looking at numbers in our Y0/1 classes to ensure we appoint teachers to cater to the role growth in this area.  If you have a child turning 5 this year, please ensure their enrolment form has been handed in to the office already. Don’t assume we automatically know you have a child turning 5.  Surprise enrolments can mean larger class sizes which is something we work hard to avoid.  

Property updates


You may have noticed our sign out front of the school has had to be taken down.  This was due to a larger crack forming in the concrete base due to the drought. We were advised by a structural engineer that it was no longer safe.  We are looking at alternative options to this sign. 



Barrier Arm

You will also hopefully have seen the notice regarding the barrier arm in our staff car park.  We look forward to this being a safer area with no parent cars using our staff car park. We are very fortunate at Baverstock Oaks to have one of the best drop off zones I have ever seen at a school.  I encourage you to use this before and after school to safely drop off and pick up your children.   

Ministry of Education funding grant

As previously communicated the Prime Minister has announced that nearly every state school will receive up to $400,000 to pay for building upgrades and maintenance.  Baverstock Oaks School will receive the maximum amount of $400,000 which needs to be spent within the next two years, along with a significant contribution from the School Board of Trustees to complete the project.

The board, in considering how to spend this money, were guided by the Ministry of Education property guidelines: 

“School property projects the investment can be spent on include:

  • Classroom upgrades, including making classrooms more flexible and modern
  • Replacing roofing and guttering
  • Upgrading stormwater drainage systems
  • Installing energy-efficient heating and lighting
  • Resurfacing outdoor courts and paved areas.”

We consulted staff, students and our community for their ideas regarding the needs of our school.  We also met with our Ministry of Education school property advisor for advice on some of the ideas proposed.   Thank you to those parents who submitted their ideas as to how they felt this funding should be spent.

In making our decision we took into account the impact on students, their learning and well-being along with the amount of time over a year this would impact our students.  

We have decided to proceed with using this funding to construct an outdoor shade area that will cover both netball courts behind Block C.  This will provide shade cover during our hot summer months as well as cover during wet times. It also provides another area for outdoor activities, freeing our hall up for other events.  The shaded area can in the future have a connected public address system and lighting. We envisage this area possibly being used as an alternate venue for assemblies during our hot months and also being available for after school activities. 

Construction for this wonderful facility is likely to begin in the latter half of the year, however, the start date will be more definitely determined after the Ministry of Education regulated procurement process is complete and the successful contractor assigned to the project. 

A construction such as this will be utilised all year round and be a wonderful facility for our community.


A couple of weeks ago our Year 6’s experienced their 5-day camp on Kawau Island.  What a wonderful experience this was for all who attended. I would especially like to thank the teachers who attended: Cheryl Macdonald, Jo Brown, Holly Skipper, Charlotte Takimoan, Jane Dury and Malae Suaesi.   A big thanks must go to the parents who also attended. You were a wonderful group of parents who really helped make this such a memorable experience for all our year 6’s.  

We received this feedback from one of our parent helpers:

I want to acknowledge the amazing work done by all the teachers that attended – but in particular the two organisers – Jo and Cheryl. If I was exhausted when we got back Friday – they must have been dead on their feet! They didn’t stop working from 6 am to the time the kids went to sleep. You could tell that camp (and running a successful camp) meant a lot to them both – and they just worked tirelessly. We (as parents) are so lucky to have teachers of this caliber teaching our kids.”

Parent-Teacher Interviews

I hope you have booked a time to connect with your child’s teacher on Wednesday 25 March.  I look forward to catching up with many of you over the course of the evening.


Ngā mihi nuhi
Genee Crowley


Pacifica Workshop

On Monday 9th March, the year 5 and 6 students in the Pacifica group had the opportunity to attend the ‘Pacifica Experience Workshop’ held at the Vodafone events centre.  It was a fun hands on learning experience.  We learnt about the art of making leis and the significance of it in the Pacifica culture.  As well as music, drumming patterns, dance and the legend of the coconut through storytelling and drama.  A big thank you to Vodafone Events Centre, the Pacifica Arts Centre and Pacifica Mamas for providing us with a fun learning experience.

Year 6 Camp

The Year 6 whanau travelled to Kawau Island and stayed at Camp Bentzon in week 5. What a fantastic week we had! The activities we did included kayaking, sailing, raft building, fishing, orienteering, rock climbing and archery, as well as team building and photography.  We also got to visit Sir George Grey’s residence, Mansion House.   A massive thank you to the parent helpers who attended camp as well as the teachers who organised an action packed, fun-filled week.

Baverstock Cricket Team

HI my name is Japman and I am going to be sharing what I enjoyed about cricket .

Firstly I enjoyed playing with the Baverstock cricket team which included: Fontaine, Parth, Ekansh, Leah, Zara, Cameron, Vincent, Neil, Karan and myself Japman.

Secondly I really enjoyed playing with different schools and having a chance to go to Howick / Pakuranga thanks to Mrs Drury.  Thirdly I enjoyed having a chance to have a go at batting and bowling and especially fielding.  Lastly I enjoyed that we got to play two tournaments and have my dad come to watch two of my matches in the second tournament.

Pizza & Mufti Day Wednesday 1 April 2020

Water Fun Day

Splash, splash! Year 2 had great fun on our Water Fun Day! Squirting water to our friends was so much fun.  Here are some of our stories.

“Stop it!”, I said to Loveesha.  She had a water spray bottle and sprayed on my face.  I squirted water back to her with my water gun.  Then I squirted to Sofia  and she sprayed water in my eyes. I had lots of fun. – Hayley Huang
Squirt, squirt, squirt!  I squirted water to Jayden and Krissy then they squirted me back.  When they squirted me back, I smiled at them.  I liked the water slide because it was fast. – Katie Finlay

Drink Bottles

The use of drink bottles in our school is now mandatory for all students.  Please ensure they bring one to school every day as our drinking fountains are currently covered and not in use due to health and safety.


REMINDER Teacher Only Day

Reminder the school will be closed for all students on Monday 11 May 2020 for Teachers Only Day.


Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second uniform shop is open the first Tuesday of the month from 8.30am – 9.00am.  If you have any unwanted uniforms that you would like to donate (except for socks and hats) please drop these off to the school office.

Welcome back to Angela Grieve from Harcourts

This year we are lucky enough to continue to have a sponsor to provide free lunchboxes to each new child starting at Baverstock Oaks. We welcome back Angela Grieve from ‘Harcourts’.  Angela is passionate about helping families in our area to sell their home and/or find a new home for your family.  With every house she sells, Angela makes a $500 donation to the SPCA which is a wonderful cause. Well done Angela, and we look forward to working with you.