unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha,
Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

I hope you are all safe and well.  Thank you so much to all the parents who have responded indicating whether your child will be at school during Alert Level 3.  We have very low numbers with less than 20 children attending schoolwide, and this shows me that you have worked hard to find alternative care for your child by slightly increasing your bubble or have chosen to work from home.  Thank you for following Government advice as this has made it possible for Baverstock Oaks Staff who have pre-school or school-aged children to continue to work from home in their own bubble.  

If you have indicated your child will be at school you need to let us know if there is any change to this.  We can not have any students deciding to attend mid-way through Alert Level 3, as bubbles will be broken and increase the risk.  More information will come out to those families soon regarding drop off and pick up.  A reminder school will only be open from 9 am – 3 pm during Alert Level 3 and children must be collected promptly at 3 pm or walk home providing they are able to follow the 2-meter social distancing rules.  

I would also like to thank you as a community for the way you have supported your children with their online learning.  We understand there may have been a number of challenges for you to deal with, but we have been getting some great feedback about the learning that is happening, and I thank you for this.  Our staff have worked collaboratively and professionally to provide interesting and motivating activities, while having fun at home too.  See below for some examples of online learning that has been happening.  

Thank you once again for all your support.  Stay safe and well and I look forward to welcoming all our students back in the not too distant future.

Ngā mihi nuhi
Genee Crowley


 Babes at Baverstock – change of date

Due to Covid-19 there has been a delay to “Babes at Baverstock”,  this has now been deferred to Friday 4 September 2020.



Teacher Only Day – Cancelled

Due to Covid-19 the Teacher Only Day on Monday 11 May 2020 has been cancelled.

Room 31 Online learning

Here are some photos of Room 31 doing online learning through zoom.  They had fun doing a scavenger hunt in their homes over the past week.

Room 11  Online learning

Last week Room 11 had to find leaves that were different colours and sizes. They had to sort their leaves into groups then use them to create some nature art.  Have a look at what they created below.

Room 17 Online learning

Photos from Room 17 children who have been very creative with their online learning.  Breanna even decided to wear her school uniform to practice her words.

 Room 29 Online learning

Room 29 still did a wacky dress up day on 1st April.   Here’s a picture of Ahleena in her wacky dress at home.

Room 7 Online learning

Writing by Nia Aiono
Wednesday 15 April The Lockdown “Shhh” I hissed to my big brother, running to every wall to put my ear against and trying to listen and hear anyone. But I couldn’t hear anything but my own footsteps as I ran to each wall. “Why?” He asked as he picked up his Harry Potter book and started reading. “Boys these days, why can’t they at least look at the person they’re talking to” I muttered to myself and kept running to each wall to listen. “Did you hear me!? I asked you why?” My brother said as he kept reading. “Can you hear anything?”I asked him while moaning, “No” he replied with a disgusted look on his face. “That’s just it cause we’re a family of 8 and it shouldn’t be quiet” I managed to say annoyingly “Whatever”He then said And that people was the start of my lockdown with my family.

Poster by Donnell Collins

Room 22 Online learning

In Room 22 we have been completing a variety of activities by reading or listening to and following instructions.  We have made floating cubes, planted vegetables out of our dinner scraps, made insects from plants in our garden, constructed Easter bunnies from our old socks and made Cyber Superheroes.  We are enjoying posting our work on Seesaw to share with our class and parents.

Room 10 Online learning

As part of our online learning around Anzac Day the children were invited to draw poppies.  Cyril painted this vibrant picture of poppies.  Well done Cyril!

Emmett decided he would make a very large poppy.  He used cardboard and lots of paint in his creation.  The poppy is even bigger than him!  Awesome work Emmett!   As part of Emmett’s literacy and numeracy learning he decided to bake some bread with his Mum. He read the recipe, thought about the instructions and measured the ingredients very carefully. Yummy! What an impressive baker you are Emmett!
Zara decided to create and build a doll’s house.  She used recycled boxes and some art supplies she had at home.  Zara plans to work on her dolls house over a few days and will even build a treehouse for it too!  What a lucky doll!

Room 28 Online learning

We have been having so much fun with our online learning in Room 28.  Distance learning was new for us all, but we embraced the challenge and have learnt so much.  We have learnt different ways of recording and sharing our learning experiences.  Each day we start with a gratefulness diary, where we all have the chance to write in our diary or record and share what we are grateful for.  It has been so wonderful to see the learners are grateful for things like their families, food, time spent with parents riding their bikes and technology, so they can call and speak to family members not in their bubbles.  Here are some examples of what we have been up to….
Quincy and his mum sent in a video of their story retell.  It was so entertaining and will definitely be a book I would love to read!
Alex drew me a picture of us on the very first day of Term 2.  It was so special and so thoughtful. I am so proud of all the learners in room 28 – keep up the hard work, you are doing a fantastic job!Fano had the opportunity to create a Lego bridge. He decided to build a bridge for his tiger to cross over the railway line!  I love being surprised by voice notes or pictures saying good morning from the learners in Room 28.
Zoe and her younger sister Lila got creative! -The task was to create something out of objects they could find at home. They sent an amazing video of the marble run they created! Great job girls! Another one of our tasks was to retell one of our favourite stories.

Room 5 Online learning

Created by Annabelle Chen

Room 24 Online learning


Sadness overcomes us as we sit and wait
Doing schoolwork
Having to sit with my mum as my dad goes to work
Having to leave the study as my sister has a lesson
Juggling work
Sitting down and spending time with our family
Wanting to go outside
But the weather and the lockdown won’t let us
Trapped at home

By Mayin, Room 24


Im stuck at home with nothing to do
I just want to dress up and go out
The mall, a cafe, even the pools will do
It’s day? I don’t even know and I’m starting to go crazy
Sometimes I watch tv and remember when we were free
From staying at home with nothing to do
But at least we’re with family!

By Norah, Room 24

Room 1 Online learning

Room 1 has been enjoying our home learning on Seesaw.  One of our favourite activities is drawing the essential workers who are working hard to keep us all safe.  Here are the pictures Room 1 children shared on Seesaw.  Thank you essential workers for your hard work and dedication to all of us!