Welcome to Term 3!  We are really excited about starting this new term and all of the exciting things we have planned for this term and next!

Welcome to the team Uini Smythe!

As some of you may know, Caroline McKeown has left us to enjoy retirement at the beach with her husband.  Caroline was such an amazing leader of our team and we will miss the fun we had with her.  This term, we would like to introduce you to Uini Smythe who has taken on the role of Whanau Leader for Ākonga Rerekētanga.  Uini comes to us with such a wealth of knowledge and experience and we look forward to having her lead our team.


Parent Teacher Interviews

Thank you so much to the parents who came and saw us for the Parent Teacher Interviews at the end of Term 2, it was great to meet you all and discuss your child’s successes and learning goals.  You are the best experts we could possibly use to help us meet your child’s needs – and we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with us.


Where is our learning taking us this term?

This term, Mrs Smythe and Mrs Finnigan will guide our English Language Learners (ELL) through some exploratory studies about NZ Native birds – already the children have bought some amazing ideas into the classroom and shared what they already know.  Plans are already in the works to take our ELL’s on a trip early Term 4 to the Auckland Botanical Gardens, to enhance their learning experiences.  More details will be shared once this has been confirmed.







Ms Ryan with her Quick60 and Toe by Toe groups are looking at the following topics this term.

Stinky Skunks – work on sequencing our retell using visuals from the book , organising them into the correct order and matching the correct text to the visuals. The group did really well communicating and working as a team.



Games I Invented – The students were given materials and asked to invent a game. Working on communication , equipment required , rules for their game. They had to test the game out to see if it worked and reinvent it when they had problems. They asked a volunteer (Natasha Caddy ) from their class to try and play their game . The students had fun explaining the game to Natasha and she really enjoyed playing the game! They had success  and Natasha gave very good feedback about the game.

Alan Ryu, Ethan Shao, Cynthia Do and Selina

Breakfast – Breakfasts from around the world

We read about what people eat for breakfast from around the world. We also talked about what a healthy breakfast is. We learned about breakfasts from Mexico, New Zealand, England , Korea and Turkey. Ask your child which country they would like to visit to try their breakfast.

The students then created their own breakfast menu!

Yum, I cannot wait to come to your cafes and try your delicious breakfasts!


Some of the older members of Life Skills have been learning how to recognise feelings and how to manage themselves if they are not  feeling calm or happy.

Tips from the Team!
  • Teaching our students some ideas on what they can do when they are beginning to get frustrated, anxious, sad  or angry before this gets to be a problem,  is really important. Why don’t you see if you can come up with some other ideas that work for your family, that will help, when your child feels this way.    – Mrs Major
  • Take the time to check Seesaw on a regular basis to keep yourself updated on what is happening in Ākonga Rerekētanga (Diverse Learners) – we often share important information here as well as use this as a platform for your children’s learning activities.
  • Did you know that joining the Auckland Libraries is free if you live in Auckland?  This is one of our favourite resources that will to aid your child’s learning and give you access to millions of books and e-books to enjoy.  All you need to do is go to your local library (our closest one is upstairs in Botany Town Centre) with either a rates notice, or a photo ID (Drivers Licence, Passport, 18+ card, Kiwi Access card or RealMe verified identity). All under 18 year olds must have a parent present to do this.  If you have any questions, or wish to view the terms & conditions, please visit the following link: https://www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/pages/membership-information.aspx
Important Dates to remember…
  • School Disco – Thursday 13th August
  • Daffodil Day Mufti Day – Friday 28th August
  • Ākonga Rerekētanga Open Day – Tuesday 1st September
  • Blokes at the Oaks – Thursday 3rd September
  • Babe’s of Baverstock – Friday 4th September
  • End of Term 3 – Friday 25th September
  • Start of Term 4 – Monday 12th October
  • Auckland Botanical Gardens Trip for ELL’s – Wednesday November 4th
Contact Details
Uini Smythe – [email protected] (Whanau Leader, ELL/ESOL teacher)
Angie Finnigan – [email protected] (ELL/ESOL teacher)
Kay Foot – [email protected]nz (Reading and Writing Learning Support)
Michelle Major – [email protected] (Reading Learning Support, Life Skills)
Kate Brown – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Sonya Ryan – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Tracey Stevens – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Connie Young – [email protected] (Talk to Learn, Alphabet, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Carla Wang – [email protected] (Bilingual)