Welcome to Term 4! 

It is blowing our minds that we are welcoming you to Term 4, but we are also very excited about ll of the exciting things we have planned for this term!

What is happening in ESOL this term?

Last term and continuing into this term, we will continue exploring the exciting world of our New Zealand Native Birds.  The students are enjoying learning about the amazing native birds we have in New Zealand and the special character they bring to our world.  We are currently planning a trip to the Auckland Botanical Gardens to support this learning on Wednesday November 4th – keep an eye out for the permission slip that will come home for this.  We may need some parent helpers, so if you are available on this date… please put it in your diary.  With these unusual times, we are keeping our fingers crossed that our trip will still be able to go ahead.


Sign Language Club

Mrs Major continues to take our NZ Sign Language Club during the week and the students that attend are enjoying learning how to communicate using one of our National Languages – the students have learnt how to communicate emotions, basic greetings, basic commands and items in the classroom.  We are so lucky in New Zealand to have 3 National Languages (English, Te Reo Māori and NZ Sign Language).

Quick 60

Ms Ryan and her Quick60 groups will be delving into the mystical world of the Moon and as the weather warms up and the days get longer, her groups will be enjoying an abundance of learning about Spring Time and how our world changes, grows and evolves in this special time of the year.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Stevens with their Quick60 groups are excited about learning more about Butterflies and the importance of our first meal of the day – Breakfast can be exciting and functional to help us engage productively with our day and how it affects our learning.

Talk to Learn

Ms Young is going to be navigating her groups through the exciting world of Transport and Flight.  What wonderful topics to engage conversation and experiences with! 

Life Skills

At Life Skills we are learning how to change the way we think, when we are facing challenges. We are working on saying positive comments to ourselves when things get tricky. 

Tips from the Team!
  • A well rested child is a child who is ready to learn! It is really important that your child has 8-10 hours solid sleep each night to give their bodies sufficient time to rest, recover and rejuvenate from their busy days and be ready for school and be engaged with their learning.  
  • Take the time to check Seesaw on a regular basis to keep yourself updated on what is happening in Ākonga Rerekētanga (Diverse Learners) – we often share important information here as well as use this as a platform for your children’s learning activities.
  • Nurture your home language with your children every day and give them the opportunity to make links to English.
  • Set aside a time each day for your child to engage in device free play – this not only encourages their imagination but also develops fine motor skills, coping strategies, problem solving and the opportunity to engage with their physical environment.  As the weather warms up, water play is a great example of a calming yet fun activity. 
  • Children need adults in their life who can provide leadership and advice, as a parent, you are in the best position to fulfil that role – how can you provide guidance???  Spend time with your children, ask them questions about their day, share your experiences and your day with them – children care about what you think and they listen to what you say. 
Important Dates to remember…
  • Start of Term 4 – Monday 12th October
  • Labour Day – Monday 26th October
  • Teacher Only Day – Tuesday 27th October
  • Auckland Botanical Gardens Trip for ELL’s – Wednesday November 4th
  • Blokes At The Oaks – Thursday 5th November
  • Babes Of Baverstock – Friday 6th November
  • Mufti Day – Wednesday 18th November
  • Last Day of Term 4 – Friday 11th December
Contact Details
Uini Smythe – [email protected] (Whanau Leader, ELL/ESOL teacher)
Angie Finnigan – [email protected] (ELL/ESOL teacher)
Kay Foot – [email protected] (Reading and Writing Learning Support)
Michelle Major – [email protected] (Reading Learning Support, Life Skills)
Kate Brown – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Sonya Ryan – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Tracey Stevens – [email protected] (Quick60, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Connie Young – [email protected] (Talk to Learn, Alphabet, Toe by Toe facilitator)
Carla Wang – [email protected] (Bilingual)