unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha, Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your children and had time to reconnect as a family.  It is wonderful to once again be at Alert Level 1 and we are delighted to welcome all our students back.  It was so refreshing during Alert Level 2 to see the independence of our students grow as they managed themselves entering and leaving school.  We know many parents also found this useful as they could give their child a hug at the gate and get to work or get on with their day.  I also understand some parents missed coming in and meeting with the teacher.  A reminder our staff is happy to meet with parents at a time when they have time to sit and chat with you so just send them an email to set up a time.  Before school is a really important time for teachers to make strong connections with their children and to get sorted for the day.  Perhaps limit the time you bring your child into school once a week and then this becomes a treat for them.  Please remember you need to let your child continue the independent skills they established so please do not carry their bags or carry your child.  They are big school children and more than capable of carrying their own bag, unpacking it, and actually walking themselves.  Thank you for your anticipated support in helping your child manage themselves.  

If you are new to our school we welcome you to our Baverstock Oaks family.  If you want to get involved with our parent group FAB (Friends at Baverstock) their first meeting is on Wednesday 21 October 7 pm in our school staffroom.  We encourage you to come along and meet other parents and members of our Senior Leadership Whānau.

Baverstock Oaks School Policies and Procedures can be accessed through SchoolDocs. The school works on a subscription basis with SchoolDocs to maintain, update, and review our policies. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies that have been well researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies and procedures are tailored to our school, and the school supplies specific information such as our strategic plan, and procedures for behaviour management, reporting to parents, etc. 

SchoolDocs updates and modifies or creates policies in response to changes in legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events, reviews/requests from schools, and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. Our board of trustees has the opportunity to view changes/additions and comment on them before they are implemented.  Over this term the policies we are reviewing are:

  • Classroom Release Time/Timetable
  • Salary Units/Management Allowances
  • Privacy

Access School Docs for Baverstock Oaks School is https://baverstock.schooldocs.co.nz/1893.htm

Baverstock Oaks Board of Trustees
Casual vacancy for an elected trustee

Simon Lipscombe one of our elected Board of Trustees members has resigned from his board position.  I would like to thank Simon for all the support he has provided our school over the years.  His expertise in governance has been a very valuable asset to our board.  Due to Simon’s resignation, a casual vacancy has occurred on the board of trustees for an elected parent representative.

The board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection.  If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to:

Chairperson Lucy Schwaner
Baverstock Oaks School Board of Trustees
School Baverstock Oaks School
Address 21 Baverstock Rd
Auckland 2016

Kia kaha – be strong
Kia aroha – be kind and compassionate
Ngā mihi nuhi

Genee Crowley

Yearbook 2020

It’s that time of the year again! We are well under way with the production of this years’ yearbook.  While many events and activities have been cancelled we have been lucky enough to still produce another outstanding colour, approx 102 page yearbook this year!   This year if the ACTIVITY FEE is paid in FULL for each child by Friday 1 November your child is entitled to a yearbook or you can purchase a copy from the office until November 30 for $20.

Thank You to FAB Team

“A huge thank you to our dedicated FAB team who supported and ran our school disco.  You are a dedicated team who do so much for our school.  We know your own children appreciate the support you provide our place.  It was wonderful to see children attending the disco for the very first time and having a wonderful experience. Thank you too to the team of teachers who organised this year’s event. It was an event enjoyed by all who attended”

Donation from the Steele Family

We would like to say thank you to the Steele family (past pupils) who have kindly donated two ukulele’s to the school that they no longer use.  Baverstock will make good use of these, thank you.

Thank You to New World Botany


We received a lovely phone call from NEW WORLD BOTANY saying they were donating bags of potting mix and the LITTLE GARDEN Seedlings to our school.  We were super excited to receive these and are looking forward to planting them in the final term of school.  Look out for our new plants in our vege garden.  Thanks again to NEW WORLD BOTANY.


Rhythm Interactive

On Thursday 15 October we hosted Rhythm Interactive across three sessions at Baverstock Oaks. Our Tall Oaks started the day learning rhythms on the Djembe with our Budding Branches and Acorns doing the same in blocks 2 and 3.


The students had a fabulous time:


Room 22
“I really enjoyed the drums because it’s great to learn new things and being creative with what you’re playing” By Jasmine
“It was fun because new and because we learned different tunes” By Yasha
“I learned how to make beats” By Troy
“I liked playing the drums because there was many rhythms and we learned a lot now I big brain” By Daniel


Room 12
“I learned to play the drums and I liked to listen to Thomas’ music” By  Maddox
“My favourite thing was drumming the song “I like drums”” By Carmen
“I like the groove” By Hugh
“I liked the drums, experience, excitement and the jokes” By Gauran


Nga mihi
Ms Carter

Room 30

In Room 30 we have been writing descriptive simile poems about the sun:


The Sun


The sun is like a golden pancake bouncing into the fluffy white clouds.
It is as round as a bright yellow beach ball.
The sun is as hot as a burning forest.
It is as huge as an enormous volcano with lava dripping down the sides.
By Annabelle Ding


The sun is as bright as a light bulb.
It is like a hot yellow waffle thrown into the sky.
It’s as high as the clouds and as round as an orange.
The sun is hot like the candles on your cake.
It’s round like an ice-cream and yellow like a banana.
By Krisha Patel


The sun is like a yellow ball kicked up in the sky.
The sun is a huge lemon floating in the air.
It is as huge as earth up in the sky.
It is like a potato in the clouds.
It is a big yellow balloon in the sky.
By Quinton Guo


The sun is a sphere like a ball kicked into the sky.
It is a gas giant as big as Jupiter.
The sun is like a lemon lolly in a bowl of custard tossed into the clouds.
It is as bright as lava.
The sun is as high as the puffy clouds.
By Hugo Ng

Sunscreen Fundraiser


Please refer to our Community Calendar on our website or the school App for all school events.


Staff Only Day
Tuesday 27 October the Tuesday after Labour weekend.  All staff will be at school but the school will be closed for instruction.

Blokes at the Oaks – Thursday 5th November

Babes at Baverstock – Friday 6th November


School Sandals

All students should now be wearing sandals as part of the summer school uniform for Term 4 and Term 1.

Drink Bottles / School Water Fountains

Please ensure your child packs a drink bottle in their school bag everyday especially now that the weather is getting warmer.  Also we will be opening up the water fountains around the school for the first time since the lockdowns however, if you do not want your child to drink from the fountains please talk to your child and ensure they bring their own drink bottle.


Do you have a child turning 5 in the next 6-12 months?

If you have a child turning 5 within the next six to twelve months and you live in the Baverstock Oaks School Zone please contact the school office by phone 09 278-6741 to arrange a time to pickup an enrolment pack.


FAB Meeting

The next FAB meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 21 October 2020, 7pm – 8pm in school staff room.  Everyone is welcome to join us to see how FAB can support the school this year.  If you have any fundraising  questions/suggestions, please email [email protected]

Second hand uniform

The second hand uniform shop is open the first Tuesday of the month however due to Covid we are unable to open until we are at Alert Level 1.  In the meantime if you have any requests for any uniform items please email [email protected].school.nz

We welcome any tidy uniform donations, particularly in the larger sizes if you have any spares at home please drop these at the school office, this would be greatly appreciated.