unnamedDear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha, Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

Welcome back to 2021.  I hope you had a restful time over the break and managed to spend quality time with the people you love.  I managed to spend lots of time with friends and family.  I also managed to get on the golf course and completed many walks which I always enjoy.  

A big welcome to all our 40 new students and their families who are joining our Baverstock Oaks family, we look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you more.  

Staffing Update

Welcome to our new staff members: 

Katherine Park Teaching in Year 5, Room 8
Megan Snyman Teaching in Year 2, Room 10
Jodey Hopkins Teaching in Year 2, Room 11
Mishkah Edinberry Teaching in Year 1, Room 17
Kristyl Cooke/Liz Stone Co-Teaching in Year 6, Room 24
Karis Lam Teaching in Year 2, Room 25

We also welcome back Melanie Else from maternity leave.  She will be teaching in Year 4, Room 14.  Johanna O’Brien also returns from maternity leave and will be teaching in a part-time capacity releasing teachers in Year 2.  

We are lucky to have such dedicated new staff members who all come to Baverstock Oaks with very positive references.  

Staff Professional Development

Last week our staff spent two and a half days at our annual retreat (whānau hui).  This is a time to build our school culture and create a united team.  A happy and united staff will mean we will provide the best possible education for your children.  I know the teachers have many exciting things planned to ensure your children are truly engaged in their learning.

A reminder throughout 2021 there will be a number of Staff Only Days that the Government provides to ensure our staff keep up to date with current practices.  Please make a note of these days as the school will be closed for instruction:

Tuesday 8 June
Tuesday 26 October

Property Update

As some of you may be aware the government announced last year that all schools in NZ would  receive a one-off capital contribution to spend upgrading our school property.  Baverstock Oaks School Board of Trustees sought feedback from our community and staff and opted to use these funds for a shade cover of our Block C courts.  You will see this structure has been completed over the holidays and provides lots of opportunities we will be able to utilise. 

Beside this shade area we have constructed a new shed for storage and this frees up some more space in our hall.

At the end of last year you may have noticed that our hall mezzanine floor had glass installed to provide a new learning space.  This will be utilised for extension classes run by Mr Damian Thompson and for After School classes.

Important Dates Coming Up This Term

Please make sure you keep up to date with our community calendar that can be found on our website and on our School App.  This will save you having to phone the office to find out times and dates. 

Wednesday 10 February Meet the Families 

This is a time to come in and meet your child’s classroom teacher and develop a collaborative learning partnership.  Attending evenings such as these give your children a clear message that you are interested in them, so I look forward to seeing you here. 

6.00pm – Year 0 – Year 3 in classrooms

6.30pm – All year levels to the School Hall

7.00pm – Year 4 – Year 6 in classrooms

Wednesday 17 February 7 pm – Friends at Baverstock (FAB) meeting

All parents are welcome to this meeting.  The FAB is a wonderful group of parents who support our school in a number of ways.  If you have a spare couple of hours come along and meet our Senior Leadership Team and this group of parents who support our school in so many ways.  If meetings aren’t your thing or you are not available this evening please contact the FAB [email protected] to see how you can help support our school.   Your children will love to see you involved, it shows you are interested in their school and what they do. 

Wednesday 24 February – Tall Oaks Swimming

Unfortunately, new schools are not built with swimming pools.  This does not stop us from ensuring our children have the opportunity to try out for the Inter-school swimming team.  On this day our Year 5 and 6’s travel to Lloyd Elsmore to participate in our swimming sports.  If your child is a non-swimmer we have fun activities, in the pool, for them to participate in.

Friday 26 February – Pizza with the Principal

Student of the Term,  Pizza with the Prinicpal


Friday 26 February  – French and Thorburn Houses

Mufti day for French and Thorburn Houses Only.


 Year 5 Camp 3-5 March at Chosen Valley

Year 6 Camp 8-12 March at Camp Bentzon

Each year our Year 6’s head off to Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island for a week of fun and our Year 5’s head off to Chosen Valley at Ararimu for 3 days of fun.  They build strong relationships with their peers and teachers and learn many new skills to ensure they are independent and resilient individuals.

Tuesday 16 March – School Picnic 5 pm

This is a time for your whole family to come and mix and mingle with the Baverstock Oaks community.   It will also be a time where we will formally open our new shade area.  This year we will be providing some fun activities for children to take part in and a number of food trucks will be in attendance so you can purchase your dinner here at school or bring along your own picnic.  

Friday 19 March

Interschool swimming sports.

Tuesday 23 March – Free Parenting course

Raising Happy Confident and Resilient children
Location: Ormiston Junior College, 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Thursday 25 March Parent Teacher Interviews

School will close at 12.30 pm so all our staff can meet with parents.  The connections we make between school and home are vital so we look forward to seeing you here. More details will follow on how bookings can be made online. 

Friday 16 April

Last day of term. 

Sunny Term 1

As you know the weather has been superb and as we are now in one of the hottest months, it is important we care for our wellbeing when outside.  We do not provide sunblock at Baverstock Oaks School as there are many children with allergies.

Please ensure your child has sunblock applied before coming to school and also place some sunblock in their bags.  Our teachers will be reminding students to apply sunblock before going outside.  This is an important skill our children must know how to do.  The Baverstock Oaks School cap, hat or visor must be worn when outside.  If children do not have their hat they will miss out on playing outside.  Many young children can forget their Baverstock Oaks hat so we recommend this is kept at school and a personal hat is worn to and from school. 

A reminder that this term is a sandals only term as it is much more comfortable and healthier for our students in the hot heather.  If, for medical reasons, your child must wear closed in shoes please provide a medical certificate to your child’s classroom teacher.  Baverstock Oaks School uniform is one our children wear with pride.  The way our children dress gives them an important sense of identity and pride in their school.  It informs our community of the standards we uphold.  Please ensure your child is in the correct uniform.  If you are unsure what our uniform policy is please have a look at our website for a more detailed description.  A reminder we also have a second hand uniform shop.  Please contact our friendly staff in the office for opening times and availability.  

Donations/Activity Fees

In case you missed this exciting news last year there is going to be a significant change to the funds we are asking for from parents from now on.  As Baverstock Oaks School is a Decile 6 school we are eligible for the funding initiative introduced by the Government in 2019. This initiative allows Decile 1-7 Boards of Trustees to choose to receive a $150 per student, per year payment instead of seeking donations from parents.  There will be no activity fees charged in 2021. Funds from our operational grant will be used for trips that are curriculum-related.  

Our Board of Trustees understands that there are many families in our community who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore we have decided to opt in to the new initiative from 2021.  Although donations to schools are voluntary, families can feel under pressure to pay them and this can place pressure on household budgets.  This initiative is designed to alleviate that pressure and expectation.   Boards of Trustees that opt-in to the donations scheme will still be able to ask parents and guardians for payments related to optional activities outside the curriculum, some examples include school sports teams costs, yearbooks, visiting drama or music groups, camps, and seesaw. 

The Ministry has developed some guidelines which make it clear what schools can charge for and what parents can be asked to pay for.  As a Decile 6 school, we receive a lower level of operational funding than Decile 1-5 schools receive from the Government to run our school.  The Senior Leadership Whānau and Board of Trustees work extremely hard throughout the year to manage the operational funds we receive from the government to ensure that our students get the best possible education.  In addition to this, our teachers, support staff, and FAB work tirelessly throughout the year fundraising to help provide the resources our children require.  Baverstock Oaks School does rely on additional fundraising to ensure the school’s finances and resources work in the best possible way and we can continue to deliver quality education for every child.  Fundraising funds form a vital part of the finance plan and are included in our budget and resource allocations for every school year.  We are at the middle-end of the decile scale and therefore fundraising funds are used to provide additional resources to help ensure all of our students have the opportunity to succeed and excel in school life.  Now with no donations or activity fees, I look forward to you actively supporting our FAB fundraising efforts throughout the year.

We are continuing with Seesaw which is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school with you.   Seesaw (e-Portfolio) $10 per year per student.

Any additional donations are gratefully accepted.  We do appreciate your support of our school and look forward to you supporting our FAB fundraising efforts over the year. 

Communication with school

If you have any worries, concerns or questions please make sure you contact your child’s classroom teacher first.  The best way to do this is to arrange a time to meet through email.  All our staff email addresses are on our website.  Just click on the email icon beside your child’s teacher.  Please do not email me directly as i will forward your email back to the classroom teacher and Whānau Leader.  If your concern is not resolved then the Associate Principal responsible for your child’s year group should be contacted.  

 Let’s look forward to 2021 being a year where we have no lockdowns and can have a year filled with many learning opportunities.  For your child to succeed they need to be at school everyday and on time.  Our Board of Trustees continues to have a 94% attendance target schoolwide.  We will make contact with you if your child’s attendance is of concern as our data from last year shows that children who have a high absenteeism are often achieving below their expected level. 

I look forward to catching up with you over the next few weeks. 

Kia kaha – be strong
Kia aroha – be kind and compassionate
Ngā mihi nuhi

Genee Crowley

Happy to be back at School

Change of stationery suppliers for students stationery packs 2021

Just a reminder that we are now using a new stationery supplier for our school stationery packs.  Our new stationery supplier is Qizzle which families order online and the packs get delivered to your home.

Yearbook 2020

We still have the 2020 Yearbooks available to purchase.  While many events and activities were cancelled we were lucky enough to still produce an outstanding colour, approx 102 page yearbook.  These can be purchased from the office for $20.

Events from 2020 not yet reported..

Weetbix Tryathlon 

With the sun beating on their faces… 20 students from Baverstock Oaks participated in the Weetbix Tryathlon at Mountford Park on Wednesday 2nd December.  It was a fun day – a first for some and a revisit to others.  Thanks to our Property Team for going early to the venue to set up the Baverstock Oaks gazebo as well as returning in the heat of the day to take it down again.  Well done to all the participants for giving this event a go.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop will be open on Tuesday 16  February and Tuesday 9 March, 8.30am – 9.00am (cash only).

Do you have a child turning 5 in the next 6-12 months?

If you have a child turning 5 within the next six to twelve months and you live in the Baverstock Oaks School Zone please contact the school office by phone 09 278-6741 to arrange a time to pickup an enrolment pack.

FAB Meeting

The next FAB meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 17 February 2021, 7pm – 8pm in the school staff room.  Everyone is welcome to join us to see how FAB can support the school this year.  If you have any fundraising  questions/suggestions, please email [email protected]


Bricks 4 Kidz

All Saints Playgroup