Meet the Families presentation – Lower E 2021

Our Y0/1 team this year:

Room 2 – Reception: Ms Jackie Marriner – Whanau Leader

Room 3 – Reception: Miss Anna Campbell

Room 4 – Y0/1: Mrs Lisa Nolan (opening a class later in the year.)

Room 17 – Year 1: Miss Mishkah Edinberry

Room 18 – Year 1: Mrs Yvette Yu – Whanau Leader                             

Room 19 – Year 1: Miss Zoe Webb

Term 1 Upcoming Dates

  • Week 7 – If at Covid Level 1; Family Picnic (Tuesday 16 March, 5pm)
  • Week 8 – Parent teacher interviews (Thursday 25 March, 1 – 8pm)
  • Week 10 – House Fun Day (Thursday 8 April, Block 1)
  • Week 11 – Year 1 celebration afternoon (Thursday 15 April, Block 3)
  • Week 3, Term 2 – Inquiry Maths open morning
  • Library Days
    • Room 2: Monday
    • Room 3: Tuesday
    • Room 17: Wednesday
    • Room 18: Wednesday
    • Room 19: Thursday

Celebrating Learning in Year 0/1

Footy taster – On Friday the 20th of February the Acorn classes took part in a soccer skills session. They children loved playing games that built on their gross motor skills; kicking then trapping the ball and co-operating with their peers in a mini game. We loved seeing our students getting involved and enjoying themselves in the sunshine.


Ko Wai Au bag; Oral language

Over the last few weeks teachers and students have been busy presenting their ‘Ko Au’ bags to their classes.  Children collected items from home that were special to them, their family or their culture and orally shared these.  Children spoke confidently about their artefacts as well as becoming active listeners.  This has been a wonderful way of getting to know each other, acknowledging differences and similarities between us all. 



Reminders; Being on time

  • School starts at 8.55am
  • If your child arrives on or after the school bell they must go to the office to collect a late pass
  • Being on time means your child has time to prepare for the day, meet with friends, feel settled, secure and calm
  • This helps develop life long habits and lowers anxiety before learning time begins


  • If your child is unwell please keep them at home until they are better
  • Please let the school office know that they will be away by; phoning, filling in an absence form on our website or emailing the class teacher
  • Please also inform us if your child will be arriving late after a doctors /dentist appointment or if they need to leave school early so we can prepare them for their departure

Home Learning

In addition to practising readers that are sent home by the teacher, it is important to also read to your child.  Here are some things you could try at home; 

  • Read with and to your child at home or wherever you can.  
  • Printing and writing is everywhere. Discover the written words, read them, and talk about them even in the car. 
  • Try to read with your child each day. Lots and lots of reading together will help your child become a keen, interested reader. 
  • Children often like to read the same book over and over again.  Reading a book many times is great, as long as you both want to do it.  
  • Talk about the pictures, photos and drawings; the words and ideas in the print and pictures; the printed words and letters.  
  • Talk about the ideas, characters, and settings. Talking about what’s in the book helps your child understand it.  
  • Read in your own language and talk about books together, using rich full language.  
  • Tell and write your own stories.  Your child will love to read your stories and hear you sharing them out loud.
  • Borrow books from the local Manukau libraries or from the school library.  We are well resourced and have books for everyone.
  • Remember to make reading fun!


  • Hats and sandals (without socks) are compulsory in Term 1 and 4
  • Short sleeves only to be worn in Term 1 and 4
  • Girls – tights (no leggings or socks to be worn)
  • Black, red or white hair ties in long or shoulder-length hair
  • Please name all pieces of your child’s uniform
  • Please check the school website for further information
  • Lost uniform items might be found in the ‘Lost property’ box in Lower B block, outside Room 1. Lost items are far more likely to be found and returned to you if they are named