Dear Parents and Caregivers of Baverstock Oaks School

Greetings, Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha, Kia orana, Ni hao, Buenos dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari dobar dan, Namaste, Salam.

Thank you so much to the parents who attended our cultural celebration assembly on Friday 26 August.  It was wonderful to see so many families make the time to come and be part of this special celebration.  While the weather wasn’t ideal, it was clear that all the children had so much fun dressing up in their own cultural dress but also celebrating other cultures from around the world.  Thank you to Johanna O’Brien who organised this event and to all our teachers and Learning Assistants for preparing each group so well.  Thank you also to our amazing property team who set the stage up.

It has been a busy few weeks with many teams representing Baverstock Oaks School at the inter-school events.  Our children have missed out on so many events over the last 2 years so it is important they are now given the opportunity.  Thank you to the teachers and parents who have prepared teams and supported them on the day of the event.  We constantly get feedback around the exceptional sportsmanship and behaviour our teams show.  

Congratulations to Quincy Ngaluafe who won the Eastern Zone speech finals.  This is the first time in Baverstock Oaks 17 year history this has occurred.  We wish Quincy all the best for the Auckland Champs on the 7 September.

Policies and Procedures

Our school uses School Docs which is a programme that supports schools with their policies and procedures.  Parents can refer to any policy or procedure at any time by going to our username is Baverstock and our password oaktree.    From time to time School Docs introduce some new policies.  Here is one that parents need to be aware of in terms of privacy:

Recording Photos, Video, and Sound

Using photos and recordings in a safe and respectful way ensures we do not breach the Privacy Act or the Harmful Digital Communications Act.  Baverstock Oaks has the following guidelines for recording and sharing photos, video, and sound on school property, online, and at school activities.

  • Recording
    • Staff let students know when they are taking photographs or making a recording (in person or online).  Students and parents/caregivers can discuss with staff if they would prefer to be excluded from photographs or recordings.
    • Students wanting to take photographs, or record video or sound in class to support their learning need permission from the class teacher.  Recordings may only be used for personal study, must not be duplicated or shared, and must be deleted when no longer needed.  
    • When a school meeting or phone call is recorded, all participants are informed in advance and told how the recording will be used.
    • Using a hidden device to take photographs, or record video or sound, is not permitted on school grounds, or at school activities or events.  Personal digital devices must be used responsibly and are subject to our Surrender and Retention of Digital Devices policy.
  • Publishing and sharing
    • Baverstock Oaks expects students, staff, and the community to consider privacy and copyright restrictions when photographing, recording, publishing, or sharing material created by students or staff members.  These considerations also apply when the school is using copyrighted material as part of a performance (e.g. a school play or concert).
    • Before publishing recorded material, staff seek permission from parents/caregivers, students, and other staff members who appear in the images or recordings. 
    • Baverstock Oaks expects parents/caregivers and visitors to follow our guidelines for sharing images of students.

Please make sure you adhere to this policy when videoing, photographing, recording, sharing and publishing.

It is wonderful to see the days drawing out and the weather slowly improving.  Look out for future events at school so you can come and be part of your child’s learning.

Some important dates to remember:

  • Grandparents Day Friday 23 September
  • Labour Weekend Holiday Monday 24 October
  • Staff Only Day Tuesday 25 October school will not be open for students
  • Friday 30 September last day of Term 3

Our Year 6 students are at camp this week.  I look forward to joining them on Kawau Island on Wednesday.  Thank you to all the parents who have supported this event and are attending camp for the week and a big thank you to all our Year 6 teachers who have worked hard to make this event happen.

Stay safe and well. 

Noho ora mai
Genée Crowley


Donations from Kiwi Harvest

Our school has been so very lucky to receive a huge donation of Countdown Bricks from Kiwi Harvest.  This has enabled us to create kits for classroom use – HUGE thank you to Sam from Kiwi Harvest for thinking of us.  The kids will love playing and learning with these great resources.

Here is a bit about this amazing company…

KiwiHarvest collects good food before it goes to waste and delivers it to those in need. New Zealand’s largest food rescue social venture, KiwiHarvest reduces the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food, helping to create lasting positive social change by nourishing those in need.

It is estimated that 60% of food going to landfill is still edible. Not only does it needlessly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but wasting food also squanders the resources used to produce and transport that food, including water, land, energy, labour and capital.

With 11 trucks on the road and five branches across the country, KiwiHarvest works with food businesses including growers, producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, supermarkets, caterers and retailers. We rescue the good food that they are not able to sell – whether that is because of oversupply, damaged packaging, cancelled orders, mislabeling, or because the food is nearing its best before date or end of life, and distribute this food to over 230 recipient agencies, KiwiHarvest directs surplus food to the people who really need it.

If you work for a food business and would like to donate to KiwiHarvest please get in contact with Sam Beaumont [email protected] | 021 96 98 91.

Mud Run

We got off the bus and set up the gazebo and ate our morning tea. We gathered around and got ready for the course to start.  When it started we all ran through the course.  At first there was no mud, but then it started to get a bit muddy.  Then it gets really muddy. There are some muddy water parts and it smells like cow poo.  Don’t worry because there is a shower so you can wash off.  After that you can get sausage sizzle and fizzy if you bring five dollars.  At the end you will get a medal if you complete the course.  You will have fun with your friends and get very muddy!  By Bailey Livett, Aidan Hii, Chloe Williams-Patel

Auckland Writers Festival

Last Wednesday, the 24th of August, students from the Extension Literacy class and the Literacy Quiz team went on an exciting trip to the Aotea Centre in the city for the 2022 Auckland Writers Festival.  These students got the opportunity to ask questions and get writing tips from 4 spectacular authors.  Unfortunately, Tui T Sutherland, author of the ‘Wings Of Fire’ series was unable to come in personas she was in Boston, but that didn’t stop her from sharing her writing journeys and accomplishments on a live video call.  Fortunately for us, the other 3 authors were all able to attend.  Tom E Moffat is an author who writes many joke books, T. K Roxborogh is the author of Charlie Tangaroa, and last but not least we saw Maria Gill who writes amazing non-fiction books. The 4 authors shared their experiences and how they got their fantastic ideas.  We would have never gotten to have the opportunity if it wasn’t for Mr Thompson and Mrs Aspen for taking us. Thank you!  Written by Zoe Pillay

Mathex at Mission Heights Junior College

The annual Mathex was hosted by Mission Heights Junior College on Wednesday the 17th of August.  2 Baverstock Oaks teams, consisting of 4 members each, represented our school.  Prisha Prabhu, Annie Su, Claire Zhang and Henry Lowe were in one team whilst Japneet Singh, Jonathan Feng, Sidhansh Singh and Kevin Gu were in the other.

Mathex is a fast-paced mathematics contest, where teams battle against each other to answer 20 questions as fast as they can in the time span of 30 minutes.  Each question you get correct is 5 points.  The highest score you can get is 100.  If 2 or more teams have completed the same number of questions at the same time, there will be three tie-breaker questions to decide their placing. Our two teams competed against 2 teams from MHP.

We did really well! One of our teams got 2nd place with 100 points, while the other team sadly came 4th with 95 points.

A big thank you to Mr Thompson, who has helped us to prepare for Mathex, and another big thank you to the organizers of Mathex at MHJC.  Congratulations to the winning team and good job to our teams and the teams that participated.  Written by Claire Zhang

Whitewater Rafting

Once again the Year 6’s were invited to go Whitewater rafting at Wero in Manukau.  It was a fun experience even though the weather was not the best, it was still a pleasure to get out there in the rafts and have a wild adventure, from jumping in the water, to paddling to get on track.  It was a blast! I personally thank every teacher that made this event possible.   By Aleena Khan

This year,  the year six students got to go white water rafting at Vector Wero White Water Park. We learned how to cross a river safely, how to raft correctly, and got to do a big manu (splash) in the river! Each raft had 7 students and 1 instructor/lifeguard. First, we went over the basics like how to paddle in different directions, then, we went up a giant ramp.  After doing that several times we got to jump into the water and let the rapids move us. We wore our togs, wet suits, water jackets, and wet shoes. We also had to make sure we were safe by wearing life jackets and safety helmets. Everybody had a great time so thank you Miss Brown and the year six teachers for organising our amazing trip to Vector Wero White Water Rafting Park.  By Zoe Pillay

HPPA Dance Festival

Baverstock Oaks School Senior dance and Pacifica groups performed at the HPPA Dance Festival at Sommervile Intermediate School on the 24th and 25th of August.  We got to watch many other schools around Eat Auckland perform their dance routines and performances.  We also got to experience performing on stage and dancing in front of a crowd.  A big thanks to our dance teachers  Mrs. Pillay, Ms Te Wao, and Mrs. Ryans, and Mrs. Stevens.  Written by Zoe Pillay

Cultural Day

Last Friday, we celebrated the diversity of our community with a whole school Cultural Day and assembly.  Students and teachers worked hard in the lead up to the day to learn dances from across the globe to perform.  Their hard work was evident in the varied and entertaining performances.  Despite the weather, there were smiling faces all round and our students’ and teachers’ cultural costumes added much needed colour to a cloudy day.  It was great to see such a large turnout from parents and whānau.  We look forward to inviting you all back again next year!

HPPA Competitive Girls Soccer tournament

For the last two Tuesday’s our senior girls soccer team competed in the HPPA competitive girls soccer tournament at William Green Football Turf.  There was a mix of girls who had played before and some who had never played soccer.  The girls showed amazing supportive team spirit, resilience and determination especially as they were playing back to back games sometimes without any subs.  Each game showed improvement and we all had lots of fun in the hot sun.  Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to make it if we didn’t have the fantastic support of our coaches Zoe Simpson, Nicci Hales and Sonya Ryan.


HPPA Easter Zone Gymnastics

On Wednesday 31st of August we had our year 3, 4, 5 and 6 gymnastics teams compete at Howick gym. We have been training every Friday lunch time since Term 2. Our gymnast competed in three different apparatus. We could see that all their hard work paid off! We are delighted to say that the following students will be heading to the champions of champions competition in Mt Roskill in week 8. 

Year 3:  Marwa Jacob, Safa Jacob, Sam Le, Bueden Ware , Damon Cao 

Year 4: Emma Lam , Stephanie Wang,  Alexa Jerin

Year 5: Lillie Punnet , Bailey Livet, Bella Chen 

Year 6: Prisha Prabhu

Thank you to all the amazing helpers we had on the day!

Do you have a child turning 5 in the next 6-12 months?

If you have a child turning 5 within the next six to twelve months and you live in the Baverstock Oaks School Zone please contact the school office by phone 09 278-6741 to arrange a time to pickup an enrolment pack.

Second hand school uniform
The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop will be open on the following dates:
Tuesday 13 September, Tuesday 18 October, Tuesday 15 November 8.30am – 9.00am Upper  C Block.
If you require any items in between shop hours please email these enquiries to [email protected]
We also welcome any school uniform donations, especially of  larger sizes, if you would like to donate any items please drop these off at the school office.