Why is attendance important?

  • High attendance is one of the biggest contributors for student achievement
  • To participate and engage in learning – you must be at school
  • Parents are legally required to send their children to school. It’s law.

What happens to your child if attendance is irregular?

  • High absenteeism = under achievement
  • Disconnected from school life, eg, peer interaction, relationships with teaching staff
  • Parents become disconnected and removed from their child’s education

What are the legalities around attendance in New Zealand?

  • Legislation states that under Section 25 and Section 31 of The Education Act 1989, every school board must take all reasonable steps to make sure students attend school when it is open.
  • At Baverstock Oaks School we care about your children and their progress and our Board of Trustees knowing how important regular attendance is have set a 94% attendance school wide target.

What are the implications of taking leave from school?

  • Removing your child out of school during term time, for a holiday for example, severely impacts on their time at school and their ability to build solid foundations for their learning.
  • If you do decide to take your child out of school during term time and your child’s attendance drops below 90% you will be phoned by the school and receive a letter indicating our policy on attendance. We have also been instructed by Attendance Services Agencies that any attendance that drops below 90% should be referred to them.  What this means is that this referral will be on your child’s record and will be indicated on their report.
  • They struggle to form effective relationships with their peers and teachers.


  • Arriving at school on time each day is important. When children arrive on time it sets the tone for the day and they receive and are included in the administrative part of classroom life. This is when students get to hear communication about school wide opportunities.
  • Being on time is also being courteous. Other students are not disrupted nor is the teacher.

Genuine reasons for absenteeism

  • If your child is unwell we would prefer they are kept at home but please ensure the school is informed through our school website https://www.baverstock.school.nz/report-an-absence/ on our School App or by phoning the school office 278 6741. If your child is absent and we haven’t heard from you we will be contacting you by 9.30am each morning.