Baverstock Network News (BNN)

Baverstock Oaks have a school television station BNN.  BNN airs 9am each morning live to all classrooms.  It is run by children and uses modern technology including a sound board, boom microphones and the latest software that allows for the inclusion of subtitles and the ability to switch between 2 cameras, live telecast and pre recorded clips.  BNN informs all staff and students of the events occurring around the school including; meetings and practices for sports and cultural groups, the weather for the day, birthdays, playground and Baverstock Beach (sandpit) rosters.

BNN begins each Monday morning with a live message from the Principal.  It allows opportunities to celebrate annual cultural celebrations, welcome special visitors to our school and interview special guests.

Each whanau is timetabled throughout the year to present on BNN and the chosen presenters arrive early each morning to practice their script for the morning which is viewed using an auto cue.

BNN encompasses the value of “learning to grow, growing to learn”. Children are exposed to new technologies and have to learn and perfect the art of working together under strict deadlines and pressures that they would otherwise not normally experience. The skills the children are learning and the technology that they are accessing will stay with them and are completely unique to the role they are fulfilling. We hope to create lifelong learners with a skill set that they can only get by working on something as innovative as BNN.

The BNN crew are  split into two areas – Technology and Presenting. The technology children have the opportunity to learn and interact with new and complicated technology. They also get the chance as directors to assume a leadership role (along with the challenges that come with that – i.e. delegation, sticking to time, managing a number of jobs at one time). The presenting side of BNN has given the crew an opportunity to perfect their oral language skills, and be responsible for researching and writing their own content (e.g. for sports and weather).

BNN is recorded each morning and the clip is available to view when requested.  BNN is a highlight of each day and an area students aspire to be part of.