Board of Trustees

Hein MackayChairperson
Elected 2013

I have lived in the Flatbush area for the past 10 years. I moved to the area to build a new house and set down some roots for my young family – my almost two year old son and another due any day! During this time, I have seen the housing build up around us and Baverstock Oaks School open its doors. Now a father of three, I have been associated with the school for six years. My oldest son graduated in 2012, my two daughters are currently in the Budding Branches and my wife, Nikki, is teaching a year 3 and 4 class.

I have been involved with the school touch rugby in a coaching and management role for the past 5 seasons, I have attended several school outings, including the year 6 camp in 2012.

I currently work as the Logistics Manager at the iconic children’s wear brand Pumpkin Patch where it ‘is all about the kids’. I am a very involved father and now well attached to the local community through various sports and friends. I believe my level headed, grounded approach and excellent communication skills fit well with the school values and vision.

Jo RussellDeputy Chairperson
New Member 2016

I am a mother of two children, currently aged 7 and 4.

Before becoming a mother I was an associate at Jasmax Architects, where I was a Senior Designer and ran large scale commercial interior projects. I am currently getting back into the industry working part time, but am focusing on smaller projects that will work around being a mother as well.

From working on large scale projects, and dealing with different clients briefs and needs, I feel I can bring a good listening ear, common sense, very good project management skills and I am generally good at dealing with situations and getting things done.

As a family we all enjoy BMX and race in the summer time for Mountain Raiders in Pakuranga.

Warren HerbertTrustee
Elected 2007

Warren was elected to the board in 2007 and has enjoyed the strong learning environment that we all know as Baverstock Oaks School. It’s all about learning for us on the board also, as we go about our role of governing. As a company director, the skills required to work effectively on the school board are always challenged, and continue to grow as our identity of a school progresses. The past two years have seen massive change in our wonderful school, and he is proud of what we have achieved with the legislation we have been directed, in such a short time. Warren feels the role as a board member is continuing to ensure the performance of our students is challenged, measured, monitored and improved. We expect results that will prepare our beautiful children for the challenges of life, and provide the skills they need to develop their potential. If we provide the framework, it’s up to our children to utilize it. Our leadership team is packed with committed leaders, educators and personalities that make our total environment a unique and strongly focused community asset. They have surrounded themselves with dedicated and skilled staff that are committed to giving our children the best opportunity to grow and learn.

Warren’s daughter is a foundation student at the school, and by the middle of 2009, his son will have joined the roll. His wife Lisa, is also involved in the FAB activities and other school work. The school to Warren and his family is a vital part of their community, and we all should be proud of what we offer to our students, our families and our city.

Warren encourages you to enjoy your school, be involved and be visible. We are truly blessed to have such cultural diversification for our students, family and community to watch develop. In these challenging times, we should be more focused on the successful things around us, our school is one of those special things we can all contribute to.

Paul WhelanTrustee
Elected 2010

I was elected onto the board in 2010 and I welcome the opportunity to work alongside respected long term members.

The Board of Trustees enters a new and exciting phase in the schools future with new and exciting challenges ahead. The frame work for the school has been created and we now enter the challenge of continuing the growth and learning, with many of our foundation students either all ready left or the leaving us in 2010.

Our wonderful leadership team and teachers will continue to promote our mission statement of “Learning to grow: Growing to learn” and pass this onto the next generation of Baverstock young people.

I have 2 boys at Baverstock Oaks and my wife Dee is also involved in the FAB activities. Being involved in sales related and customer relationship roles for over 15 years I look forward to continuing to help in the achievement of the students as they grow and pass on the Baverstock principles in all walks of life.

Mary WilsonPrincipal
I was appointed to Baverstock Oaks School as the Establishment Principal and started on 10 May 2004. The job brief was to get a school built, resourced, staffed and ready for children – in nine months! Before this I was at Somerville Intermediate School as the establishment Associate Principal from August 1996. I have been in teaching for 28 years and have taught all ages from 5 – 14 years as well as adults. Establishing Baverstock Oaks has been an absolute career highlight to see a school evolve that is based on a truly shared vision and core values that are alive and well.
On the board, I as Principal, am the CEO. This involves reporting on strategic goals, managing the day to day running of the school, all staffing issues as well as property and health & safety. Overall it is to ensure a safe, happy and productive work environment is available to all that are involved in the school.

One of the most rewarding parts of the role I have is to be able to see growth in students and all the adults involved in the school. We have a very transparent and open learning organization where honesty and integrity are the name of the game. With the school mission statement being “Learning to Grow: Growing to Learn” it is wonderful to see this in action and to see people being empowered to develop at all ages.

Allison HamiltonStaff Trustee
Elected 2015

I joined the Baverstock Oaks family as an Acorn whanau leader in January 2006. I have taught in Y0 to Year 6 classrooms throughout my career. In 2009, I became the Associate Principal of the Acorn team – Year 0 to Year 2. I had a variety of responsibilities both specific to the Acorn team as well as schoolwide.

In 2016, I now have responsibilities across the whole school. I am still the SENCO/Pastoral Care leader for Year 0-2 and am also responsible for Maori and Pasifika Achievement, Student Teacher and Provisionally Certified Teacher Mentoring Programmes within the school, and student leadership across the school.

I am married to Paul with 3 children of whom, two of them attended Baverstock Oaks School. My eldest daughter is currently studying at Auckland University, my middle daughter is at AUT and my youngest and only son, who started at Baverstock Oaks as a 5 year old, is now in Year 10.

My role as staff trustee, involves communicating with staff on governance decisions made by the board, organising curriculum reports given to the board by staff members, representing all staff at board meetings and working in consultation with the Principal.

Hariharan (Hari) JawaharTrustee
Co-opted 2016

I currently work for Kiwibank as a branch manager and involved in various community activities along with extensive leadership and networking skills. I also hold Master’s Degree in Business administration MBA and Bachelors in technology. I can bring in my strong work experience and educational back ground towards the development of school. I believe I am suited to this position and able to adapt to the role easily and efficiently. I am also able to relate to all kinds of people and enjoy working hard. I am well organised and motivated and have the desire to achieve the best in whatever role I am in.
I believe that both my skills and personal attributes match the requirements you seek for this role. I have well-developed written and oral communication skills which will enable me to maintain key relationships.
My daughter Megha is currently on Year 2 in Baverstock Oaks.

Lucy SchwanerTrustee
Co-opted 2017

I was privileged to be co-opted onto the Board in late 2017. As a mother of two young children, Henry and Charlotte, I have a strong interest in their education and growth and ensuring that the same opportunities available to them, are available to other children. Baverstock Oaks has a wonderfully inclusive and progressive environment that I believe is an asset to the community.

I am a qualified Fingerprint Officer for the New Zealand Police and have previously been a librarian and an archaeologist. I have a long connection to the Botany/Flat Bush area, having lived here and in Howick for most of my life. I have served the community as an elected member in local government for many years and will bring all this experience to serving the school community as a Board of Trustees member.

I look forward to seeing my children, and the children in the community, thrive and grow within the school and beyond.

ERO Reports and Board Documents

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