Board of Trustees

Lucy SchwanerChairperson
Co-opted 2017 – Re-elected 2019

I was privileged to be co-opted onto the Board in late 2017. As a mother of two young children, Henry and Charlotte, I have a strong interest in their education and growth and ensuring that the same opportunities available to them, are available to other children. Baverstock Oaks has a wonderfully inclusive and progressive environment that I believe is an asset to the community.

I am a qualified Fingerprint Officer for the New Zealand Police and have previously been a librarian and an archaeologist. I have a long connection to the Botany/Flat Bush area, having lived here and in Howick for most of my life. I have served the community as an elected member in local government for many years and will bring all this experience to serving the school community as a Board of Trustees member.

I look forward to seeing my children, and the children in the community, thrive and grow within the school and beyond.

Jo RussellDeputy Chairperson
New Member 2016 – Re-elected 2019

I am a mother of two children, currently aged 10 & 7

Before becoming a mother I was an associate at Jasmax Architects, where I was a Senior Designer and ran large scale commercial interior projects. I am currently getting back into the industry working part time, but am focusing on smaller projects that will work around being a mother as well.

From working on large scale projects, and dealing with different clients briefs and needs, I feel I can bring a good listening ear, common sense, very good project management skills and I am generally good at dealing with situations and getting things done.

As a family we all enjoy BMX and race in the summer time for Mountain Raiders in Pakuranga.

Brett GoebelTrustee
Sanjay GovindTrustee
Co-opted 2016 – Re-elected 2019
I have had the honour of being co-opted onto the Board and I am privileged to be a member.
We have lived in the area since the year Baverstock Oaks School opened. As a parent of two (Bhavik and Keera), both of who are currently enrolled, I have witnessed first hand the dedication and opportunities available to them. My mandate is to ensure such opportunities continue to happen for all children at Baverstock Oaks.
I have spent many years working in Leadership positions for large Corporates with Multi-million dollar budgets with hundreds of employees but now focus on working with Small – Medium Business owners. My aim is to help these business owners achieve their goals and improve their businesses so they can enjoy the life they deserve.
This is the same philosophy I have for Baverstock Oaks School, which is to use my experience to be an active and valid contributor to the Board and continue to promote the mission of “Learning to grow: Growing to learn”.

Reena SinghTrustee
Elected 2019

I have a keen interest to contribute to the school’s governance by being a parent representative on the Board of Trustees. My daughter Avantika started year 1 at Baverstock Oaks School earlier this year therefore I feel it will be a fantastic opportunity to provide a parent’s perspective on the matters presented to the school. Being a new students parent, I can provide a fresh perspective and also represent the cultural diversity of the school community. I would like to play an active part in decision making that impacts not only my child’s education but also every other child’s education within the Baverstock community.
I have experience in risk management, financial audit and assurance services in leading audit and insurance organisations. This would help contribute to effective decision making and performance of the school in line with the school’s six core values and shared vision.
Earlier this year I decided to take a career break to bring up my two young children This has allowed me to be a lot more involved with my daughter’s education and participate in various school related initiatives held so far. Being part of the Board of Trustees would be a great way to be even more involved with the school community.
In the past I have been involved with my child’s kindergarten as a parent helper; assisting with school excursions, various activities and resource maintenance. This has helped seed my interest to be part of the school board of trustees.
I love working in a team and enjoy robust and collaborative discussions. I relate well to people from all walks of life and appreciate everyone’s differing perspectives which helps build positive relationships with everyone I interact with. I’m a critical thinker with a desire for continuous improvement and have robust analytical skills. My strengths also include paying great attention to detail, having a strong work ethic, eagerness to learn and a positive attitude.

Richard Ware
Genée CrowleyPrincipal
I am a mother of 2 wonderful children Jess and Dave who are both in their late 20’s.

I was very privileged and honoured to be appointed Principal of Baverstock Oaks School in April 2018. I was appointed Foundation Associate Principal of this wonderful school in 2004 prior to the school opening in 2005. It was an exciting adventure setting up a new school in a developing and multi-cultural community. I was involved in the shared visioning process and the creation of our Six Core Values. Any decision made is always done so by ensuring it is in alignment with our shared vision and values.

I applied for the Principals position as I love this school and community. We have a very committed staff and Board of Trustees who are dedicated to meeting the needs of all children in a safe and supportive environment.

Andrew FlanaganStaff Trustee
Co-opted 2018

ERO Reports and Board Documents

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