Wai Care / Adopt a Park

As a silver enviro school Baverstock Oaks have a group of enviro monitors who participate in many activities to help make our world a better place to live.

Part of their role includes trips to Cyril French Reserve and Barry Curtis Park. They visit Cyril French Reserve to monitor water clarity and stream invertebrates and to plant native plants as part of restoration planting.

Our involvement at Cyril French Reserve and Barry Curtis Park also includes participation in activities to help look after the park; for example, planting or mulching of native trees, rubbish collection, weed control, animal pest monitoring and parks surveillance.


Baverstock Oaks is a Travel Wise School that promotes safe traveling to and from school.  Each week children who walk or scooter to school go into a draw to win a prize.

This encourages our students and families to walk to school and in doing so reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion around our school.



Litter Free Lunches / Feed and Read

In an effort to reduce waste, Baverstock Oaks adopt a Litter Free policy.  We have no outside rubbish bins and students are asked to take home any morning tea or lunch wrappers. We have a school wide competition and record the percentage each whanau has for litter free lunches each week. Ideas for litter free lunches include:

  • Sandwiches in reusable containers
  • Whole fruit
  • Water (the only drink permitted at school) in reusable drink containers
  • Food in recyclable containers

To also promote healthy eating each morning from 10:30 – 10.40 am the whole school participate in “Feed and Read”.  Students bring fruit or vegetables in reusable containers.  While they eat their healthy morning tea teachers read to their class.

Visit our webpage Litter Free Lunches for more information.