New Entrants

A new way to start school feeling fully supported @ Baverstock Oaks School

DOES your child turn 5 and start school at BOS???

Research is quite clear, the better we can transition and settle children at school the quicker they will start to manage their learning.  As human beings we need to feel safe, secure and valued before we will make ourselves open to learning.  We have put considerable energy into ensuring our transition processes are of a high quality and support our learners.  

Our 5 year old transition to school programme?

We will have two intakes a term (rather than on the day of their birthday).  The intakes will be on a Monday in either week 1 or week 6 of each term and there will be three visits prior to starting.  Parents need to accompany children for these visits and stay with them in the classroom during visits 1 & 2.  As parents experience time in the classroom with their child they will have questions when they work with our senior leaders during visit 3.  

There are a lot of advantages to changing this system.  It will give all new five year olds the support of a group of children who start together and parents can form relationships as they get to know each other each week. There will also be big buddies in the class to help new children when they start.

Once your enrolment has been processed we will send home a letter to advise you of the exact dates of school visits and your child’s start date.

Here is an example:

The start is usually on a Monday – either week 1 of a term or week 6.  

School visits are usually three Wednesdays previous to their start date:  These will look like:-

Visit 1: Wednesday, 8.50 – 11.00 am (parents with child)

Visit 2: Wednesday, 8.50 – 11.00 am (parents with child)

Visit 3: Wednesday, 8.50 – 11.00 am (parents in the staffroom with questions + playground with your child during morning break)

This way we can ensure children and parents are supported.  ‘A Sense of Family and Learning Partnerships’ in action.

We hope you can see the sense in this system.  It is practiced in other schools around Auckland with great success.

Any questions please feel free to ask us.

We are looking forward to having you as part of our school family.

Genée Crowley