Schools That Deliver Network


Baverstock Oaks School became a member of ‘Schools That Deliver’ Network in 2005.  This is an international network that engages over 180 schools in six countries – NZ, Australia, USA, Sweden, Norway and England.  In NZ there is an active Leaders’ Forum involving the senior leaders from each school meeting each term to share and support each schools’ journey.

SCHOOLS THAT DELIVER – Vision to Reality

This international Network focuses on: Our community, Our school,
Our children.


How do we RELEASE this potential?

Through the four RELEASE R’s:

  • RESPECT for what we already know.
  • RESEARCH to learn what we do not know.
  • REPERTOIRE of skills, models and processes to grow ourselves forward.
  • READING our own context, making sure it works for US.

The three key elements in this network really sum up what it is about:

The first key is owning our responsibility to get clear about what we want for our children and ourselves. For people who want to sit back and be told what to do, this Network is not for them.

The second key is a strongly committed unifying focus on our future. This is the future we will create together. It is NOT about bogging down in our current reality. The unifying focus of a shared vision helps us avoid the “flavours of the month”. There are always people outside a school who believe they know best. They try to pull us away from our chosen path, or mandate what we should do.

Finally, what we are all about, releasing human potential. Schools That Deliver Network is highly democratic, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

The fundamental belief underpinning the Network is that the most powerful resources in any school are already present. They are the professional knowledge and values of the staff and the school community members. The Network process provides the teachers and community with absolute ownership. The key is freedom to create the school we have always wanted. The most important decisions made in a school are those made daily by teachers and students. When these decisions are aligned to a collaboratively designed shared vision, their impact is significantly magnified.

For more details about the impact of this process read the newly released book, “Schools that Deliver” by John Edwards and Bill Martin