Our Staff

Our school is divided into three teams ­ Tall Oaks Year 5 and 6, Budding Branches Year  3 and 4 and Acorns Year 0 – 2. Teams are divided into whanau. Each whanau has a whanau leader and comprises of 4 – 6 classrooms.

Each whanau has a large awhina space that allows for flexible cooperative learning and teaching to better meet individual needs. Teachers teach to children’s needs, their levels of ability and experience.

Each class has a buddy class to allow opportunities for different aged children to support and learn with.

Genee Crowley
Genee CrowleyPrincipal

Welcome to Baverstock Oaks School.  I hope your association with our school will be a happy one.  We value inclusivity and warmly welcome all new families to our school.   As our motto indicates “Learning to grow, growing to learn” Baverstock is a place where learning is the focus.  This is not just for our children but all staff and parents too.  Baverstock Oaks is a community School.  We value forming strong connections with our community and including them in their child’s learning journey at every occasion.

For all of the Baverstock Oaks family to learn and grow effectively it is important we provide a safe and happy environment.  If children, staff and parents feel safe and happy, learning will take place.

There are two important documents that guide us in all we do our Shared Vision and our Six Core Values.  Any decision we make is in alignment with these documents and hold us accountable to create a caring and supportive culture.

We Value:

  • The sense of ‘family’ and learning partnerships
  • A High Quality Learning Environment
  • The Power of Thinking and Learning
  • Questions, Feedback and Feed-forward
  • The Diversity of our Community
  • The Well-being of the Whole Person.

One of our unique characteristics is the diversity we have and the way our children, staff and families embrace this diversity.  We have much to learn from one another and we celebrate our diversity in many different ways.  Student achievement is important to us and collectively we all work hard to support our children to be confident, connected, successful and actively involved.  Thank you for choosing Baverstock Oaks School, a safe place for learning and growing.

Laramarie Dreyer
Laramarie DreyerAssociate Principal
• Junior leader SENCO Y 0 – 3
• Co-curriculum director
• Student-teacher and PCT coordinator
• Assessment/Reporting
• Schoolwide Organisation
Andrew Flanagan
Andrew FlanaganAssociate Principal ­
• Pastoral Care
• Property
• Health and Safety
• I.T
• School Sports
• BoT Staff Trustees Staff Representative

Holly Skipper
Holly SkipperAssociate Principal
• Senior leader SENCO Y4 – Y6
• Co-curriculum director
• Learning Assistant Co-ordinator
• School wide communication

Tall Oaks (Year 6)

Holly Skipper
Holly SkipperRm 31 (until Week 5 Term 3)
Whanau Leader Year 6
Bo Ahn
Bo Ahn Room 29
Jane Drury
Jane DruryRoom 30
Liz Stone
Liz StoneRoom 32

Tall Oaks (Year 5)

Sally Shabbot
Sally ShabbotRoom 8
Whanau Leader Year 5
Johanna Brown
Johanna BrownRoom 7
Bailee Kane
Bailee KaneRoom 21
Catherine Hornsby
Catherine HornsbyRoom 22
Josiah Macnamara
Josiah MacnamaraRoom 23

Budding Branches (Year 4)

Kirsten Mackie
Kirsten MackieRoom 15
Whanau Leader Year 4
Debbie Pillay
Debbie PillayRoom 13
Melanie Else
Melanie Else Room 14
Kelsie Garratt
Kelsie GarrattRoom 16

Budding Branches (Year 3)

Nikki Mackay
Nikki MackayRoom 28
Whanau Leader Year 3
Karis Lam
Karis LamRoom25
Sophie Buchanan
Sophie BuchananRoom 26
Rose Bain
Rose BainRoom 27

Acorns (Year 2)

Yvette Yu
Yvette YuRoom 12
Whanau Leader Year 2
Helen Dibley
Helen DibleyRoom 9
Megan Snyman
Megan SnymanRoom 10
Michelle Manning
Michelle ManningRoom 11

Acorns (Year0/1) Lower Block B/E

Sarah Hsu
Sarah HsuRoom 2
Whanau Leader
Zoe Simpson
Zoe SimpsonRoom 3
Pauline Boggs
Pauline BoggsRoom 20
Lynette Radue
Lynette RadueRoom 19
Lisa Nolan
Lisa NolanRoom 4
Nicci Hales
Nicci HalesRoom 17
Jodey Hopkins
Jodey HopkinsRoom 11

Learning Support & ESOL (Akonga Rerekatonga)

Angie Finnigan
Angie Finnigan
Whanau Leader Akonga Rerekatonga
Kay Foot
Kay FootLearning Support
Michelle Major
Michelle MajorLearning Support
Damian Thompson
Damian ThompsonLearning Support
Catherine Boysen
Catherine BoysenESOL Teacher
Kate Brown
Kate BrownEnglish Language Assistant
Sonya Ryan
Sonya RyanEnglish Language Assistant
Connie Young
Connie YoungEnglish Language Assistant
Tracey Stevens
Tracey StevensEnglish Language Assistant
Roshni Shahri
Roshni ShahriBilingual Assistant

Learning Assistants

Rachel Bramwell
Rachel BramwellLearning Assistant
Trudy Carson
Trudy CarsonLearning Assistant
Rachel Fox
Rachel FoxLearning Assistant
Sharon Law
Sharon LawLearning Assistant
Karen Leach
Karen Leach Learning Assistant
Molly Ong
Molly OngLearning Assistant
Karen Peat
Karen PeatLearning Assistant
Dianne Timu
Dianne TimuLearning Assistant
Mel Turner
Mel TurnerLearning Assistant
Lisa Te Wao
Lisa Te WaoLearning Assistant
Carolyn Norris
Carolyn NorrisLearning Assistant

Part Time Staff

Ali Robberts
Ali Robberts
Johanna O'Brien
Johanna O'Brien
Cathie Twisleton
Cathie Twisleton
Faith Rodricks
Faith Rodricks

Admin and Support Staff

Frances Fraser
Frances Fraser Executive Officer/PA
Helen de Leeuw
Helen de Leeuw Library/Resource Manager
Leanne Lee
Leanne Lee School Secretary
Andrea Aspden
Andrea Aspden Resource Assistant
Melissa Rowan
Melissa RowanOffice Assistant
Carolyn Norris
Carolyn NorrisResource Assistant
Rachael McLoughlin
Rachael McLoughlinOffice Assistant
Rachel Bramwell
Rachel BramwellResource Assistant
Louwrens van Schalkwyk
Louwrens van SchalkwykProperty Manager
Martin Shelsher
Martin ShelsherProperty Assistant
Graham Yarrell
Graham Yarrell Grounds Assistant