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Athletics is held during Term 4. Events include high jump, long jump, sprinting, softball throwing and relays. Classes practice at school before the School Athletics Competition.  This is held for students in Years 4-6.  From our Baverstock Athletics day we select representatives for the Howick and Pakuranga inter school athletics that is held at Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Our Year 1, 2, and 3 students have the opportunity to participate in their own athletics days.

Basketball is enjoyed by lots of our students. We have a basketball court at Baverstock Oaks. Students enjoy playing on this court during morning interval, lunchtime and during P.E. lessons.

We try to compete in local competitions when teachers are available to coach teams.  We welcome parents who would enjoy coaching a team.

In summer Baverstock Oaks Senior Students have the opportunity to practice and play cricket. Children who play cricket for the school team play other schools in the Howick and Pakuranga area.

We are lucky to have an artificial cricket pitch that helps our children develop their batting and bowling skills.

We have had much success in the last few years reaching the finals and semi finals of the interschool event.

Each year our girls in Year 5 and 6 who show an interest in cricket also get the opportunity to go to a girls’ cricket fun day run by Auckland Cricket.  This event is held at Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Cross Country is held in Term 3.  Fitness sessions allow students to practice their running and improve their personal times.  This allows each individual to work on their own fitness levels.  Our Baverstock Oaks Cross Country event for our Year 5 and 6 students is always held at Barry Curtis Park and from this event our inter school team is selected.  The inter school team compete against other schools at Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Our Year 1-4 students also get to experience cross country and organise a cross country event in the school grounds.

Every year Baverstock Oaks Years 3 to 6 students compete in the interschool gymnastics competition.

We have practices once a week, for 45 minutes at lunchtime.
Students compete in floor, bar, vault and beam routines.

If you get a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the inter-school competition you can go to Champions of Champions and compete against representatives from around all of the Auckland area.

Baverstock Oaks enjoy training a team to represent our school in the Howick and Pakuranga fun Hockey field day held at the hockey stadium at Lloyd Elsmore Park.  This event is held during Term 2.

In 2016 Baverstock Oaks School competed for the first time in the Junior Tough Girl/Tough Guy Challenge. This is a great experience for children and an amazing opportunity to get involved in New Zealand’s biggest Mud Run Series. Year 3 & 4 students will run a 1.5 km course and Year 5 & 6 will run a 3 km course. The course is full of mud, tunnels and barbed wire crawls.

At Baverstock Oaks there are many opportunities to play netball. There is Saturday netball, a field day competition and lunchtime interschool games.  We welcome all boys and girls who are interested in playing netball.

The field day provides opportunities for all children in Year 5 and 6 who are interested in netball to play.

During the winter terms we have teams represent Baverstock Oaks in the local netball competitions.  These games are held at the Howick and Pakuranga netball courts every Saturday morning.  We have dedicated staff members and parents who help with coaching and managing these teams.  Practices occur after school.

We have school netball teams that compete in the Interschool Netball Competition.  These games are held at lunchtimes. Baverstock Oaks organise this inter school competition.

Baverstock Oaks has worked hard over the years to develop a successful sports culture.  This has been evident in the success over the past few years of our school rugby team.  In 2010 we set up a partnership with Marist Eastern Rugby club.  The club use our school grounds for training and have been very supportive of our school by sharing of training equipment and sponsoring various events.  This partnership has meant our students have a club environment to improve their rugby skills and these are transferred to our school teams and have resulted in great results over the past few years.

Baverstock Oaks have soccer teams who compete in the Howick and Pakuranga inter school games along with any field day opportunities.  In 2015 our team had their best result, reaching the semi finals.  Our Board of Trustees organised work to be carried out on our fields in 2015 and 2016.  We have found the new drainage has improved the quality of our soccer field.

Each year we have a team who trains and represents our school in the Howick and Pakuranga interschool one-day competition.  This event occurs in Term 1 at the Meadowlands reserve.

Baverstock Oaks does not have a swimming pool on site but we understand the importance of water safety and the need for our children to develop water skills.  We also like to provide opportunities for our competent swimmers to represent our school in the Howick and Pakuranga interschool competition.

We hold our Year 5 and 6 swimming sports each year in Term 1 at the Lloyd Elsmore pool complex.  From this event our interschool swim team is selected.

Swimming lessons are another wonderful opportunity we provide our older students. The John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation was established 8 years ago and has provided over 850,000 free swim lessons throughout primary schools in South Auckland.  Our school has elected to participate in this fabulous programme each year for a term.  This is for all Year 4-6 students.  Buses are provided for a nominal charge (taken out of the child’s activity fee) and each week, each class attend a free swimming lesson at Otara pools.  The children are taught by qualified instructors. We are extremely lucky to be part of this very worthwhile programme and would like to acknowledge the Foundation and all their sponsors for providing this initiative for our children.

As well as this our Year 6 children attend a water safety programme at Papatoetoe Pools.  This is set up prior to their Year 6 camp in Term 1.

Since 2005, the year we opened Baverstock Oaks, we have had teams representing our school in the Eastern Zone touch competition.  This is held in term 4 of each year.  It is run by the Eastern Zone Touch organisation and held at the Lloyd Elsmore hockey stadium on Sunday afternoons.  It is open for children of all ages.

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