Support for Families

There are times when parents go through a separation or divorce or a family is going through some form of grief or loss.  This is a difficult time for all and can impact on your child’s learning at school. Baverstock Oaks have formed a partnership with Seasons, a grief and loss counselling service.

Seasons is a Grief and Loss Programme designed to support children and families who have experienced a loss of some kind in their lives. It may be that a close family member has died or a family has been divided through separation and divorce. Seasons Grief and Loss Programme has been in operation for over 11 years. The Seasons programme lasts for eight weeks and is available at Baverstock Oaks.

They provide trained and experienced companions to take the groups, which consist of a maximum of six children in a group. They provide all the resources and the companions.

They also have a Life Threatening Illness Programme which supports children with a close family member who is chronically or seriously ill. This programme lasts for four weeks.

A Seasons Programme is also offered for children who are new to New Zealand this programme is called the New Settlers Programme which lasts for six weeks.

For more information, visit their website by clicking on the logo or image, or on the link below:

Seasons Grief and Loss Programme

Baverstock Oaks provide Seasons with a donation, so the service is free for the children.   Please contact Genée Crowley if you feel your child would benefit from this programme or you are interested in any resources to support you through your separation or divorce.

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