Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

Baverstock Oaks School will provide a rigorous and enriching education in an environment that supports diversity, emotional and academic needs of young students.  The aim of this holistic approach is to develop resilient, capable, compassionate, and responsible members of a global community.  Our vision is underpinned by 6 core values that are the cornerstone of everything we hope to achieve in a child’s time attending Baverstock Oaks School.

The Sense of ‘Family’ and Learning Partnerships

  • Having Whanaungatanga – building and sustaining relationships
  • Providing a sense of belonging for all
  • Having a supportive staff culture and open communication

A High-Quality Learning Environment

  • Balanced and differentiated learning programmes
  • High expectations for all learners
  • Equitable access to the New Zealand Curriculum through a range of approaches

The Power of Thinking and Reflection

  • Students learn to recognise different styles of learning to achieve different purposes
  • Staff inquire and reflect on their teaching practice to ensure programmes are meeting needs
  • Develop the dispositions of resilience and empathy within a nurturing learning environment
  • To leave Baverstock Oaks School with skills that enable lifelong learning

Questions, Feedback, and Feedforward

  • Students develop skills and strategies in being able to effectively respond and act on feedback
  • Students are immersed in learning communities where giving and receiving feedback is a norm
  • Staff to reflect on feedback from all key stakeholders in the school
  • The learning journey is celebrated and supported to ensure students are always moving forward

The Diversity of our Community

  • Using the expertise of both students/whanau and the school-wide community to enrich all learners
  • Getting to know our learners – teachers make powerful connections between home and school to build effective learning relationships
  • Fostering an inclusive learning environment where progress, participation, contribution, and success can be experienced by all

The Wellbeing of the Whole Person

  • Teaching our students the importance of looking after their wellbeing/hauora
  • Students have tools to manage adversity, e.g. mindfulness
  • The hauora of all members of our school community is important and Baverstock Oaks School promotes work-life balance