Vision and Values

“ Learning to grow:  growing to learn”.

Baverstock Oaks School is warm, welcoming and inviting. Our staff, students and families form a collaborative partnership; the entire community is working together towards a shared vision. Our learners understand what learning is, and learn how to learn. Learning experiences are authentic so learning has purpose. We foster a positive learning environment that ensures everyone feels valued and supported.  An open door policy exists which enables the community to celebrate and invest some of themselves into the success of the school.

The Baverstock Oaks Learning Cycle scaffolds powerful learning and addresses individual needs.  A positive learning environment is evident where learners feel confident, safe and comfortable to express their ideas and take risks. They exhibit an awareness and are engaged, knowing what they are learning, why they are learning it and where to next.  Where there is an identified need to attain learning goals, specialised teaching may be sought. Learning experiences are integrated and relevant.

Learners are motivated through an enthusiastic, passionate staff who model and promote high personal standards.  Thinking strategies and the inquiry process enable learners to develop an array of tools to assist their learning journey and lead them into deeper understandings. Assessment practices directly inform future learning and identify learners’ future learning goals.  There is evidence of a strong reflective culture displaying the application of new learning.

Families are valued and it is seen as high priority that we promote a balanced lifestyle to ensure care of all aspects of our well being. Our expectations of each other are realistic and achievable. To ensure balance is respected, we seek and provide regular feedback and feed-forward. Everyone is encouraged to ask for help, knowing that such requests are received openly and acted upon.

Through living our values, we respect ourselves, others and the environment.  Learners are learning to take responsibility for their own learning, be self-reflective, resilient, self-evaluating and focused on clear future goals. Hands-on experience is valued, and learners develop the strategies for self-directed learning to realise their full potential. Distributed leadership is promoted throughout the school.

Our wider whanau are a valued resource for shared understandings and we continually encourage them to share their knowledge. Manaakitanga (feeling safe, welcome and cared for) is a strong focus through our school. The connections we make mean that we celebrate and draw strength from our diversity.  We are our community’s school and include them in school life at every opportunity.   This creates our atmosphere of sharing, caring and respect that epitomises our school – Baverstock Oaks School.



We Value…

The Sense of ‘Family’ and Learning Partnerships

A High Quality Learning Environment

The Power of Thinking and Reflection

Questions, Feedback and Feedforward

The Diversity of our Community

The Well-being of the ‘Whole’ Person